A/N: McKay's not the only one suffering from sleep deprived ramblings…the idea just occurred to me in the middle of the night two days ago and, well…this is the somewhat odd result. Contains the MAJOR SPOILER for "The Sixth Sense!" Don't read this if you haven't seen it!

Ramblings of Regret

Rodney McKay sat in front of the video recorder, head resting on his arms, which were folded over the back of his chair. He had moved on from overall life regrets, and had now narrowed his topic of rambling to films he wished he had watched.

"Never saw 'Grease,' even though I had a thing for Olivia Newton John when I was a kid. Always wanted to see 'Gandhi.' Only saw the first half of 'The Sixth Sense,' always wondered how that ended."

He smiled and gave a little laugh.

"Everyone always told me that I should have watched the second half to find out. They said I'd never believe the ending." He started shaking his pointer finger at the camera. "Well, I tell you, I really don't think much would surprise me anymore. I mean, look where we are!"

He held up his arms and looked around the room, a goofy grin on his face. "By comparison, the ending of a movie should be…" He began whirling his right hand high up in the air, searching for the right word. When none was forthcoming, he continued, "Well, anyways, how amazing could it be? It's only a movie." He paused, as if considering what he just said. "Only a movie," he affirmed. He then regained of an air of seriousness, and pressed on.

"Hmm…I'll never see "Star Wars Episode III" either, although I wouldn't consider that much of a loss." He paused again. "Now, 'Empire Strikes Back,' there's a movie ending! Haven't seen a movie since that one which had the same shock value. They just don't make sci-fi like they used to...Really, the ending to 'The Sixth Sense' probably pales in comparison to 'Empire's.' And goddamnit, that's really going to bug me!" He suddenly pounded the table, got up, turned off the camera, and stomped purposefully out of the room.

Rodney came back later with a very funny look on his face. Wearily turning the recorder back on, he collapsed into his swivel chair and slouched low, crossing his arms across his chest. "Huh. Well. There's that out of the way. Now I can have some level of, uh…closure…my God, he was dead the entire time! So that's why he never talked to the mother! That's why he always wore his trenchcoat! It all makes sense now!" He fell silent, looking grimly down at the floor. Suddenly, he sat up straight and exclaimed, "My sister!"

McKay plowed on for a few more minutes, clumsily fumbling his way through a message to Jeannie. Then the tape ran out. Several hours later, the message was sent, the team got back to work, and life moved on. Yet every once and a while, Rodney McKay would inexplicably stop, mutter "I can't believe it," shake his head, and continue whatever he was doing.