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Chapter 1: New Beginnings

"I can't believe you're going to college," Hikaru pouted as he stood watching Akira make his bed for him. "I thought that finally you'd have some more free time." Both boys were now eighteen and had just recently begun renting an apartment together.

Akira had wanted to live somewhere that would allow him to commute more easily to school. And Hikaru had wanted to leave his house because of his desire for independence, not to mention that he would have taken any opportunity so long as it allowed him to see Akira more.

Plus, Hikaru thought a wry grin spreading across his face. This way I still don't have to do many chores. Cheering that his boyfriend was a lot more domesticated than he was, he watched fondly as Akira folded his pajamas for him and then moved onto pulling the sheets neatly over the bedspread.

"Going to college just feels right," Akira said. "Father always says that furthering the development of one's mind is very important."

"Father says," Hikaru repeated to himself rolling his eyes. Akira did that every once in a while. At those times it was clear to tell just how much the dark haired boy revered his father. The one time that Hikaru had ventured to tease the other boy about it had only gotten him castigated as if he was committing heresy. Instead, he decided to ignore the father reference in order to answer with something that would not cause a fight to ensue.

"Bah," Hikaru replied shaking his head. "You just like pushing yourself hard. You don't feel right unless you're stressed out all of the time."

"That's not true!" Akira protested, fluffing Hikaru's pillows and placing them gently at the head of the bed. He then looked thoughtfully at Hikaru, pondering if any truth lay behind the accusation. "Well, maybe you're right," he added flippantly after a moment. "I am still with you, aren't I?"

"Me?" Hikaru squeaked outraged. "How do I stress you out?"

Akira looked back at his roommate with a smile on his face that said "oh, come on."

"Maybe if we weren't hiding our relationship, you'd have one less thing to worry about," he commented lightly.

"Hikaru, we've been over this before …" Akira said with a sigh.

I know, I know, he thought. The Touya dignity won't allow you to put your personal life in the limelight. If something like this got out, it would definitely make some waves. They had been through that particular argument many times and had managed to reach some sort of agreement, so Hikaru let it slip away from him and made another comment. "You're going to be the only professional Go player that's a doctor as well."

From his place at the bed, Akira paused, contemplating Hikaru's slightly bitter sounding statement. "No," he replied after a moment. "I wouldn't aim for being a doctor. There's no way I'd have the same commitment to helping others as I have to the game."

"You know," Hikaru began teasingly, "with all this extra time I have, I'll catch up to you in dan in no time."

Akira stifled a laugh. "You would if you didn't spend all of your extra time playing video games with Waya."

"Hey!" Hikaru protested sharply, still watching as Akira finished his chore by smoothing the comforter over the bed. It was at this time that he decided to take his revenge. Quietly sneaking up from behind the other boy, he placed a hand firmly on the other boy's behind and felt satisfaction course through his body when Akira jumped at his touch.

"What are you doing?" Akira cried, whirling around. Suddenly, he felt Hikaru's hands on his shoulders, pushing him down onto the bed, pinning him down underneath him.

Hikaru grinned from his position. "You should be more careful with what you say to me," he warned.

"Hikaru! I just made the bed!" Akira cried in frustration.

"Who cares if the bed is messy?"

"But … But …" As Akira spluttered his response Hikaru lowered himself down so he was lying on top of the other boy, his mouth seeking the gentle curve of Akira's neck. His tongue darted out, wetting the flesh before he began sucking. Soon Akira's protests stopped as he felt arms close around his waist, pulling him close.

"See," Hikaru said teasingly once he had pulled away, "even you don't care about the bed being made." He looked down and saw the sour look on the other boy's face. Oh, he's going to say something mean. It was alright with him, since he knew that Akira wasn't being serious.

From his place underneath Hikaru, Akira contemplated different insults, and came across one. "Get off of me. You're heavy."

"H-heavy?" Hikaru cried with mock anger. "I'll squish you to death!" With that, he flattened himself on top of the other boy, lips finding Akira's. The kiss was hot and passionate, as Hikaru used his tongue to aggressively explore the other's mouth.

Akira responded to Hikaru's kiss, even made it more forceful than he normally would have, his hands clutching at the other boy's shoulders.

Hikaru separated from Akira, but still stayed close, lying on his side, body pressed against Akira's. With a smile, he took the initiative once more, his mouth closing in on the other boy's earlobe. He nibbled slightly and was satisfied when Akira answered him with a noise that came from low in his throat.

That "un" noise that Akira had a habit of making was very innocent-cute to Hikaru and did wonders in, well, turning him on, if he was being quite honest. A lazy hand trailed down Akira's chest, fingers working their way down and underneath the polo shirt that the boy was wearing. He watched as the other boy swallowed hard, pretending not to notice what he was doing.

But you always back away when … With that, Hikaru allowed his fingers to dip lower to playfully tease the skin right along the edge of where Akira's slacks started.

He watched as, like clockwork, Akira's eyes widened, deep flush creeping its way onto pale cheeks. "I should get ready for school," he said, pushing himself up and away from Hikaru's grasp.

Drat, Hikaru thought watching Akira pick up his bookbag and head out of the door.

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