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Summary: There's a fine line between Rival and Friend and an even finer line between Friend and Lover. Sasuke refuses to cross any of these lines with Naruto, but fate seems to have it in for him. School fic NaruSasu

Warnings: Slash/Shounen Ai/Yaoi, occasional swearing and knowing me some eventual angst. I promise I'll try to make this my first humour fic! WISH ME LUCK!

Crossing The Line

Chapter 1: Oh Significant Figures…

Jiraiya-sensei's voice drawls on monotonously about significant figures and I find myself zoning out as I usually do. Having already comprehended and mastered the simple concept, I'm left with nothing to do but watch the idiots around me strive to figure out what the hell their teacher is talking about.

In front of me sits Naruto, the blond idiot that just screams 'attention whore'. Beside me is Sakura, one of the various females that has me mistaken for a sex god destined to fall in love with her. I've always been tempted to ask her if she knew of any homosexual sex gods, but I'd rather not. She'd probably want me to go shopping with her for neon pink shirts that scream 'I'm a flaming homo' even louder than Naruto's persona screams 'attention whore'.

I glance to the other side and notice Rock Lee, a boy quite certain that Sakura is a sex goddess. I bless the day that they decide to get together.

'One less leech clinging to my arm', I think dryly, fully aware that one out of a hundred leeches off my back really makes no difference.

My impassive masks slips into a disgusted scowl as Lee's finger slides up his nose and begins digging around before withdrawing and wiping whatever the hell is on it onto the underside of his desk.

A shudder runs down my spine, 'Note to self, never touch the underside of a desk…ever.'

Quite desperate to free my memory of that disturbing display of nose picking, I return my attention to Jiraiya's insistent rambling.

"So, you can learn the complicated text book method rules for sig figs that state 'If it's raining at five o'clock on a Saturday night and a Halloween Simpsons episode is on there's one sig fig' or you can memorize this method." He ends his inane speech with a pointed hand gesture at the board where various equations with arrows drawn over them are scribbled out in white dust.

He stares at us expectantly, waiting to see our faces light up with dawning realization. I stifle a snort at the thought of anyone in the class other than Shikamaru and myself understanding anything.

'Oh the tribulations of being a high school teacher,' I think, 'No one's there to learn. They're there because their parents make them and they want a future.'

A great exhalation of sighs draws my attention from my bitter musings and to the classroom around me. Despite my apathetic façade, I'm curious to see what or who could cause such a negative reaction from the class.

Do I really need to ask?

I notice none other than Naruto Uzumaki's golden hand rising in the air and roll my eyes. Everyone in the class is aware of what is coming next.

He doesn't get it.

"Er…Jiraiya-sensei?" Naruto begins tentatively. Our chem. teacher's gaze turns to Naruto flatly.

"Yes Naruto…" There's a tiny twinge of hope to Jiraiya-sensei's voice, as if he's begging Naruto to say that he finally understands the tedious concept and that in four years he's going to be mayor of the city all because he knows how to determine a sig fig.

"Idontgetit." Naruto rushes through the sentence in one breath and I'm almost positive that his face is glowing and his bottom lip is protruding in a pout. He always takes on that damned facial expression when he's giving the class an advantage over him; it's his defensive face.

"Naruto!" Sakura exclaims beside me, her eyes flickering to me hopefully, praying that her outburst will catch my attention, "Quit trying to get attention!" She scolds in annoyance, her eyes still dancing between me and the blond, who is now turning around in his desk to face Sakura. His eyes are wide with offense and I find myself speaking to stop the irritating whine that I just know is going to exit his mouth.

"The concept isn't that difficult to comprehend, dobe." I add the insult on with a smirk, enjoying the way Naruto's eyes narrow to slits, "If there is a decimal all non-zero numbers to the right of the decimal are considered significant figures." Naruto stares at me blankly, his mouth hanging slightly ajar and one eyebrow raised incredulously.

'His thinking face.' I muse cruelly.

"So if you were given the number 0.00123, how many significant figures would there be?" I stare at Naruto coolly, aware that both Ino and Sakura are gushing over my godly awesomeness while Lee is glaring jealous daggers at me.

"Um…three?" Naruto stares at me expectantly and holds his breath, prepared to lash out at me in his defense if he is wrong.

"Good." I murmur, a smile ghosting over my lips, "Now, if there is no decimal all non-zero numbers to the left of where the decimal would be are considered significant figures."

Naruto stares at me, his face clearly saying 'what the fuck?' I continue my 'lesson' regardless.

"If I gave you the number 360, how many significant figures would there be?" I intertwine my fingers in front of my face and lean my weight on the desk using my elbows as support.

"Two?" My blond pupil glances at Sakura as he says this, hoping to gain her approval.

"I told you it wasn't that difficult…dobe." I drawl, smirking superiorly at Naruto, pleased with myself when he sputters indignantly and points an accusing finger at me.

"I'm not a dobe!" His voice is crossing the line between speaking civilly and yelling and I find myself relieved when Jiraiya-sensei intervenes.

"Naruto, don't yell." My smirk widens as Naruto spins around in his desk to glare at Jiraiya-sensei.

"Sasuke," I raise an eyebrow, unsure of what I possibly did to be in any position to be scolded, "You are going to tutor Naruto."

That is chapter 1 y'all! I know it's short. But I figure if I write short chapters I can update more frequently! Tell me what you think. I know Sasuke's marginally OOC but bare with me. I figure that if one were to delve into his mind they'd find he's just oozing inner sarcastic remarks that he keeps to himself.
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