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Sailing Away

Erik held Christine in his arms and tried to wake himself from this dream. He couldn't believe that she was here in his arms. He loved the feel of his arms around her but still had his doubts. Suddenly the whole situation began to sink in and Erik began to sob softly. Christine savored the quiet moment of being with the man she loved but the moment was ruined when she felt his body shake.

"Erik? Are you alright?" She asked her eyebrows raised in confusion. Erik managed a small nod of the head but couldn't voice an actual response. Before he could find his voice a knock was heard on the door.

"Erik are you awake?" Madeleine entered the room with a tray of food for her son. "Oh! I didn't know that. .Erik? Christine what have you done?"

"What have I done!" Cried Christine. Madeleine looked from her son to Christine with a puzzled face. She was surprised to see Erik crying and out of bed.

Erik's sobs soon evolved into laughter. This caused both women more frustration and confusion. Christine was very baffled at the sudden changes of emotions that Erik seemed to be going through. Yet she couldn't help but smile for Erik's laugh was rarely heard. At least the joyous laugh and not the sinister one she had often heard.

"Erik! This is absurd, I am confused beyond measure could you please tell me what is going on?" Madeleine demanded after she could no longer handle not knowing what was causing the crying then the laughter.

"I am terribly sorry mother," Erik finally managed after quieting his laughing fit, "I am just so unbelievably happy that I couldn't help but cry with joy. Then the look on both of your faces was priceless. I feel drunk and sober all at once. I do apologize."

"Well then will you tell me what the cause of this joy is?" Madeleine asked with a twinkle in her eye. She had her suspicion that she knew what it was since Christine was here but she would still like to hear it herself.

"It has just been confirmed to me that I shall never get ride of this angel sitting next to me. She has declared that wherever I go she will be there. So you see I have all I could ask for."

"And my love Erik," Christine added taking one of Erik's hands into her own. She was very glad that he wasn't going to try and push her away again.

Madeleine squealed with delight and hugged both her son and his angel.

"This is so wonderful. But Erik you must rest I think you have had way too much excitement for today."

"I am sorry mother but that is out of the question," Erik said becoming serious once more, "I can't stay here a minute longer. Although I am in no condition to travel I must."

"I can not allow this. Surely you see this is madness. Christine please try to dissuade him."

"I cannot as well Madame. For what Erik says is correct. The police will be back for Erik and we can't hide him forever."

"But Erik you have a broken leg and that is only one of your many injuries you can't travel. Did you forget you have also been shot?"

"No I could not forget any of these minor details but they must be over looked for now. I need to speak with Reyer at once!"

Madeleine opened her mouth to argue once more but the look she received from her son silenced her. She could only nod her head glumly. "I will go and tell Raoul to try to find him for you."

"Christine I have something to ask you."


"Um. ." Erik began to fidget a little unsure of how to proceed, "I am not sure if we will get out of Paris let alone France without getting caught. And I mean well if something were to happen."

"Shhh shh please don't speak that way." Christine said placing her fingers on his mouth. "Nothing is going to happen you will see."

Grabbing her wrist gently he kissed her fingers before taking her hand away. "I must Christine. I don't want this to go unsaid. I love you."

"And I love you,"

"Yes how I love hearing you say that," He smiled "Christine, will you marry me?"

Christine's eyes widened in shocked surprised, that was the last thing she had been expecting.

"I know that this is the last thing we should be talking about," Erik hurried on "But I lost you once and I don't want to lose you again. I mean perhaps you don't want to marry me and you don't have to answer but."

"Will you just shut up already," Christine said softly but with enough command to make Erik stop babbling. "Yes I accept"

Erik was once again overcome with joy. He couldn't speak so instead he leaned forward and gave her a chaste kiss on the lips and then another. He loved the feel of her soft lips on his own and wanted to live forever tasting them. He started pulling away before his restraint left him. Christine grabbed the back of his neck and pulled him into a passionate embrace and deepened the kiss. Erik was taken aback but only for a second as he kissed her back. Another knock sounded on the door causing both to jump guiltily away from one another. Erik flew off Christine with such speed a jolt of pain shot through his body.

Madeleine walked once more into the room.

"Well we didn't have to go too far to find Monsieur Reyer. He is downstairs now. He came of his own accord very worried about you Erik. I will send him up now."

"Wonderful," Erik said feeling his face flush. He was still dazed from the kiss he just shared with Christine. Christine was feeling the same effect as well, and felt very breathless like she had just run a very long way.


Christine looked at the man lying next to her and smiled. The day had whirled by so quickly that there was hardly a moment to sit and think. She never knew that she could be so happy and here she was having everything a girl could wish for. Christine lifted her hand into the air and examined the ring on her finger. She was now Mrs. Destler. She had no clue that she would be getting married today. Nor did she know that she would be leaving the country.

Monsieur Reyer and Erik had discussed matters for a half hour before Reyer left the house. Christine had asked Erik what was going to happen but he wouldn't say anything except that she should pack her bags. An hour later Monsieur Reyer came back and Raoul left. Neither Christine nor Madeleine knew what was occurring and found this very frustrating. They didn't think it was fair to leave the women out of the plan. Yet Christine trusted Erik and so just sat there waiting till it was time to leave.

They had left around eleven which seemed an odd time to Christine but she didn't complain. However, she had been greatly confused when they only drove for twenty minutes before stopping again. This time when they got out they entered a church. Christine had been overjoyed and surprised to see Meg and her mother sitting in the front row. Raoul was there as well looking rather sad. Before Christine realized what was happening she was married to Erik.

It wasn't exactly the wedding she had imagined when she was little but somehow she really didn't care. She was just glad that they were safe and together. They said their good-byes which was the hardest. Madeleine was sorry to see her son and daughter in law leave but Erik had arranged it so she would be meeting them later. Except she had to wait a few months till Erik and Christine got settled. Then Erik would send for her.

Erik still refused to tell Christine where they were going but she no longer cared. In fact she never really cared as long as she was with him. After the ceremony they left in another carriage till the reached the outskirts of the city. It was there that a wagon was waiting for them. They hopped in the back and fell asleep. At least Erik did. Christine was really worried about him through this whole ordeal. She could see in his eyes that he was weak and tired. She knew that every time he moved pain would shot through him. Yet he never complained or made a fuss.

Scooting closer to her husband she placed her hand on his chest careful not to cause him any pain. Soon they would reach the ocean and there Erik said they would be sailing away. Christine was excited; she had never been on a boat before.

"Christine? Are you awake?" Erik asked softly.

"Yes, I didn't mean to wake you."

"I love waking up to you my dear so it was no trouble," Erik teased.

"How are you feeling?" Christine asked concerned for his health.

"I am as good as a person should be when you have been through what I have been through. Don't worry I have pills that should keep the pain to a minimum. Once we get on the ship it will be smooth sailing. I can rest and be completely better by the time we reach our destination."

"Where are we going Erik? Please tell me."

"We are going to America."

"America?" Christine asked, surprised. "But I don't speak English"

Erik chuckled, "I do so there is nothing to be worried about. I will teach you alright. We can start a new life together. There are tons of opportunities awaiting us."

"Yes and we will be together."

"Yes we will," Erik said kissing his bride once more, "Now get some sleep."

Christine nodded in agreement and closed her eyes. They were going to America. Christine smiled and snuggled closer to Erik as he tightened his grip around her waist. Soon the two fell into a peaceful sleep and dreamed of all the wonderful things to come.

The End.

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