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Birth of a Demon

Pacing back and forth the middle aged man ran his fingers through his hair for the fifth time. He was tense and couldn't take the waiting any longer, he just wanted to bust down the door and demand admitance. Besides this was his house he thought, although technically it wasn't really, it really belonged to his wife. His wife who was now suffering the greatest pain in the next room and he sat there helpless. Another scream erupted from the next room, causing him to kick the couch in frustration. Cursing under his breath he rubbed the now bruised foot, he needed some occupation. He was going to go mad just waiting for the baby to come, and kicking hard objects was not the healthiest thing in the world.

A smile slowly crept onto his face; he stared at the door leading to his coming child. He was going to be a Father, and he couldn't have been prouder. He didn't know how long he waited for this moment; his wife and he had trouble conceiving for years. They had the best doctors come and look at her, and tell them that her body didn't have the capability for bearing a child, let alone conceiving one. He remembered trying to comfort her for hours, telling her that they could adopt. She would not hear of it, she wanted her own child, her own flesh and blood. He shook his head, she was a very stubborn woman, and he didn't let anyone push her around or tell her what to do. Having the doctors tell her she couldn't have any children was a big blow, but then she had refused to give up; which is why he married her, for her strong will, and determination, not to mention her beauty.

Madeline Bristol was the beauty of her town, all the men sought after her hand in marriage. Not only did she have her looks to recommend herself but she was rich. Her grandmother died a few years after she was born leaving her with a fortune, not to mention the money she would inherit once her father passed on. Their marriage had been arranged, if it wasn't for that factor he didn't think that she would have ever accepted him. Monsieur Bristol was old and was dying; he wanted to see his daughter well taken care of. Naturally the person he thought of was his business consultant. Robert Destler had always admired Madeline from a far when he came to work with her father. They had nice conversations, but nothing to spark any love on either of their parts. Once her father mentioned that she should get married, she readily agreed. She was reluctant to marry her father's business consultant at first; she still had a notion that one day she would find love. They got married before her father died, and eventually they had grown to care for each other, and they enjoyed each other's company immensely which was good.

"Monsieur Destler, you baby is here sir." The midwife's voice brought him back from his thoughts, realizing that the screaming had stopped and all that was left was the sound of the ticking clock on the wall. Smiling he looked to the midwife, to see what he could find out about the new member of the family. She refused to meet his gaze and kind of had an eerie look about her. He panicked; worried that something had gone wrong that either his baby or his wife didn't make it. He swallowed hard and touched the midwife's arm. A distressing fire was blazing in his eyes, demanding she tell him what the matter was.

"What happened, where is my child? Did they make it or are they..." He couldn't hear a baby crying; in fact he never heard any crying after the screaming of his wife stopped. He glanced over her shoulder into the room, not daring to enter least his worst nightmare be confirmed. The midwife's smile turned to be more of a grimace.

"They are alive, if that is what you want to know sir."

He didn't even wait till she was finished speaking, rushing into the room he saw the bundle wrapped tightly in his wife's arms.

"Madeline, is everything alright, the midwife wouldn't say. Is our baby, ok?" she looked up at her husband and smiled happiness glowing from her eyes. She beckoned him to come closer.

"He is fine, oh Robert he is so perfect. Come look at your new baby boy."

Robert crept closer to the bundle, uncovering the child, he gasped. He slowly started backing away in terror shaking his head in disbelief.

"Robert, what is the matter, you look as if you have seen a ghost."

"This cannot be our child," he spat, "there must be a mistake, some how."

"This is our child, there is no mistake. Why would you think such a thing?"

His eyes widened in incredulity, "NO! I refuse to believe that, that thing is neither infant nor child of mine. It is a monster, a very demon sent from hell to torture us all. We must get rid of it."

Madeline drew the child closer to her in a protective fashion, anger boiling through her bones.

"How could you possibly think such a thing, about your own child?"

"That is no child of mine, nor will I ever claim it as such. It goes or I go, make your choice."

"Then leave, my choice is little Erik, my own flesh and blood."

"You named that…that thing?" he stared at her in skepticism, as she glowered at him. When she didn't say anything to him he took that as a hint that she wasn't changing her mind. "Fine, I see how it is. Do not expect me to return to you my dear." He sneered, "After having been chosen over a monster, I am afraid you will never see me again."

With that he turned on his heel and slammed the door shut causing the infant to start whimpering.

"Hush my child, it is alright Mama is here and I will not leave you." She soothed her baby by stroking his cheek tenderly. Humming to Erik softly wondering about her baby; he was indeed a peculiar baby, when he was born he didn't make a sound. The midwife and mother were worried that it had died. Once the midwife got a good look at the baby she wished it had died. Madeline sighed to herself; it was true he did look rather hideous. A mother's love was stronger than looks, she didn't mind his face. One side of the infant's face was badly deformed. It hardly looked human, the skin was red and purple. Large bumps were sporadically spread across his face, and he was bald on one side of his head. She didn't care; she had been waiting for this miracle baby and wasn't going to give up all because of his face. Maybe in time the deformity will go away she thought, but even if it did not there was no way that her love for Erik would diminish.

"Erik my sweet child; do you like that name?" Erik just starred at his mother from his deep blue eyes. "I always liked that name; it is just you and me forever. I will never leave you, the world might be unkind but I will shelter you from it. My love will be stronger than all their hate that is the measure of my love, unlimited." She smiled slightly, tears slowly forming in her eyes. If her husband's reaction and the midwife's reaction was going to be the same for everyone how was he to live. What will he do with no father; every boy needed a father, even the deformed ones.

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