Hey, everyone. Have you ever woken up one morning with a funny idea swirling in your head? Well, that happens to me way too much. I woke up one morning with an idea in my head to do an Avatar story with a pirate. I don't know why. Just go with me. It should be worth reading. So, let's begin.

Pirates of the Blue Mist

Summary: Aang, Katara, and Sokka are forced to work on a ship so they can make some extra cash. But when a pirate called "Blue Blade" attacks the ship and kidnaps Katara, Katara will have to find a way to survive until Aang can save her. As she waits out her fate, she starts to grow on "Blue Blade." Can she trust this treacherous thief?

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Dedication: To my fellow pirate Sesshomaru's woman. Argh, matey.

And now, the first chapter.

Money Problems

The ocean was a place of tranquility most of the time where you could find peace and happiness. It could also be a horrible, fierce monster that could swallow up ships in one foul swoop of its gigantic waves. Sometimes it was a dwelling for the treacherous pirates of the Earth Kingdom. Tonight was a night of calm winds and no clouds, a suitable setting for a ship raid.

Men were yelling orders to fight the pirates, but they soon succumbed to their blades of pain and suffering. Everyone that was on the ship was searched for money and then thrown into the sea. The only one left dry was the captain that was held by two pirates. He tried to get away, but their grip was too strong. He watched as the captain of the pirates stepped forward.

The captain was dressed in black boots and long, baggy black pants, which tucked in a dark red kimono top. The captive also saw that the captain wore a long, crimson cloak with the hood pulled over the head so the pirate's face wouldn't be visible. On the pirates belt was a katana. The captain looked more like a samurai than a pirate. He had heard of a pirate that looked like this called Blue Blade.

The captain drew the sword and pointed it at the captive. The man thought he was going to die until the pirate spoke. "Have you seen any Fire Nation ships come around here?"

"No, why? Aren't you going to kill me?" the man said.

"No, I don't waste my steel on the weak," Blue Blade said. "Throw him over board!" The pirates grabbed the captive as he yelled not to be thrown in the vast ocean, but they ignored his pleas and was soon left to drown. Blue Blade turned around and headed back to the captain's quarters. A tall man walked up to his captain and listened for orders. "We will go back to the island and dump the treasure off. We have a huge sum to collect off the next cruise that comes by here tomorrow night."

"Aang, where is all the money?" Katara asked. They were walking in the market looking for food for their journey to the North Pole. They wouldn't see another town for a week, so they had to stock up now. They had hardly bought any food and Katara was shaking her purse, but nothing was falling out.

"Don't you remember?" he said in disgust. "I was in a shop looking at some crystal ornaments and I accidentally tripped into a shelf full of them. That lady wasn't too happy when I broke them all."

"That's right," Katara said in disappointment. "We had to give her all the money so we could pay for damages." She was upset with Aang, but she could never yell at him. It wasn't really his fault. That still didn't change the fact that they had no money. That was when Sokka came running up to them with a happy look.

"You guys, I found a way to get some money!"

"Are you serious?" Katara yelled. "You want us to work on a cruise ship for two days for food?"

"Why not?" Sokka asked. "We get free food and free lodging, and they'll pay us fifty copper pieces each. That should be plenty to buy our supplies."

"I don't know," Katara said as she stared at the ship. It looked so expensive and so big. That meant they would probably have to work really hard to keep up.

"Come on, Katara," Sokka continued. "All you will have to do is cook a little and clean some dishes. It'll be nothing. What do you say, Aang?"

"I'm up for it," Aang said with a smile. "It should be fun!"

"See? Aang wants to do it. Are you going to disappoint him?"

"Well," Katara looked at Aang, who was making puppy eyes. She could never resist that look. She sighed and nodded. Sokka jumped up and down and dragged them aboard to meet with the captain. He signed them up and sent them to their stations. Katara sighed when she saw that she was going to the kitchen. The cook was a huge, red headed witch with a mole on her chin and a slight mustache.

"You must be the new help," she said with her hoarse voice. "I'm Ida, the head cook. All you have to do is peel potatoes, clean the kitchen, wash the dishes, wash the tables, mop the floor, and wash the clothes. After that, you can rub my feet." She took her shoe off and showed her smelly, fungus-infect foot. Katara gagged at the smell and asked to be excused. She immediately ran up to the deck and threw up over the side. When she lifted her head, Sokka was mopping the deck.

"I didn't know you got seasick," he said. "You better suck it up." Katara wanted to strangle him, but she felt more liquid come up her throat. As she bent over the side, she thought to herself, What did I get myself into?

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