Chapter Four---Quote

Fujin stood at edge of the cliff, looking over the grey-purple haze of fog. This was the edge between life and death, the line between her realm and Squall's. How many times had she stood her with Squall or Seifer? It seemed as if it was too many to count but each soul only had seven 'resets' if you will. Squall was on number seven. If he didn't make it this time, there was no bringing him back. He would stay in Ariens realm for eternity. Death would not be evaded forever and once it had its hold on Squall, it would not be relinquished. Squall hesitantly stepped beside her.

"What is this place?" He peered over the edge, seeing nothing but fog. It seemed familiar but just as elusive as his memories. Fujin put a hand on his shoulder, dual toned eyes looking at him closely.

"This is the division between your world and mine. This is the last time you can return home Squall. You have to stay in your world this time." She said quietly, not meeting Squall's gaze.

"What do you mean?"

"You need to stay, Squall. Remember that. You can not cross the line again." With that Fujin pressed her lips to Squall's, her breath seeping into his lungs like a cold fire as she pushed him off the cliff.

Dr. Kadowaki was startled by the double stacatto of the heart monitor but it resumed its normal beat a second later and she ignored it. But then the crisp double beat hit again. And again. Squall's heart rate skyrocketed in seconds, the beep of the machine pulsing wildly before nosediving back to normal. She stared at Squall for several long moments before he opened his eyes, blinking harshly against the blinding lights. Tears stung the back of her eyes as she dimmed the lights and started checking Squall's vital's again. They were strong and normal.

"Where am I?" Squall asked and with relief he noted that it cracked and hurt to use. Grey eyes took in the comforting sight of a hospital room, fogless and clear. His body felt stiff and he felt a dull throb in his arms but that was ignored as he began to panic.

"You're in the hospital son, just relax, we're taking good care of you." Kadowaki smiled reassuringly but Squall's heart rate steadily began to climb.

"Why? Why am I here? Who are you?" There was a note of hysteria in his voice as Kadowaki tried to quiet him.

"You tried to kill yourself. I'm Dr. Kadowaki, remember? We've known each other for years honey." She brushed his haird back but he flinched away from her touch.

"I don't remember you."

"Give it time. Can you tell me what day it is?"


"What year?"


"What do you remember?" The doctor pressed growing more alarmed as the heart rate climbed ever higher.

"...Nothing." He whispered, the monitor begining to go wild again when the door opened, two blondes stepped in and the wild, frantic monitor ceased its harried beating for two seconds and then resumed normal, like it had never risen or stopped in the first place.

"Squall!" Seifer rushed forward, looking at Squall intently, as if to make sure he were real. Squall stared back, unsure if the feeling of recognition was real or imagine and if his heart was supposed to be hammering at his chest like it was or if he was supposed to be glad to see this man.

"They told me you hadn't woken up yet. I was so scared. I thought I lost you again." Seifer took Squall's smaller hand in his and thanked the gods he was alright.

"Again?" Squall intoned, peering at him curiously. Seifer frowned.

"...Yes, again. You know this, Squall."

"...I don't remember."

"Squall, of course you do. You slit your wrists. I found you already almost dead and..I..." Seifer trailed off, looking at his own banadaged wrists. Squall didn't think this sounded like him, trying to kill himself but knowing that this man, whoever he was had almost killed himself to follow Squall man the brunette a bit awestruck. What a love that must be.

" I don't remember." Squall repeated and when Seifer's face felt, the heart monitor gave away the way his heart lurched before he squeezed the blondes hand, trying to recall why he should care about this man at all. Nothing cameback. It made him angry, that he could not remember who these people were, who Fujin and Arien were and why the hospital seemed so familiar. But when green eyes meet his he knew that this was where he belonged; wherever Seifer was.

Fujin watched from the doorway. Squall had never not remembered before. That must be a result of his soul's final journey to the mortal realm. It wouldn't have been a problem any of the times before but this was different. They couldn't afford to loose Seifer or Squall again. They had to stay in this realm, together, or in the afterlife, forever apart. Neither this world or the next could bear that kind of agony. Fujin smiled as she watched Seifer and Squall fall asleep, each quiet and contemplative, not saying anything. This was bound to take a while but Fujin would be there, like all the times before, and things would work out alright; like all the times before.

She entered the room quietly and leaning over Squall, blew her cold breath over his lips again, hoping the memories would follow.

Squall tossed fitfully, dreams dancing in and out of focus rapidly, like a movie on rewind before it slammed to a halt and Squall was...outside. Hearing a commotion behind him, he was startled to see himself and the blonde fighting, swords clashing and sparking as the rain poured down. He couldn't hear what was said and he didn't know why they were fighting but the rage in their eyes was clear. The fight wasn't long because the blonde sword slid down the length of Squall's and sank into the brunette's chest. Shock was in the dream Squall's eyes as he fell and Seifer rushed to catch him. Dream Squall was dead before he could see Seifer begin to weep.

The scene changed rapidly, and Squall saw himself standing at a cliff, talking to someone. It was Seifer. Tears were in both their eyes and Squall couldn't tell if they were fighting or pleading. He couldn't hear himself scream as Seifer stepped off the cliff. But he felt his heart give a familiar lurch.

Scene after scene played through his mind, always varying in circumstance and time, spanning across years or perhaps centuries. It was always different but one thing stayed the same.

Someone always died.

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