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Summary: Logan Huntzburger, Tristan DuGrey, Colin DuPont-Rockefeller and Finn Rothschild are at the Voorhees Boarding School in New Jersey. Rory Hayden, Louise Grant, Paris Gellar and Madeline Lynn are starting Voorhees 2 weeks into their senior year. The 4 boys are the Kings of the school.

Pairings: Logan/Rory, Tristan/Louise, Colin/Paris, and Finn/Madeline

A/N: Contains Drug Use, Sexual Content, and underage Drinking. There is also coarse language. This is VERY AU, and very OOC. I know that there are lots of these stories, but I'm going to try and make this different. So please give it a chance!

"Huntz, there is no potential here." Tristan DuGrey said as he took the last drag of his cigarette.

"Yeah man, this year is going to suck ass!" Logan Huntzburger said with a sigh.

"198 new frosh females and maybe 30 percent of them are good looking, and then maybe 20 percent of those will give it up." Finnegan Rothschild said as he came up to the duo.

Tristan started to laugh as he saw their other close friend Colin DuPont-Rockefeller run up to them.

"Guys, (pant) Big News, (pant) hot new girls, (pant), seniors, (pant) 4, (pant) Chilton. (pant)" He said while trying to catch his breath.

"How do you know this?" Logan said skeptically

"Saw them moving in. Branford Building."

"Wait? Did you say Chilton, as in Conneticut?" Colin nodded. "Hang on." Tristan said while whipping out his cell phone.



"DuGrey. What's going on?"

"My school just got 4 new girls from Chilton. I need descriptions."

"Yes, we mourned the loss of those 4. Lets see, Rory Hayden, Brunette, Blue eyes, bonerific, Paris Gellar- Feisty Blonde, gorgeous, Louise Grant, Blonde, tease, fuckable, and Madeline Lynn, petite brunette, hot as hell. All love to party. Got away with murder here."

"Thanks Man"

"No Problem."

"Ok men, lets go offer our services." Tristan Commanded. "Duncan says all 4 are gorgeous."

"Trustworthy." Finn said as they walked toward the dorms.

"Ok girls, I got a bunch of guys to move this stuff around." Rory said while dragging 4 freshman into their dorm.

"Lorelei's womanly wiles?" Louise asked while looking the guys up and down.

"You know it Grant. Ok, Me and Mads, Louise and Paris are sharing rooms." Rory said as she pointed to the doors and then began to point to which box went into which room.

The boys Rory recruited started moving the boxes when Rory looked up and saw 4 gorgeous boys standing the doorway of their room.

"Can I help you guys?" she said sweetly as Madeline came out of their room.

Madeline looked each guy up and down.

"Well, Hello." She said while staring at the 6 foot brunette.

"Hello Ladies. We have come to offer our services in helping you move in." Said the shorter of the blondes.

"Ok, the guys I got are useless. MOVING BOYS?" She yelled.

The 4 boys came out and looked at her blankly

"Thank you so much for helping us, but they offered now, so you can leave."

The freshman boys hurried out of the room and went about their business.

"I am Rory Hayden, and this is Madeline Lynn. Our other friends, Paris Gellar and Louise Grant are arguing over closet space in there." She said pointing to a room.

"Hello Loves, I am Finnegan Rothschild, but please call me Finn, and this is Tristan DuGrey, Colin DuPont-Rockefeller, and Logan Huntzburger." Finn said while blatantly checking out Madeline.

"Who are you?" Paris asked while walking out of her room.

Rory introduced the foursome and showed them which boxes went where. When they were finished, they all sat in the common room of the suite and got to know each other.

"So boys, why are you here?" Louise asked, her eyes roaming Tristan's body.

Colin spoke up first.

"Fathers are away on business a lot, and our mothers go with them. I have been here since 5th grade, and these three since 6th."

"Really? Our fathers are business partners. They combined the 4 biggest law firms in Connecticut and are in Europe for the year setting up office's there. My mother is currently heading up Gilmore Insurance, and checking on the European offices, and their mothers are with their fathers." Rory responded.

"You are Lorelei Gilmore's daughter?" Logan asked

"Yea, why?" Rory asked confusedly

"My mother and her used to be best friends in high school before she married my father and moved to New York. Whenever we talk about her high school days, she always has a story about her and Lorelei getting into trouble."

Rory looked at him for a minute then responded with

"Shira DuGrey?"

"Yea, now Shira Huntzburger. Tristan is my cousin, in case you were wondering."

"Oh man, I have heard some stories. Did your mother tell you about when they broke into the school?" Rory asked animatedly

The other six were looking at each other when Tristan spoke up,

"Hey, do you need any help unpacking?"

Rory and Logan broke from their conversation to look up at Tristan.

The 4 girls nodded and retreated to their bedrooms, with Logan and Finn following Rory and Madeline, and Tristan and Colin going with Paris and Louise.

-Madeline and Rory's Room-

"So what do you guys do for fun around here? Is there any good parties?" Rory said grabbing a box of clothes.

"Yea, that's all there is to do around here. The teachers ignore it, as long as the cops aren't called." Finn responded. "So, Lovely Madeline,-"

She interrupted him "Please call me Maddy or Mads."

"Ok, Lovely Maddy, What do you girls like to do?" Finn stated

"Party, and hang out with friends."

"Do you now?"

"Yes.." Maddy said with a confused look on her face.

"Well Love, I am throwing you 4 one of the biggest welcome to Voorhees parties ever. And I am famous for my parties.

Rory looked at Logan who just nodded.

"Well, Finn, if your parties are famous, then Logan, help me find something to wear!" Rory demanded in a sweet voice.

Logan got up and went to her closet, where he chose a blue halter top that matched her eyes and black mini-skirt with leather knee-high boots.

He went and sat on the bed.

"Good choice, now what should I wear under it?" Rory said innocently

'Oh my god, I can't believe I just asked him that. My mom would be so proud of me right now.' Rory thought as she saw the shocked expression on his face.

"Uhh… I don't know, what do you usually wear?" Logan asked lamely

Finn walked out of the room and started to laugh. He was laughing uncontrollably when Tristan and Colin came out to see what was so funny.

"Man, why are you laughing?" Colin asked

Finn told them what happened and Tristan and Colin began laughing as well and they went to drag Logan back to their dorm, which was one floor up.

-At Finn's Party-

"So, what should we do?" Louise asked while looking around

"Let's check out the guys. Fresh Meat!" Paris chimed in

"I need a cigg." Rory yelled over the music that just started

"I want to find Finn." Maddy shouted back.

The girls went their separate ways. Rory went to feed her nicotine addiction, Louise went to the bar, Maddy in search of Finn, and Paris went to find somewhere quieter.

Rory walked to the balcony where she saw a few guys smoking cigarettes.

"Hey, can you guys bum me one?" Rory said while doing her mother's famous hair flip.

"Anything for a beautiful lady." The tall dark haired boy said.

"Thanks so much!" She said as she let out a drag.

"Hey, I'm Dean Forrester, and this is Jess Mariano."

"Rory Hayden." Rory said "It's nice to meet you both."

"Whatever Princess" Jess said.

"Excuse me?" Rory said a bit agitated.

"Why do you need to bum a cigarette? You're rich, go buy a few cartons."

"First, I'm 17 and second, the press finds out I'm buying cigarettes, my parents will find out and kill me. So excuse me, Dean, thanks for the cigg."

As Rory walked away she heard Dean say

"Wow, she is gorgeous." Followed by Jess saying "Don't bother man, you don't have a chance in hell."

She smirked as she walked back into the party.

"LOVE! You are one of the guests of honor! You must come to the front!" Finn demanded as he dragged her to the front of the room.

"Finn, where are you taking me?" Rory shrieked

"EVERYBODY! THIS IS RORY HAYDEN, AND THESE ARE HER FRIENDS! THE LOVELY LOUISE, PARIS AND MADDY! NOW BACK TO THE PARTY MATES." Finn screamed at the top of his lungs. "Now that the introductions are over, let's go find the rest.

Logan watched Rory as she talked to Jess and Dean. God, he hated those 2. He saw her take the cigarette from Dean and light up. Then he saw her face cloud over in anger at something that lowlife Jess said. He watched as she was dragged off by Finn and introduced. Then he saw her looking around when Finn was finished saying something to her and her friends. Logan knew that Finn had a thing for Madeline. So he decided to go help a buddy out by taking away Rory so Finn could have some time alone with her. Yea, that's why he was taking Rory away.

"Come on Ace, The bar is over here." Logan whispered in her ear.

She looked at him quizzically and he leaned in again and said

"Ace, it's a nickname, now come on."

Rory allowed herself to be dragged away by Logan. She followed him to the bar and was shocked when he handed her a bottle of water.

She looked up at him slyly and requested something stronger.

She leaned up to his ear and purred

"I want something sweet. I want you…. To get me a shot."

He felt his pants getting tighter when she whispered in his ear.

He turned to face to bar and hide his attraction to Rory. She slid up next to him and grabbed the shots he just poured.

She raised her glass and clinked it with his,

"To Friends, Food, and Fucking!"

Then stared him right in the eyes as she downed her shot.

After a few rounds, Rory grabbed his arm and dragged him to the corner.

"Kiss me" she demanded.


"Come on, I know you have a boner. I'm not stupid, I have eyes."

Logan's face turned red. He then turned around, grabbed his bowl and weed and went back to Rory.

"Let's get crunked then I will kiss you."


The duo took a few hits each before Rory got impatient.

She waited until he took his hit, then said into his ear, "Shottie"

She pressed her lips against his and inhaled the smoke.

She pulled back, released the smoke in her, then leaned forward and ravished his lips with hers.

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