The Legend of a Paladin- Chapter 1: Into the Flames

This story has taken me forever to develop. Plus it's pretty different from some of my other stories. I decided to take a step away from High school fanfics for a little while. I felt as if I had been stabbing it to death. This story is more of a Final Fantasy theme, meaning Magic, weapons and a really kick ass story line that always seems to surprise you.

I hope you all enjoy it!

An elven archer runs through the forest towards a city engulfed in flames with nothing more than a bow and a quiver full of arrows hanging from his right shoulder. He stopped once after hearing a noise in the clearing. He immediately strung his bow and aimed it at the source of the noise. He held his breath in hopes that it was simply a creature of the forest stirring.

Get a hold of yourself, Wakka. The orange haired archer thought as he continued his journey to the burning city. He arrived at the outskirts of the city and became entranced in the dancing inferno before him. He shook his head and entered the flaming city of Kilika to continue his mission of finding any lone survivors of the massacre.

"Is anyone there!" He shouted at the top of his lungs in hopes of hearing any voice at all. When there was no response he continued along the path. Dead bodies were laying everywhere he looked covered in pools of blood. What the hell happened here?

All of a sudden the archer heard an ear piercing scream come from a hut in the distance. He dodged a falling tree and kicked down the door on the hut, "Hello!" There was no answer so he ascended the stairs. To his surprise he found a young male lying on his back unconscious. His blonde hair and flawless tanned skin had remained completely untouched by the effects of the fire. The archer ran to him and checked for a pulse and to his relief there was one. He looked at his ears and noticed that they had no point. He's human. He picked up the blonde, slung him over his shoulder and exited the hut.

The fire that was slowly consuming the entire village continued to become worse by the second. It's no use the fire is too strong. I have to leave.

The archer ran through the flames creating new routes as he ran and found it increasingly harder to maneuver through the random fires and dropping debris with the enhanced weight on his back.

He ran the whole way back to his hometown and continued towards his hut. When he entered there were two people waiting for him. The first was a tall elf with long black flowing hair and skin as pale as the moonlight. The other elf in the room was slightly shorter than the other one and looked no older than seventeen with her short brown hair and multicolored eyes. One an intense swirling green vortex and the other was a sea of blue.

"Is he the only one left?" The taller elf asked.

The orange haired archer nodded and rested the blonde male off his back to lay him on the bed in the corner. The archer looked down and folded his arms and spoke to the unconscious blonde whom he knew could not answer, "Maybe you can give us some answers, ya?"


It had been almost a week since the archer had found the unconscious blonde human in the burning city and he still had yet to awaken. They had tried everything they could think of to try to wake the seemingly lifeless being but with each newly failed attempt the likelihood of him awakening seemed farther off.

The brunette elf continued along with her usual tasks as she did everyday. She dipped a cloth in clean water and twisted it so that it was damp and headed over to the unconscious blonde laying on the bed. She wiped the cloth across his forehead and down to he cheek.

The brunette had found that she enjoyed staring into the face of the man in front of her. To her, he felt so comforting and she took pleasure in watching over him everyday. Then, as if lightening had struck him, the young male's eyes shot open.

The multi-eye colored elf jumped back as she noticed and felt herself caught up in two deep, oceanic eyes looking back at her. She sprinted out of the hut leaving the blonde male alone and extremely confused.

A few seconds later the orange haired archer entered the hut to see the blonde male sitting up and looking at the vicinity around him, "So you decided to wake up sleepy head? You've taken quite the nap, ya?"

"Where…where am I?" The blonde asked.

"It's a long story, but before I explain at least tell me your name, ya?"

"My name? It's…" He looked to floor trying desperately to recall just what it was, "I can't remember."

The orange man sighed, "I was afraid of that. We had reason to suspect that Sin was the cause of the attack so it's only natural that you have no memories."

"What do you mean? And who is Sin?"

The archer gave a faint smile as he crossed his arms, "You really did lose you memories, didn't you?" The blonde male remained silent. The two elf females entered the room and stood near the door.

"Yuna just told me he woke up," the black haired elf said. She gazed over towards the person on the bed, "And by the looks of it she was right." She took a few steps closer to him and tilted her head as if she was examining every inch of him. She placed her hand on his face and turned it in both directions.

"What's the verdict, Lu?"

"I wont know for sure until I give him a real test but for now he's no apparent threat."

"In that case I should probably make the introductions," he turned towards the extremely confused blonde on the bed, "I'm Wakka, this girl right here is Lulu and the one in the back is Yuna."

"Nice to meet you. Now tell me, where am I? Why can't I remember anything?"

"You can't remember anything?" Lulu asked, "That proves that Sin really was the cause of all of this."

"Who is Sin?" The blonde shouted, "Will someone explain what is going on!"

"Sin is an unholy Anti-Paladin," everyone turned to Yuna who was now walking towards the middle of the room, "He is all that we know to be evil and vicious in the world that we live in. The legend says that he was born from the darkest depths of the underworld and sent to Spira to exterminate the world of all of its happiness and joy."

"Usually when you encounter Sin he drains the memories from you," Wakka interrupted, "And that's what we expect happened to you. About a week ago, I got word that the city closet to us, Kilika, had been attacked and was in chaos. I left here alone and went to Kilika to look for any survivors. All I found was you in a building on fire and for some reason you seem to be the only one who survived. I was hoping you could tell me what happened."

"Most of the time if you revisit the place where you lost your memories you can recover some of them. And since your conscious now we can go back to Kilika. I doubt there will be any survivors but we can always keep our eyes open."

The blonde sat on the bed still completely confused as to what was going on around him, Why can't I remember?

"Hold it." Lulu said, "I need to test him before we go anywhere. I need to find out what your true intentions are."

"How are you supposed to figure that out?" The blonde human asked as he ran his fingers through his hair.

"Easily, with magic of course." Lulu said, "Meet me by the beach and I shall perform what is necessary."

"Magic?" He asked but the woman had already exited the hut. He stood and headed for the exit but was quickly halted by an arm in the way.

"I should probably tell you that Lulu is what we call a necromancer. She has the ability to raise the dead to do her bidding and produce extremely powerful magic with nothing more than a few words. She is a very powerful ally but also a dangerous enemy. Don't piss her off or you'll regret it, ya? She's got one hell of a temper." Wakka exited the hut and was soon followed by the young human.

He caught up with Wakka and started asking him questions, "So Lulu is a necromancer. What are you?"

Wakka smiled, "I'm an archer, or rather, a ranger. I fight mostly with a bow and arrow. I'm in tune with the voice of nature and understand her will. I suppose you want to know what Yuna is too, ya?" The blonde nodded, "She's a cleric. She specializes in healing wounds and providing us with increased abilities such as making our armor twice as strong. It requires a lot of discipline and a lot of praying to the Gods to become one of those, ya?"

The human's eyes suddenly stopped at Wakka's ears, "Your ears, they're…pointed!"

Wakka let out a loud laugh, "Of course they are! What kind of elf would I be if they weren't?"

"Elf?" The blonde asked as he tilted his head a little.

The archer let out another chuckle, "I keep forgetting you don't know anything, ya? The entire world of Spira is populated with tons of races, everything from the cloud giants on Mt. Gagazet, to elves to even humans. I am a part of the Elven race. One of our most obvious features is our pointed ears which make us easy to identify from other races such as humans. But it isn't just that, we also have far greater speed, strength, and magical powers. Yuna and Lulu are also elves."

The blonde immediately shot his hand up to his ears and felt the smooth, point-less surface of his ear double-checking to make sure he wasn't an elf, for all he knew he could have been.

They found themselves at the beach where Lulu stood patiently awaiting them and Yuna was sitting on a rock playing with something that looked similar to a seashell, "Stand here."

"What exactly is this suppose to do?"

"I'm going to cast a spell to reveal the color of you aura. It'll affect everyone in the area."

"And how will I know if it works?"

Lulu sighed becoming increasing annoyed at the never ending series of stupid questions that were presented before her, "If you aura turns silver your intentions and heart are of good faith, however, if it reveals a black aura you heart is full of darkness and corruption and you must be exterminated immediately." The blonde's heart skipped a beat at those last two words: Exterminated immediately…

Lulu took a step forward, "Don't move." She flicked her wrist and a ball of light appeared around her hand, "God of Eternal Light hear my calling!" The light in her hand grew twice as bright. She slowing moved her arm across the air in front of her leaving a trail of light in the places in which her hand had been, "Assist me in my journey into the heart and souls of all that surround me." She spun around in a circle leaving a trail of light as she went, "Reveal to me what your hearts truly contains!"

The circle of light that encased Lulu moved towards the sky where it spun uncontrollably before shooting down to the area around them.

The young male was breathless from what he had just seen, How did she do that? He looked at Lulu who was glowing the silvery color she said those true of heart would. He wasn't sure if he was just seeing things but he could have sworn that Yuna's aura was brighter than Wakka and Lulu's but quickly diminished the thought when he saw the looks he was getting from the three of them.

The blonde looked down at his hands and found that they were not glowing the silvery color he was hoping for. They weren't even surrounded by the black darkness that had been described for him. Instead was a golden aura that surrounded his entire being, "What does that mean, Lu?"

"I'm not sure. I've never seen anything like this before. It's completely unheard of…"

"Then I say we still take him with us. Maybe we can find some answers within the ashes of Kilika. Until then I don't think it's fair to just kill him for no reason, ya?" Wakka said.

Lulu looked to Yuna, "What do you think?"

"I think he should come with us!" Yuna said tilting her head and showing a smile.

Lulu hesitated before adding, "Alright. But if he so much as makes a wrong move I'm not holding Kimahri back."

"Kimahri? Is that like you pet dog or something?"

There was a small pause before Wakka and Yuna burst out laughing. Even Lulu couldn't help but silently giggle, "I dare you to ask him that once you meet him!"

Suddenly the young human felt the ground rumble beneath him and he almost tripped, catching himself before he feel, "What was that!"

"It seems Kimahri's timing is impeccable."

The blonde turned around to be faced with a being almost twice his height towering over him glowing a striking silver. In his hand was a long staff with a razor-sharp axe on the very top. The creature let out a growl from deep within his throat. The blonde jumped back and scrambled to flee away from him. In doing so, he narrowly escaped the blade as it sank into the ground a mere foot away from him where he had previously been standing.

"What was that for!" The blonde screamed while breathing heavily. The air around them sent a chill down Tidus' back as the wind blew. As if the breeze had blown away the shining lights surrounding them, their auras disappeared into the atmosphere.

"There's no need to kill him Kimahri, ya?" Wakka said, "He's my new bud, right brudda?"

The blonde just nodded, to afraid to even speak his thoughts.

"This is Kimahri. He's a cloud giant from Mt. Gagazet. Kimahri, our friend here has lost all his memories and we're hoping he can regain them by visiting Kilika tomorrow."

Kimahri's eyes squinted at the human and grunted to show his confirmation. He leaped back into the trees where he had appeared from, "So it's final! We all leave for Kilika in the morning, ya?"

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