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'Speaking telepathically.'

Chapter 6 - The end.

"…but what about Yoko?"

Hiei brushed the hair from Kurama's eyes. "Does he know what we've done or did you block him the way he said he blocked you?"

Kurama bit his lip as he grinned. "He's been so weak it makes him sleep a lot lately. When you took me in your mouth and made me scream I woke him up. He teased me a moment before leaving us alone. He hasn't come back yet."

Nodding Hiei looked worried. "Kurama, that last time in the Makai, I hurt him. I accused him of making me one of his sex toys. He was so sad when he left. That's one of the reasons I stayed away. I didn't want to hurt him any more."

Kurama stole a quick kiss. "Oh Hiei. He has been sad since that day. He didn't tell me what happened, just that he screwed up and lost you, but he never stopped encouraging me from going after you. We both love you Hiei but we care about each other too. Part of our happiness is each other's happiness Hiei."

Hiei gave him a little grin before rolling Kurama under him. He gave Kurama a passionate kiss to distract him as he retrieved his pants from the floor. Kurama was just opening his eyes as Hiei used one of his belts to tie his fox's wrists to the headboard. The redhead gulped, nervous and excited at the same time. "Hiei?"

Hiei was moving lower to settle between Kurama's thighs. With a hand stroking the redheads growing erection Hiei looked up into his green eyes. "Relax Baby, but I'd like to make this special for my silver fox. I love you Kurama and I promise I'll make it up to you later but I want tohave my way with mysexy Youko now."

Kurama was so excited he could barely breathe but managed to whisper a broken "I love you too" before changing forms.

The first thing Yoko was consciously aware of was the sound of tearing cloth. He didn't even get his eyes open before he felt a firm hand on his already growing erection. He felt a warm tongue licking his thigh as he looked down to the most beautiful sight he had ever seen.

Hiei was nestled between his spread legs, his pants lay in shreds around him. One hand stroked him as the other caressed the thigh Hiei was licking. Red eyes locked with gold as he bared his fangs and sunk them into the artery in the Youko's thigh. Kurama had a one second awareness of feeling Hiei already in his blood before being flooded with Hiei's ki. His blood became liquid fire as he cried out his release.

Hiei suckled the wound until it stopped bleeding then moved up over Kurama to nibble the mark on his neck. Apparently when he marked one the other shared the mark. "Gods Hiei, in all my centuries, I have never felt anything like that. I've heard of a ki bond but never knew it would be like this. I love it Hiei, I love you. I can feel you in every fiber of my being."

Kurama threw his head back and moaned as Hiei's hand touched him intimately. Only then did he realize his own hands were bound. "Hiei, I never thought you could be so kinky, I love it. Gods Hiei, hurry! I need you!"

"Patience Fox. I may not have your experience but the beautiful sounds you make tell me what you like. I love those sounds Kurama and I intend to spend the rest of my life hearing you make them." Hiei spent the next two hours coaxing his mate into making those beautiful sounds.

Much later they sat cuddled together against the headboard, Hiei nestled against Kurama's chest. The fire demon played with the long silver strands of his lover's hair. "Kurama, you should have told me about the life bond. Don't ever keep such important information from me again."

Tightening his arms Kurama nodded. "I won't Koi, I promise."

Under it's ward the jagon suddenly began to glow. Without moving from his mate's embrace Hiei reached down and pulled the covers to their chests.

A moment later voices could be heard from the front room, the loudest of which was Keiko's. "Yusuke! You can't just barge into their bedroom. Haven't you ever heard of privacy?"

"Keiko, it's been hours. Kurama was near death and he and Hiei weren't speaking. What if something went wrong? They could need our help." With that Yusuke opened the bedroom door and their friends seemed to tumble into the room.

A low growl came from the bed. "I assure you detective we definitely do not need your help."

All eyes were fixed on the fire demon and Youko in the bed. With a cry Yukina rushed forward. Undaunted by their obvious state of undress she sat on the bed and threw her arms around them both. "Congratulations to you both. I'm so happy for you."

Hiei blushed and Kurama smiled as they accepted her hugs and kisses. They looked passed her when Botan giggled. "It looks like our little plan worked. I guess we won't need these anymore."

Pulling papers from her kimono Botan tore them into little pieces and threw them in the air like confetti. Hiei looked at his friends. "I get the feeling I've been had."

Confused, Kurama looked from his mate to his friends. Yusuke stepped forward and spoke. "We weren't sure exactly what was going on between you two but we knew we had to do something before someone got hurt, dead or both."

Kurama blushed and smiled. "Thank you everyone. Now tell me what you did to convince my fire demon tocome to me."

Both demons on the bed blushed when Koenma spoke. "After talking toKurama last night Yukina and I figured it must be a life bond that was effecting him. From the intimate position we find you in now I think it's safe to say we guessed correctly that you two are mated. Botan came up with the idea to tell Hiei that your papers came across my desk. Not sure if Hiei was mated to one or both of you we made up papers for both Yoko and Shuuichi. Yusuke and Kuwabara spent the morning finding you then Botan played the part of grieving friend."

Kurama kissed Hiei's cheek. "Koibito, I'm sorry they scared you like that. What would you guys have done if Hiei hadn't taken the bait?"

Kuwabara beat his fist against his other hand. "We would have had to knock some sense into the shrimp until he saw it our way."

Kurama quickly grabbed Hiei as the fire demon growled and moved to jump from the bed. Hiei blushed as his mate whispered in his ear. "Sweetheart, did you forget you're naked under that sheet."

Kurama smiled as Hiei settled back in his arms with a growl. Looking to their friends his smile grew. "Thank you all for helping us. Your planworked perfectly, Hiei and I have worked everything out."

When it looked like everyone would leave Keiko spoke up. "Kurama we're all so happy for you both but I have to ask you something. Is everything alright with Shuuichi too?"

The Youko whispered in his mate's ear before kissing him. Mid kiss silver hear bled red as Kurama changed forms. When they broke the kiss it was Hiei who spoke. "Both of my foxes are just fine and I swear I'll never let anything happen to either of them ever again."

After more good wishes everyone finally left. As soon as the were gone Kurama threw back the covers to inspect the mark on his inner thigh. "Hiei-Koi, is there special significance in placing your mark there?"

Hiei gave Kurama a sheepish look. "Hn. Kurama, I don't want either of you to misunderstand it's meaning. I love you and trust you implicitly. I don't however trust others not to want you and my Youko. Marking you tells others that touching you means answering to me."

Giggling, Kurama's heart swelled at the possessiveness in Hiei's voice. "Hiei, I never knew you were so romantic. You needn't worry. There are two main reasons why Youko's rarely mate. Just as the life bond binds our soul to you giving you tremendous power over us, it also binds our heart to you. As a mated Youko we are only able to feel physical desire for you Koi."

Hiei was momentarily speechless. "Kurama, why? Why would Yoko Kurama give up that kind of control to anyone, let alone to someone like me? Did you agree to this or was your hand forced when Yoko marked me?"

Shaking his head at his mate's insecurity Kurama had only one answer. "I love you Hiei, we both do."

Eyes wide, Hiei could only stare at his fox when he didn't say anything else. After thinking a moment he sighed. "I did it again didn't I? Even as you pledged everything to me, I still doubted you. I think I understand now. Yoko marked me because you both love me. I'm sorry Kurama. Can you forgive me again?"

"There's nothing to forgive Hiei. You do however owe me for getting me aroused and then leaving me unsatisfied earlier." To emphasize his point Kurama kissed Hiei, his hands caressing down the fire demon's chest.

Hiei grinned as he leaned back drawing Kurama over him. "I did promise to make that up to you didn't I? Just tell me what you want Baby because I will always keep my promises to you."

Hiei groaned as Kurama slid down his body to settle between his legs. "I want you Hiei. I want to make sweet love to you."

Abandoning himself to his mate's touch, Hiei realized it would be him making sexy noises as Kurama pleasured him. With a loud moan Hiei gave himself to Kurama. "I'm all yours Kurama. I love you."

Some time later Hiei lay in an exhausted sleep against Kurama's chest. 'We did it Yoko. Our dreams have come true. Hiei's really ours.'

'Yes little Kit he really is. Now get some sleep because when he wakes up it's my turn to love him.' Both then slept peacefully in Hiei's arms.