Echoes of the Night

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Chapter 1: Struggles in the Dark

It was a beautiful evening in Amity Park. The sun was about to disappear below the horizon, and the sky was changing from its brilliant orange-yellow tinge to a faint blackness.

A resident was just walking along the street, immersed in his own reveries. He had just closed shop at the auto dealership, and he was walking towards his car, parked some blocks away.

In his mind, he was thinking about the day's events. Today, it was business as usual.

But he lived in Amity Park, a place where almost everyone in town had some sort of vehicle for transport. Even the kids had some form of transport - many rode on mopeds or electric scooters.

So the usual business, in this case, was classified as nonexistent.

"Dang," he said to himself. "The town is just full of cars. No one seems to be buying anything at all. In fact, it doesn't seem like anyone needs a car these days."

He had just reached his own vehicle when a car coming from behind passed him on the street. But it drove through a deep puddle, which was unfrotunately the exact place he was standing. The resulting splash completely soaked him with blackened water from head to foot.

"Sorry, man!" yelled the motorist as he continued driving.

The salesman angrily took off his dampened jacket and tried to find his keys, absolutely irritated that his previous point had been made.

"I don't know why I even went into this profession!" he said. "Seriously, there are some days I wish that no one in this town had any form of motorized transport!"

Just then, as if on cue, a strange green smoke appeared around him. There was some faint faint smell of some kind of incense in the air. At first he was afraid, but then a green spirit with a feminine body appeared out of the mist with long black hair, dressed like a harem.

Now he was terrified.

"I sense your fear," said the spirit, "but there is no need to fear me, I assure you," she said in a rather pleasant tone.

The salesman could barely speak as he uttered out the words, "Who…who are you?"

"I am Desiree, the Wishing Ghost," she said with the same tone. "And it seems that you have uttered a desire from the heart."

Her hands now started to glow red as she started to utter her famous words.

"So you have wished it, and so shall it -"

"OH, NO, YOU DON'T!" yelled a voice from out of the shadows.

Desiree whirled around. She was met by a glowing flash of an ectoplasmic light that knocked her off course and far away from the man.

The man, although very hesitant, also turned around to take a look.

He found himself was staring at another ghost, with white hair and glowing green eyes. The ghost was dressed in a black skin-tight suit with a silver belt, silver boots, and silver gloves, but those gloves were currently glowing green. And the trademark insignia on the ghost's chest, a ghostly D with a P inside of it, completed the costume.

He was staring at no one else but…

"INVISO-BILL!" he wailed, at the appearance of a second ghost. "AHH!" He jumped in his car and drove off as fast as he could, crashing through and taking with him a portion of the surrounding parking lot fence.

"THE NAME IS DANNY PHANTOM!" yelled the adolescent half-ghost after him, completely annoyed by someone calling him the wrong thing for the thousandth time that month. "AND I'M ON YOUR SIDE!"

"Seriously, after that Pariah Dark incident, you'd think everyone would get it by now," said another voice from the shadows.

That voice belonged to Tucker Foley, one of Danny's best friends. He was a green-eyed African-American kid dressed in a long-sleeved yellow shirt and green pants with brown boots. Eyeglasses and a red cap covering a dandruff-ridden scalp completed his outfit. He was very good with computer equipment, and was always on hand to help Danny with his trusty PDA.

"Tell me about it!" said Danny, turning towards Tucker. "I am so getting tired of that name."

"Same here," said another voice, its owner stepping out of the shadows as well. "Danny Phantom just sounds better, in my opinion."

Sam (or rather, Samantha) Manson was the owner of the voice. She was a goth - she was dressed in a black tank-top with a purple oval on it, a black skirt with purple hose, and black boots. She wore a black necklace around her neck and her black hair was kept short, with a little ponytail in the back. She was Danny's second best friend, and with her instincts, she was also a good sidekick to have along while fighting ghosts.

"You really think so?" asked Danny, turning in her direction. "I mean, there's nothing wrong with it, but it's just that my ghost name and real name are really similar. I mean, look, Danny Fenton vs. Danny Phantom? I was wondering to give it a change…"

"Oh, c'mon, dude!" said Tucker, crossing his arms. "It's perfectly fine as it is!"

"Yeah," agreed Sam. "You totally shouldn't change it."

Danny sighed. "Oh, fine, I guess so. But the minute someone is able to find this out from that, I'm blaming the both of you. Although she didn't figure it out that way, the fact that my sister Jazz knows is already too many people."

"Oh, sure!" said Sam. "Blame the ones who are responsible for leading you into your parents' ghost portal, the ones to whom you owe for receiving these powers in the first place! We wouldn't be having this kind of fun if it weren't for us!"

"But that was an accident!" said Danny.

"Yeah, an accident that gave you awesome ghost powers!" said Sam.

"Well, that's true, but these powers actually gave me a second life!" said Danny. "Now I have to balance both my personal life and my ghost-fighting life at the same time!"

"Well, either way," she said, "without them, you'd still be having a pretty dull life, and you can't forget that."

Danny cocked his head to one side, but then nodded in approval.

"Speaking of which," said Tucker, "are we forgetting about something?"

"Yeah," said Danny, putting his hand to his chin. "I feel that we're forgetting something very important…"

That answer came in the form of a red ectoplasmic blast from behind that hit Danny in the back. It sent Danny flying through the air and crashing into a wall, finally falling headfirst into an alley dumpster.

Tucker and Sam turned. Annoyed that she was stopped from granting a wish, Desiree's face was writhing with rage and her hands were glowing red.

"Oh yeah," said Tucker. "Her."

Sam's eyes rolled.

Danny turned intangible and flew out of the dumpster to face the harem ghost, but with an empty aluminum can on his head.

"How dare you stop me from granting a wish!" she yelled at him.

"I thought I sent you back to the ghost zone!" yelled Danny. "How did you escape this time? Wished yourself free?"

"I have my ways!" said Desiree. Then from out of her glowing hand burst another ectoplasmic ray.

Danny dodged the red blast and sent a green one of his own at her. It hit her squarely in the chest. She was spinning in the air before she finally landed on the street.

Recovering from the attack, she flew up and her hands turned into the shape of a hammer and swatted at Danny, hitting him in the side of the face and knocking him off course in the air.

"Danny!" screamed Tucker and Sam together.

When Danny recovered, he felt his eye. It stung a lot. It was sure to become black very soon.

Desiree flew at him again and forced him against the wall, pinning him there.

"Foolish child!" she said. "You will pay for your mistakes!"

For some reason, Danny couldn't go intangible. It felt just like the first time he ever battled her.

Feeling his fists surge with energy, Danny forced her off with a ghost stinger.

"AHH!" she screamed, flying through the air.

Danny chased after her and attempted to knock her back to the ground.

He was met with another red blast from her hand.

"GAH!" he yelled, as careened through the air and felt his back hit smack against a billboard, upside down. "I've got to stop charging like that."

From his upside down view of the world, he could see the fury in Desiree's eyes as she flew towards him again.

Righting himself, he went intangible and flew through the billboard. Looking behind him, he could see Desiree giving chase as they flew through the warm, night air.

She fired more blasts at him. Danny did his best to dodge every single ray, the red lights sometimes missing him by inches.

After about a minute of flying and dodging through more billboards and buildings, Danny knew he couldn't fly forever. So when he was heading for the same billboard that the chase started from, he decided to do a little trick.

He back-flipped in the air, and Desiree passed underneath him in surprise. Now she was the one being chased.

Danny fired round after round of green ectoplasmic blasts at Desiree. After several attempts, one blast finally hit her, and sent her spinning towards the street.

"Ow!" Desiree yelled, as she hit the asphalt once again. "I'll get you!"

"I plan to make a correction to that statement," said Danny.

"How do you mean?" she asked.

Danny replied by splitting himself into four images. They all spoke at the same time as they all said, "Now the correct statement is if you can get all of us!"

Desiree was in shock that Danny was able to do this, but even more shocked were Sam and Tucker.

"Since when was he able to do that?" asked Sam, her mouth wide open, matching Tucker's shocked expression.

"Beats me," said Tucker. "I thought he was still only able to split himself from the head!"

Guessing, and panicking, Desiree fired a ray to the left-most Danny. Unfortunately, it was a duplicate.

"Wrong!" yelled the remaining three Dannys. The two duplicates snatched her from the ground and held her in place in the air for the real Danny to deliver the finishing blow.

"Let go of me!" she said, struggling. "No one can touch me unless they wish for it!"

"Then grant this wish!" said the real Danny, pulling out the Fenton thermos from behind his back. "I wish you held still so I can make you disappear inside this thermos!"

Trapped by her own power, Desiree was forced to obey. She remained stationary in the air. Danny let the duplicates merge back into him, for they were no longer needed.

A blue ray of light emanated from the silver and green thermos and lanced towards the immobile harem spirit.

"NOOO!" she cried, as she was being dragged into the inner dwellings of the Fenton ghost-catcher. "I'll be back, and consider that granted!"

"But not now," said Danny as he slammed the lid on the thermos.

His friends ran to catch up with him as he changed back into his human form. Danny's hair changed back to a raven-colored black and his green eyes turned blue. His black body suit disappeared and was replaced by a white T-shirt with red cuffs at the sleeves and a red-trimmed neck collar, the silver D insignia replaced with a red oval. The appearance of matching red and white shoes, along with blue pants, finished the transformation back to normal, 14-year old Danny Fenton.

"That was awesome!" said Sam, reaching him first and giving him a small hug.

"Good job, man!" said Tucker, giving him a high-five.

"Thanks, guys!" said Danny. Then he put his hand to his eye. "I don't know how I'm going to explain this black eye to my parents, though."

A mystery voice spoke behind them. "Don't worry, you won't have to."

An icy chill ran down Danny's spine and his stomach felt as if someone had turned it inside out. Danny and company turned in horror. Whoever spoke must have seen everything.

But then they resumed breathing when it was only Jazz.

"Jazz!" said Danny in outrage. "Don't scare us like that again!"

"Sorry," said the 16-year old sister. "I should try to be more careful with that."

"What are you doing here?" asked Tucker.

"I'm here for Danny," she said, turning towards him. "Mom and Dad wanted me to find you, since you never called after school. I kind of figured that you would be fighting ghosts. I followed you guys by the sound of crashing billboards."

"All the way out here?" asked Danny. "How did you get here? Your car's in the shop!"

Jazz pointed to a moped leaning against a lamppost.

"Hey!" said Danny. "That's mine!"

"I'm sorry," said Jazz. "But I really didn't have any other choice. I'm kind of scared to drive our parents' RV. I could accidentally press one button and it could send me flying through the air, for all I know. Who was that ghost you were fighting, anyway?"

"Desiree, the Wishing Ghost," said Danny, waving the full thermos in the air. "You never saw her before?"

"A wishing ghost?" asked Jazz. "Never saw you battle her before. Well, at least you didn't need my help."

She opened her purse. Danny and friends looked inside, aghast. Inside was a Jack-of-Nine-Tails, the Fenton Peeler, the Specter Deflector, and another Fenton Thermos.

"Wow, Danny," said Sam, eyeing the load of weaponry. "You've got competition."

"No, he doesn't," said Jazz, laughing lightly. "He's better at this than I am."

"Which reminds me," said Sam, turning towards Danny. "Since when were you able to split yourself like that?"

"During my battle with Pariah Dark," said Danny. "I just didn't think of doing it again until now."

"Well, that was still pretty awesome, man," said Tucker, looking at his watch. "Oh, dang! Look at the time!"

Danny looked at the clock on his cell phone. It was 6:55.

"I have to meet with my parents tonight," said Tucker. "We're going out for dinner with my grandparents in five minutes! See you guys later!"

And he sprinted home.

"Well, I'd better be getting home, too," said Sam. "Hey, Danny, that was really cool, what you just showed us there!"

"Yeah, I guess it was," said Danny, smiling back at her.

Looking at Danny's smile, Sam blushed a bit and looked at the ground. "Yeah...well, I'd better get going before my folks start to worry. You know how they are."

"Well, yes, I kind of do," he said, remembering the time they put a restraining order on him.

"Do you need a ride?" asked Jazz, offering her a helmet. "There's plenty of room on the moped."

"Oh, no, that's fine," said Sam. "Walking would do me some good. Bye, Danny. See you later."

"Goodbye, Sam," said Danny waving. But for some reason he felt some urge to go ghost and fly her home instead.

But she walked off into the night, leaving Danny and Jazz alone.

Jazz looked at her brother, who was still watching the goth girl's silhouette until it disappeared into the surrounding darkness.

When she vanished, he turned towards his sister, who was looking at him in a funny way.

Feeling awkward, he raised an eyebrow as he spoke to her.


"How long have you and her been friends again?" asked the older Fenton.

"Years," said Danny. "Why do you ask?"

"You like her, don't you?"

Danny blushed. "No, she's my best friend! It would be kind of, well, weird, wouldn't it?"

Jazz smirked at him. "No, Danny, it wouldn't. Seriously, if there's any kind of advice that I'd give right now, it's to do something about it. You know, something for her."

She handed him a helmet, just as he was putting away the thermos with Desiree inside of it.

"C'mon, you can fly us home another night. You're probably exhausted from that battle with that wishing ghost. We were having spaghetti's probably cold by now. I'll make up some story about that black eye for you, and I'll give you some ice to put upon it when you get home. And you kind of smell, too…you should really take a bath…"

Danny didn't speak for the rest of the time while Jazz started up the moped and drove them home. He was glad to have a sister who cared about him. But at the same time, felt a little annoyed that she now kind of knew another subject that she could endlessly bug him about.

End Chapter 1

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