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It was a normal day at skool. However, Dib noticed that Zim had an unusually smug look on his face. Almost like he has found a new way to take over the world, Dib thought as he narrowed his eyes while staring sharply at Zim. After skool, Dib secretly followed Zim home, using his dad's latest invention: the invisibility wristwatch. With a tiny push at the 'hour' button, Dib's whole body was clocked in invisibility. Not only that, but the watch also blocked out any sounds he may accidentally make such as stepping on a twig or dried up leaf, the soundproof range covered Zim, so he wouldn't be able to detect if anyone was following him.

"I am home!" Zim shouted as he kicked open the door. "Yaaaay! Master is home! Master is home!" Gir screamed while running up to the Irken boy. Zim stared at Gir for a minute until he was interrupted by Gir's cry of, "I made pie!" Gir shoved a slice of pie at Zim's face, causing his master to growl. "Bad Gir! No pie! Clean the mess up while I talk to the Tallest about my new and fool-proof plan for taking over the Earth!" Zim scolded and walked towards a small hole hidden below his table. The hole was just big enough for him to drop through it, and it led straight to his secret underground lair. Gir took out a mop and began mopping up the leftover pie that had fallen to the ground.

Unknown to Zim, he wasn't the only one in his lair. Dib was there too, and he was eavesdropping on Zim's conversation with the Tallests. "Erm, yes! I shall have the world completely to my mercy in about two days! No one, not even that stupid, filthy earth boy knows about this! Muahaha!" Zim's malicious laugh echoed throughout the room. Dib gasped, but thankfully to his special wristwatch, Zim didn't hear him. "Oh my gosh…Zim finally figured out a way to take over the world! I must warn Gaz and dad! But, dad won't believe me. Still, that doesn't mean I can't try!" Dib said to himself. "Well Zim, you finally proved yourself something." Tallest Red commented while drinking an Irken beverage. "Yeah, well…tell us if your plan actually succeeds…" Tallest Purple said before the transmission ended.

"Finally! I will dominate this pitiful planet and all will bow down to me, Zim!" The Irken boy laughed again, sending shivers down Dib's spine. Crud! I have to find a way to stop him before it's too late! It may even be too late! I must inform someone of this! The world is just over 24 hours before Zim launches his plans! Now if I can just find a way out of here…Dib thought desperately and looked around. Unfortunately for him, the power for his Invisibility Wristwatch ran out, and so when he accidentally stumbled over a small piece of machinery, it made a loud CLANK and caught Zim's attention. "Aaah! What are you doing here?" Zim cried out in surprise and pointed at him.

Dib got up from his fall and said, "Your plans will never work! I'll tell everyone what you are doing!" Zim laughed evilly and snapped his fingers, and then to Dib's surprise, strong robotic arms took hold of him and locked him up in a fire and rust proof steel cage. "Now that you are out of the way, no one can stand in my way!" Zim screeched and walked into a deeper part of his underground chamber. Aw man! I just hope Gaz knows where I am! Dib thought helplessly.

At Dib's house, Gaz was eating pizza while watching TV on Mysterious Mysteries. Suddenly a feeling of uneasiness came over her. "Where the heck is Dib! He should have been home hours ago! Grrr…" She muttered in frustration as she picked up her GameSlave2. Even though they didn't really have a close relationship, Dib was still her brother, and her father wouldn't be too pleased if he found out his son was gone for too long. Additionally, she couldn't concentrate on her game, so Gaz decided to go look for her idiotic brother. First she started around the house, but later something told her that Dib wasn't anywhere in her home.

She snorted, and frowned deeply. I bet he is at that stupid and creepy green skinned kid's house. He is always talking about him anyways. Gaz thought and decided to walk to Zim's house just to check if Dib was there. Little did she know that she would never return home again. As she entered through the doors, she was attacked or rather pounced on by none other than Gir. "Where is Dib!" She demanded while pushing Gir off. "He is with Zim! He is-" Gir didn't finish his sentence because something or rather someone banged him on the head, knocking him out. Gaz's amber eyes narrowed hatefully as she spat out, "Zim….where is my brother?" Zim just blinked and shrugged. "I do not know. He is not here. Go now!" He said.

Gir suddenly awoke again and started screaming out, "MASTER HAS A NEW PLAN FOR WORLD DOMINATION! HE CAPTURED DIB AND IS PLANNING TO EXECUTE HIS PLAN TOMORROW! WHEEE!" The robot spun in circles before rolling out of the house. "Gir! I told you to shut up about this!" Zim screamed after Gir. "World domination? Look, you geek…I don't care about that part. What I do care is the fact that you took my brother and captured him somewhere! Now give him back or I punch you in the stomach!" Gaz threatened, her fists clenched. Zim backed away, but his arrogant expression didn't change. Instead, he said quietly, "Very well then. You have known too much about this. First your brother, and now you. I can't risk the whole town knowing about this, which is why I am securing your escape and locking you away!" With that, he snapped his fingers again and the same strong robotic arms took hold of Gaz before she could do anything.

"Put her under the A.S. machine. Don't let her die." A smirk appeared on Zim's face as he watched Gaz's helpless and frail attempts to escape fail. "I want her to live to see my plan work!" He added shortly before walking into his underground chamber. Gaz watched frightened as the arms lowered underground, where a cylinder container, with countless wires and tubes attached to it, came into view. The top glass part opened up and she was dropped into it. Before Gaz could sit up and run out, the glass top closed and extremely cold air filled the cylinder. Gaz struggled as much as she could but with each push towards the glass top, her energy diminished until she had given up on escaping. The last thing she saw before blacking out was the evil smile on Zim's face.

-10 years later-

An Irken with purple eyes was walking towards a tall and frightening building. He passed through the doors and saw a tall stairway that led to an inner chamber. A familiar Irken with red eyes and pointy antennas sat in a comfortable bright gold chair. He was the newest Tallest, after Red and Purple have passed away due to the sudden deadly radiation of an experiment that occurred while they were examining their lab. The new Tallest was at the same height as the former ones, and his arms and legs were less skinny than before. He wore the same style of clothing he wore as a invader, only they were dark blue symbolizing his power over the new planet in which he reigned supreme, Earth.

All the humans on Earth were now slaves to the Irkens, being at the lowest rank possible. The purple-eyed Irken timidly walked up to the Tallest. "Um…s..sir? We have discovered a human inside an A.S. machine below your former dwellings. Explorers are standing by for your commands." He explained. The Tallest raised an eyebrow (A.N. Just pretend he grew them, k?), and said in a bored tone, "Whatever…just resurrect the human and make him serve as a common Irken server." The purple-eyed Irken shook as he said, "Um, it's a she, your majesty." The Tallest gripped his chair armrests and growled, "Do not correct me, Gyoe!" Gyoe, the purple-eyed Irken, cringed and said, "I am sorry, your majesty."

The Tallest tapped his fingers restlessly on his armrests. "When this Earth human female is resurrected, bring her to me so that she shall be dubbed a new name. No human shall remember their former Earth names!" He commanded and Gyoe nodded timidly. "Now go!" The Tallest ordered and Gyoe couldn't be more relieved as he practically skipped out of the room. When the lower ranked Irken was gone, the Tallest let out a sigh. He remembered when he was just an invader, and that there was a certain human boy he enjoyed taunting and torturing. "It's a shame he has passed away. The Irkens took him to be their first slave, but he could not endure the pressure and he collapsed and went away…" The Tallest chuckled to himself. Then he frowned slightly. "But then there was the fact that he had a little sister…"