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'Speaking telepathically.'


Kurama flipped into the air, barely avoiding the deadly blade that was aimed at his chest. A flip of his wrist sent his rose whip at his attacker. Landing gracefully, he turned to find his opponent had dodged his whip. Before he could move he was thrown to the ground with his opponent perched on his chest.

"Hn. What's the matter Kurama? Getting slow in your old age or do you just enjoy being pinned beneath me?" There was a gleam in Hiei's eyes as he declared his victory.

Kurama shivered at the feel of his sexy partner straddling his chest. Regaining his composure he spoke calmly. "I wouldn't gloat just yet Hiei."

Hiei's eyes widened as vines wrapped around each of his ankles. Before he could flit away he found himself hanging upside down from a tree. "Damn it Kurama! You know I hate it when you do that!"

Quickly, Kurama withdrew his plants before Hiei could slice them up. Hiei flipped and dropped lightly to the ground beside his partner. "I suppose we'll have to call this one a draw Fox."

Both fighters put their weapons away. "Hiei, we either have to get more creative with our attacks or find new sparring partners."

Nodding Hiei agreed. "You're probably right but seeing as the idiots are the only other sparring partners we have I think I'll risk your damn plants eating me. Same time tomorrow?"

Kurama barely heard him, distracted watching Hiei put his shirt back on. He nearly groaned when the fire demon's hand slipped into his pants to tuck the shirt in. He came back to his senses when Hiei's muscular arms and shoulders were covered by his cloak. "I'm sorry Hiei, I can't tomorrow. I have to attend a special lecture on molecular biology. How about Friday afternoon?"

Hiei shrugged. "Hn."

Kurama sighed as Hiei flitted away without another word. Turning towards home he called sarcastically over his shoulder. "Yeah, I'll see you Friday. Good match. Oh and thanks for getting me all hot and bothered and doing nothing about it as usual. By the way, I love being pinned beneath you."

Kurama suddenly heard a wicked laugh. 'Shuuichi, if your not going to jump that sexy fire demon let me out so I can do it.'

Kurama groaned at the voice in his head. 'Leave me alone Yoko. You know perfectly well Hiei doesn't want that from us or anyone else.'

'You're so naive. Haven't you noticed how he always finds a way to get you beneath him and he's usually half naked when he does?' The ancient Youko laughed again as his counter part blushed at his words.

Approaching his apartment the human replied sadly. 'Keep dreaming Yoko, because in our dreams is the only way we will ever have Hiei.'

Friday afternoon Kurama was just heading out the door to meet Hiei when Yusuke showed up. "Hello Yusuke. What brings you here?"

Yusuke fell into step beside his friend as they went down the sidewalk. "A demon of course. Some big bad guy has apparently made headway on breaking through into the Ningenkai. The patrols have tried to take him out but without much luck so Koenma's calling in the big guns. That's us Fox Boy."

Kurama resigned himself that he wouldn't get be alone with Hiei today. "I'll go find Hiei while you get Kuwabara and we'll meet you in an hour."

Just across the border in Makai the Reiki Tente had tracked and found their prey. After battling him for almost two hours everyone was exhausted. They had resorted to taking turns, giving each a chance to recover before fighting again.

When the demon pulled back for a moment Yusuke used the opportunity for them to regroup. "This isn't working guys. We need a new plan."

'Shuuichi you know what has to be done.' Kurama gave the Youko a mental nod. 'I know.'

From the ground where he rested Kurama spoke. "Yusuke, we're going about this all wrong. We are in Makai fighting a demon but we're fighting like humans. Up until now we haven't done enough damage for Hiei's dragon to be effective. If Yusuke and I change forms and attack simultaneously it should weaken him enough to allow Hiei to finish him off."

Kuwabara, never liking to be left out of a fight, wanted a piece of the action. "I'll distract him while you guys get ready and he'll never know what hit him."

Without waiting for an answer he drew his sword and rushed at the demon. "Come on you bastard, it's my turn to kick your ass."

As promised Kuwabara drew the demons attention away from his teammates long enough for them to get into position. When he caught sight of a tattoo covered Yusuke and Yoko Kurama advancing he quickly got out of the way.

Hearing "Shot gun!" and "Rose whip!" the demon turned just in time to see the attack but not in enough time to defend against it. Yusuke's more powerful shots sent him flying and Kurama's slashes were all beginning to sprout death flowers. A moment later the two split and broke off their attack.

The demon looked up to see Hiei standing before him, the ward on his arm was gone and his arm was smoking. The only sound to be heard was Hiei's deadly voice calling forth his attack. "Dragon of the darkness flame!"

When the dragon had disappeared the others ran to Hiei. Kuwabara was whooping with excitement. "Whoa dude, that was awesome!"

Yusuke slapped Kurama on the back. "Way to go man! I may be the leader but you always have the best plans. Now let's go home."

Kurama only had one thing on his mind, Hiei. "Yusuke, why don't you and Kuwabara go report to Koenma while I take care of Hiei. He'll need a few hours to recover and I've got a den not far from here."

Hiei looked ready to collapse but Kurama knew better than to touch him yet. Looking at Hiei, Yusuke agreed with the Youko. "Alright Kurama. We'll see you when you get back."

Hiei managed to stay on his feet until Yusuke and Kuwabara left then he turned to Kurama. "Hn. I guess this means I have to trust you to protect me for now."

Kurama smiled as Hiei fainted right into his arms. "That's right Fire-Baby, now you're all mine."

Kurama smiled at the angry voice in his head. 'Yoko! You'd better not think of doing anything to Hiei while he's out. He's trusting you because he trusts me.'

'I'm aware of that Shuuichi. I won't betray that trust and maybe when he's recovered he'll realize he can trust us both.' With that the Youko, Hiei cradled gently in his arms, set off through the Makai forest.

Arriving at his den Kurama used his energy to part the plants covering the entrance. Inside he grew a soft bed of ground cover to place Hiei on while he got the bed ready. He stripped the bed and put on fresh sheets he found in a drawer before turning back to Hiei. There was a wicked twinkle in his eyes as he began to undress the fire demon.

'Yoko, what do you think you're doing?' Kurama had removed Hiei's cloak, shoes and shirt and was working on his belts.

'I'm just making him more comfortable Shuuichi.' Hiei's pants were gone quickly followed by his boxers.

'He can be just as comfortable with his boxers on you pervert!' The Youko just laughed.

'You know he only wears those for when he has to sleep with you. We're demons Kit, with me he won't mind sleeping without them.' Yoko lifted Hiei and placed him on the clean sheets.

Kurama stood by the bed admiring Hiei's nude form. 'I can see now why he wears those boxers for us. He probably knows we'd make him our lover if we got to see just how well endowed he was beneath them.'

'Yoko, if you hurt him…'

Kurama reached out and covered the sexy demon with the sheet. 'Relax little Kit. Remember, I love him too. I'm not about to rape him while he's unconscious.'

The human gave him a mental nod. 'I know you love him Yoko, me too.'

The Youko undressed and slipped into bed beside Hiei. He turned on his side to watch their love sleep but didn't touch him. 'It was a rough fight Shuuichi and we're both tired so let's get some sleep.'

Slowly coming awake Hiei was surprised by how content he felt. He took a minute to enjoy how comfortable, safe and secure he felt before opening his eyes. It took a moment for him to comprehend where he was.

He was not just in the Youko's den, but in his bed wrapped tightly in his arms. Hiei's head was on Kurama's chest as he lay naked against his partners equally naked body. His eyes widened when the hand on his back caressed him softly, moving down to cup his behind pulling him closer.

Hiei's breath caught at the sensation of his growing arousal rubbing against Kurama's bare hip. Trying to move away, Hiei found his right hand tangled in long silver hair. Looking to see if the fox were awake he was met with sleepy but sparkling golden eyes. "Good morning Fire Baby."

His heart pounded in his chest as Kurama's free hand caressed his cheek then went around his neck, pulling him into a gentle kiss. When Hiei tried to pull away Kurama rolled him onto his back, settled between his legs and looked down into his eyes. Kurama looked deep into red eyes as he moved his hips making them both moan. He smiled when Hiei closed his eyes and arched against him.

With Hiei's head thrown back Kurama nuzzled him, licking and kissing his way down his chest then continued lower. Hiei's eyes snapped open and he cried out when he felt the Youko's warm mouth engulf him. Hiei could only grip the sheets, withering and moaning as he gave in to the feelings Kurama's mouth created. After several minutes he raised himself up to watch. Hiei was totally unprepared for the sight of his long time friend and partner nestled between his bent knees, one hand reaching up to caress the fire demon's chest as the other caressed him more intimately. Kurama was obviously enjoying himself as he pleasured Hiei.

With a scream Hiei lost himself to that pleasure. "K'rama!"

Hiei lay back panting. It took his mind a moment to register that Kurama's mouth hadn't left him and he was hardening again. Hiei's entire body had become a bundle of nerves as Kurama kissed and licked a trail up to his lips kissing him passionatly. "Gods Hiei! You tasted and sounded so good. I can't wait to have more of you."

As Kurama settled between his legs, Hiei accepted that he had been thoroughly seduced by the sexy Youko. Hiei cried out in both pleasure and pain as Kurama claimed him then sank his fangs into his neck marking him. After that, Hiei knew nothing but pleasure as Kurama made love to him. Together they found their pleasure many times before sleeping peacefully in each others arms.