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Summary: There's a fine line between Rival and Friend and an even finer line between Friend and Lover. Sasuke refuses to cross any of these lines with Naruto, but fate seems to have it in for him. School fic NaruSasu

Warnings: Slash/Shounen Ai/Yaoi, occasional swearing and, knowing me, some eventual angst. I promise I'll try to make this my first humour fic! WISH ME LUCK!

Crossing the Line


"Pfft. I have to leave." I declare and stand up, deposit my cup in the sink and head for the door.

"I'll talk to you later?" He asks, still grinning.

This time I don't leave him hanging.


Chapter 10: Backfire

"Sasuke, you're home late." Itachi states as I walk in the front door at ten to eleven.

I shrug and kick off my shoes, glancing into our massive living room to see if our parents are home. They aren't.

"It's becoming a bit of a habit, don't you think?" He continues, unperturbed when I walk past him without a second glance and into the kitchen. I throw the fridge door open and stare at the contents of the fridge absently, all my attention is on Itachi. He's followed me to the kitchen.

I sigh and slam the door shut, turning to face him.

"What do you want?" I growl, moving around the island to flop onto a barstool. Itachi seems to be in lecture mode. I hate him when he gets like this. Actually, I hate him all the time.

"Have you been going to Naruto's house for the past four days?" He inquires, lazily picking an apple from the counter and biting into it. The juice sprays and hits me in the face. I glower at him.

"Yes. Not that it's any of your business." I hate the way he just tilts his head at me. No sneer, no congratulations, just a tilt of the head. But that's the way Itachi has always been; if it weren't for the suffocating aura that seems to surround him, I'd never notice his existence.

"Interesting…" He murmurs and gracefully settles his body onto the stool across the island from me. Cold eyes survey me with blank calculation.

"Jealous?" I taunt with a smirk as Itachi toys with the apple between his fingers.

He raises an eyebrow. At least it's not a head tilt.

"Of you, little brother?" He sounds incredulous rather than demeaning, he knows the former stings worse. I remain silent, refusing to rise to the bait.

"I expect you'll keep your marks up even with a social life." It's a demand.

"You have so little faith in me." I say calmly, staring evenly at him. I like to think he's lost the ability to intimidate me.

"You only have one week before I'm allowed to seduce him, Sasuke." He starts casually, as if we're talking about the weather, "How are you progressing as a couple?" A small smirk flashes across Itachi's face, infuriating me.

"If you're done, I'm going to my room." I state, standing up. I'd rather go to bed hungry then give Itachi more reason to mock me.

"Ah, so you haven't claimed him yet." Itachi's gaze pierces me and I find myself glaring at him. I'm tempted to retort but I know he'll only serve it back at me so, for the first time in as long as I can remember, I walk away.


Friday morning finds me sitting wearily in my desk waiting for Naruto to arrive. It's the first day this week that I haven't met up with him before class and I'm unnerved by this simple fact.

Two weeks. It's been two weeks since Naruto and I finally gave in and decided to end our rivalry and we've been attached at the hip ever since. In all honesty, it feels like a month.

I glance around the room, unnerved that he hasn't appeared yet. Everyone seems to be here except Kakashi-sensei, Naruto and…Gaara…

I growl under my breath imagining the two snogging in a desolate corridor laughing at me for thinking that I had a chance at Naruto.

Not that I ever led the idiot blond to believe that I feel any sexual attraction to him because, to put it simply, I don't.

"Sasuke, have you seen Naruto?" I glance over my shoulder at Shikamaru, scowling.

"No." I snap and stand up.

"Where are you going?" He stares quizzically at me as I head for the door.

'Some genius,' I think as his question draws more attention to my departure.

"To the washroom." I leave no room for argument and head out the door.

No one protests as I leave and I'm thankful for that.


As I told Shikamaru, I take a quick trip to the washroom to give my story credibility, hoping that once I'm done my business I'll manage to find Naruto and the bloody psychopath, Gaara. I zip up my trousers and walk past a vacant stall just as voices from around the door begin to near. I pause.

"I know you and Sasuke are just dating for appearances, Naruto."


Realizing that this is the perfect opportunity to find out what the hell is proceeding between Gaara and Naruto I quickly scamper into the stall nearest me and close the door.

"Gaara, what Sasuke and I do is none of your business." Naruto sounds like he's had this argument quite frequently as of late…

I lift my legs onto the toilet seat and stand on it. They'll never know I'm here.

"Why do you like him so much?" Gaara demands in the dead tone that only Gaara, Neji and I can achieve.

A sigh…by Naruto…

"I don't know Gaara…" He trails away and I can hear the sound of fabric rubbing against the wall. He must be leaning on it.

"I know you've liked him longer than you let on... why?" The annoying redhead persists.

"He…he reminds me of me, you know? There's always been something about him." Naruto says, frustrated.

I smirk.

"I've liked him for a long time; I guess that tutoring session was kind of an excuse to get to know him." He mutters and I can imagine him holding his head in his hands as he tries to explain himself to someone that has no concept of emotions.

"You seemed rather against it at the time." Gaara observes and I find myself agreeing.

"If I jumped on the opportunity to be tutored by my rival wouldn't you think something was wrong with me?" Naruto counters.

'So he really was coming on to me in the library…'

"How long have you liked him?" Gaara sounds…hurt…

"I don't know!" Naruto exclaims quietly, "It started off as an infatuation…but…and then we kissed…and I…I…" He's stumbling over his words, "I just feel good around him, forgive me for being so cheesy."

I forgive him. I know the feeling well.

"Hn." Gaara snorts, "So you've got a thing for Uchiha." My eyes narrow to slits as I stare at the wall of the stall. "He's a bastard Naruto; he'll just end up hurting you."

My hands ball into fists and I have an urge to kick Gaara's ass.

"Everyone said the same thing about you when we became friends." Naruto retaliates, and he does have a point.

I remember it well.

Everyone acted the same way they are now; they tried to protect him…

"Naruto needs to get a taste of the world outside the protective bubble everyone keeps him in."

"He has no parents, Sasuke. You of all people should know how much he hurts."

"Who gives a fuck? No one has a perfect family."

I sigh; even the teachers feel a need to protect their precious outcast orphan.

"I'm different from Sasuke, Naruto. Don't compare us in any way." I shake my head and refocus my attention on the conversation at hand.



'Are they leaving?' I wonder curiously, just about to get down from the toilet seat and check.

"Oh hey Shikamaru." Naruto chirps.


I feel my hands clam up as I pray to whatever God I don't believe in that Shikamaru doesn't bring me up.

"Hey, have you guys seen Sasuke?" He asks right off the bat.


"No, why?" Naruto sounds innocently confused.

"He said he was going to the washroom about ten minutes ago, Kakashi-sensei sent me to go find him." A pause. "I was actually expecting to find you and Sasuke snogging, not you and Gaara talking…" Shikamaru trails off and I can hear the wheels turning. He knows that I know there's something going on between Gaara and Naruto and am dead set on finding out what.

"Do you think he's in here?" Gaara sounds livid.


"Oh no…" Naruto's voice is horrified as footsteps near my stall.


Pounding on the door of my stall.

"Sasuke…we know you're in here." Shikamaru drawls as the pounding continues.

"Guys, maybe it's not Sasuke…we should just leave!" Naruto pleads in an anxious voice and the pounding wavers.

"Naruto, it's him," Gaara growls. "Give it up Uchiha; we know you're in here."

Sighing and knowing I'm caught, I hop down from the toilet seat.

"Would you stop pounding on the door?" I request, waiting for the bashing to stop before unlocking and opening the bathroom stall door.

I step out to find an amused Shikamaru, a fuming Gaara and a very nervous Naruto.

"Sasuke." He squeaks and averts his eyes, playing with his hands in a Hinata-like way.

"Dobe." I reply with a trace of a smirk. He winces and begins worrying his bottom lip.

"Shikamaru, take Gaara and go on ahead of us, we need to talk." I order and wait for the two to leave.

When they do, I turn to Naruto in amusement.

"I don't think I've ever seen you this edgy." I taunt, casually crossing my arms and checking him out as blatantly as I possibly can. Naruto gives me a confused look.

"I'm not usually eavesdropped on." He spits back, scowling at me and mimicking my actions, minus the blatant checking out, he's a lot more subtle.

"So you've been infatuated with me for awhile?" I press, ignoring the squeaks that he calls protests.

"I nev-" I place a finger on his lips and smirk, effectively silencing him.

"How long?" I ask, staring at him with smoldering eyes. Or at least I hope they're smoldering…like in the soap operas when the two hottest characters are trying to seduce each other…

A cold shower sounds in order right about now.

"Sasuke…just let it go ok?" Naruto insists and pushes my hand away from him, making me realize I'd left my finger on his lips. He turns away from me and begins to leave.

"Naruto don't walk away from me." I growl, grabbing his arm and roughly pinning him against the wall. He makes a sound of displeasure and scowls at me as I continue, "How. Long. Have you liked me?" I repeat, glaring at him in an attempt to intimidate him.

"Grade ten." He spits out, he's furious with me, I can tell.

"Really…" I muse, smirking at him.

"Fuck you." Betrayal flashes in his eyes and I feel a twinge of remorse. However, I ignore the foreign feeling in favour of playful banter.

"Oh poor Naru-kun," I coo, "Are your panties in a kno-"

I'm cut off when Naruto reverses our positions and pins me against the wall, effectively silencing me with his lips.

And damnit I don't have the willpower to resist.

Instead, I, yet again, pull him closer and weave my fingers into his soft blonde locks. Actually, I'm surprised at how silky they are.

He pulls away and looks at me, his eyes are definitely smoldering.

"Sasuke, you don't seem to be protesting…" He drawls, running his fingers through my bangs affectionately, his eyes glued to by lips.

I really, really want to say something cruel to him like, 'I don't do orphans' and push him away; but I don't.

On the contrary, what passes my lips is: "Quit speaking dobe, I know there are much better uses for your mouth."

And we're kissing again.


Naruto and I appear in Kakashi-sensei's class fashionably late looking very rumpled and well… as if we just had a hot steamy make-out session, which, might I add, we did

However, I really wish Naruto would wipe the stupid grin from his face.

So I'm past the denial stage of our relationship. Big whoopty shit!

"Sasuke, Naruto, kind of you to join us." Kakashi-sensei states blandly, pausing his lecture and casting us both wry looks. I respond with a tilt of my head. Naruto on the other hand exclaims a jubilant 'You're welcome Kakashi-sensei!' and makes his way to his desk. I follow behind him, slightly more conspicuous.

Once the disturbance we've made has passed and everyone has settled down from their twenty-second gossip session, Kakashi-sensei returns his attention to the chalkboard and begins scrawling notes for us to take, making comments on the notes every now and then.

Being the dutiful student I am, I copy the contents of the board vigilantly, that is, until I notice a cold stare directed at my forehead.

I glance up, annoyed.

'…Kiba, wonderful.' I think dryly as I rest my chin on my hand languidly and stare back at him.

"Yes?" I drawl, enjoying the tiny vein that pulses in his forehead.

"What the hell were you doing with him, fag?" He demands in a hushed voice. I roll my eyes at the insult; after a week of being deemed fag by a boy that paints red streaks down his cheeks, one grows immune to the insult.

"What else do two fags do together?" I counter, smirking at the sickened look on his face. "I have to tell you Kiba, Naruto is an amazing kisser." My elated feeling can't get any better. Kiba looks about ready to vomit in his mouth.

I know he's going to get the gang of homophobes together and beat me up for it, but I really don't care.

"Spare me the details or I'll have to split your pretty little lip again." Kiba groans, a vicious bite to his voice. I shrug.

"I was." I reply with an arrogant smirk, aware that both Shikamaru and Naruto are now listening. The former leans over my shoulder to survey Kiba, a glint of disapproval evident in his eyes.

"Kiba, the socially accepted term his homosexual, not fag, and if you dislike their lifestyle so much," he glances at Naruto who is blushing furiously and staring at Kiba and myself with a look of horror, "don't associate with them." Shikamaru is still watching Naruto carefully.

Apparently, I've been the only one receiving trouble regarding my sexual preferences.

"Whatever Nara." Kiba dismisses the genius and turns around just as Kakashi-sensei decides to interrupt our little chat.

"If you're going to show up for class late, I suggest you at least have the courtesy to pay attention." Kakashi-sensei demands.

Throughout the rest of the class, I'm painfully aware that Naruto is watching me, concerned and…betrayed...


"Why didn't you tell me?" He demands furiously once we're alone on the school roof at lunch.

I'm tempted to play dumb. So I do; I've never been one to fight temptation, if my snogging session with Naruto isn't any proof of that.

"Tell you what?" I ask blandly, surveying him with bored eyes. He frowns and seems to become even more worked up.

"Don't play stupid with me, Sasuke." He growls, his hands clenching and unclenching at his sides. If a wall that wasn't mainly composed of windows were around, I'd be slammed up against it right now.

"Elaborate and I won't have to." I retort, oddly calm. I think I like Naruto when he's infuriated with me. He starts pacing, his hands still fisting and unfisting.

"Damnit Sasuke, you fell?" He cries, throwing his hands up irritably, and pauses his pacing to stare at me, betrayal evident in his eyes. There it is again; that tiny twinge of remorse in my gut. I glare at him.

"What did you want me to tell you?" I reply angrily, my eyes following his movements as he resumes his pacing.

"The truth, maybe?" He spits out. His face is contorted with rage and I realize that maybe I don't like him like this.

"That would go over well," I snort, "Hey Naruto, Kiba and a bunch of homophobes are ganging up on me and beating me up because they hate the fact that I'm a fag."

He stops; his deep blue pools hold a hint of surprise.

"Kiba's not the only one?" He asks hesitantly. I exhale a relieved sigh, he's not angry with me anymore.

"Do you think Kiba alone could kick my ass that bad, Naruto?" I'm insulted that he would underestimate me that severely; especially when he's the person I've fought the most.

"Nah," He concedes, his face brightens with a small smile before he becomes serious again, "How many are there?"

I shrug, "I only know Kiba." Shino doesn't count; he just stands aside and silently watches.

Naruto seems to accept that as a decent answer and approaches me; his pacing had taken him a fair distance away from me.

"Good." He murmurs as he wraps his arms around my waist, pulling our bodies together, "Don't keep secrets like that from me okay?" He looks up at me and I find myself speaking before I really want to.


He smirks and nips at my bottom lip playfully.

"Now that that's settled, I can think of much better ways to pass the time."

…And so he can…

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