The Legend of a Paladin- Chapter 2: Hidden Skills

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NOTE: Before you read you should know about the gris-gris bags. I consider them the most random thing Squaresoft has ever created. Therefore, my friends and I make fun of them constantly. I couldn't help but sneak in the mention of the gris-gris bag in this story. (How the hell is a gris-gris bag going to help prevent curse? Honestly...)


"Is everything ready, Wakka?" Lulu asked as she packed the last fragment of rope in her gris-gris bag.

"Almost, I just have to pack the last bit of supplies and we're out of here, ya?" Wakka said as he shoved a piece of dried, salted meat into his gris-gris bag and slung it over his shoulder. He strung his bow and grabbed his quiver full of arrows.

"Are you sure it's wise to take that human with us? I know his aura wasn't black, but it wasn't silver either. For all we know he could have been a minion of Sin." Lulu inquired.

"Come on, Lu. Have some faith, ya? If he was a minion of Sin then why would he have all his memories drained?" Wakka said as he was about to exit the hut.

"I'm not sure but this whole thing just seems so suspicious…" Lulu exited the hut in deep thought.

"Besides, once we get to Kilika we'll all be going our own separate ways, ya?" Wakka found the human pacing back and forth and Yuna petting a squirrel, "Are you both ready to go?"

"Uh-huh," the blonde said, "Off to Kilika we go!"

"Good, 'cause fiends are everywhere out there and we need to be ready to face them."

"Fiends? You mean like monsters!" The human shrieked.

"What's the matter, brudda? You never seen a fiend before?" Wakka sighed, "Wait right here." He ran back inside his hut and came out with an object placed beneath a large piece of cloth.

"I thought I'd never bring this out after that day…" Wakka said as he pulled back the cloth to reveal a long, blue sword that swirled around inside of it's self as if there was a hurricane bursting to come out.

The young blonde slowly approached Wakka without taking his eyes off of the sword presented before him. Wakka gave a sad smile and tossed it at him, "Take good care of it, ya?"

"It's for me?"

"Of course it is, brudda! I don't need it anyway. All I've gotta have is my good ol' bow, ya?"

Lulu looked to the ground as the human swung around his new sword, hacking and slashing the air, obviously having no clue what he was doing, "What are you doing?"

"Practicing. It's not like I've ever used a sword before."

"Are you serious? How could you have never used a sword before! Even the kids in the village have used them at least once, ya?" Wakka sighed, "Well, I guess there's nothing we can do about it now. Just keep practicing and you'll get the hang of it, brudda."

The group picked up their stuff and headed out the rusted metal gates that surrounded the city. They continued down the dirt path that lay before them and slowly became farther and father away for the quiet echoes of the sea.

The young human stopped suddenly and looked at the bush beside him. Wakka noticed and stopped walking, "What's the matter, brudda?"

"It's nothing, I just thought I heard something in the bushes." The blonde turned his glance back to the dirt road in front of him, gazing back once to confirm that he was just seeing things. He caught up to Wakka and the others as they continued their journey to Kilika.

The human couldn't help but continue looking at the bush behind him as it slowly faded into the distance. He heard a sudden scream come from ahead of him and quickly turned back around. A wolfish fiend with long, jagged fangs had appeared out of the bushes and was crouched down, about to pounce on Yuna, who had fallen to the ground.

"Yuna!" Lulu said as she took a step towards her, "Dancing inferno glowing bright, Bring forth to me your blazing might!" The second the words escaped from Lulu's mouth a burst of flames shot from her hands. The fiend shrieked in pain and fell over onto its side dead.

The human stood wide-eyed at the event he had just witnessed. Wakka was right! She completely destroyed that fiend with nothing more than a few words! Memo to self: Never piss Lulu off…

Lulu walked quickly over to Yuna and helped her to stand, "Are you alright?"

Yuna nodded, "Thank you, Lulu." She dusted off her outfit and recovered her staff from the ground. It was the first time the blonde had really noticed her staff. It was made entirely of what seemed like a shiny silver. A single silver cord wrapped itself around the staff leading to a mass of rose quartz that lay atop the structure. The object must have cost a fortune, the human thought to himself.

But before he could say anything there was another rustle from the bushes and without even having a chance to take in another breath, an entire swarm of fiends started to pour out. They came in mass quantities but the thing that made the human's jaw drop was the massive fiend that appeared behind the small army, "What the hell is that thing!"

The boss-like fiend was almost three times the height of the human, covered in huge grayish scales and had a claw on each side of it's massive body that looked as if it could crush a skull with nothing more than a tiny pinch.

Lulu squinted her eyes at the fiend and repeated her previous spell. The flame burst once again from her hands and made contact with the fiend. To her surprise, when the flame hit the fiend it did nothing more than vanish against the scales. The massive fiend roared and swung one of its enormous claws at Lulu. It was successful and managed to hit her in the stomach. She went flying backwards and stopped just short of a tree.

Wakka jumped atop a tree and shot an arrow directly at the fiend but it deflected off of the hard scales and almost hit Kimahri. "Damn it!" he shouted.

Fiends continued to pour out of the bushes as Kimahri tried his hardest to kill them off. The human on the other hand, had been merely hacking and slashing at the air afraid something might try to attack him. Eventually the fiends were smart enough to realize that Kimahri was successfully killing off big portions of the fiends. They then decided to all attack him at once and he immediately found that things were becoming increasingly harder.

Wakka continued to pull out arrows from his quiver and shot them out as fast as he could, "Hey brudda!" he screamed to the human, "You've got to kill off the boss fiend!"

"What? I can barely hold up this sword let alone kill anything with it!" The human complained.

"You'll have to figure it out! Lulu's magic wont work on it, not that she's even conscious right now, my arrows just deflect off of it and Kimahri's swamped! I'll cover you as best as I can from up here," he shot off another arrow at a fiend that was becoming increasingly close to the unconscious Lulu, "Hurry!"

Yuna had appeared behind the human with her staff at hand, "I can help you, too."

The blonde nodded and led the way down the road towards where the boss fiend was bashing his claw against a nearby tree. Wakka diminished fiends with his bow and arrows if they got tooclose to Tidus and Yuna.

When they were only a few yards away from the huge fiend Yuna grabbed a hold of the blonde's wrist, "Wait. Stand there for a second." She took a step back and held her staff in both hands, "Oh Quartz of rose and pinkend hue, I ask for strength and protection true." Sparks of pink light materialized around Yuna's staff. They swirled around each other before soaring over to the human and surrounding him with their rose light. The blonde stared down at his body in amazement. Yuna gave him a smile, "That should help."

"Thanks," he said before jumping forward. That's weird; my sword feels light as a feather now…

"Hey! You, Mr. Ugly!" The blonde shouted as he took his fighter stance with his sword balancing in his right hand. The fiend turned its entire body towards the human and stared down at him with his small, black eyes. "Ya, that's right! I'm talking to you. Give me you're best shot!"

The fiend growled and swung his massive claw at the human. The blonde managed to dodge the giant claw with a jump in the air. Time seemed to stop as his legs flew backwards over his head in midair. He landed on his feet, almost losing his balance. How the hell did I do that!

The blonde was in such shock at his landing that he failed to realize the second wave of attack coming at him from the additional claw. It hit his side and sent him flying into a tree.

The blonde looked at the fiend as he lay against the tree. His vision was becoming blurry, focusing in and out on the fiend. He lifted his hand up to his head and felt the bump where his head had hit the tree. He looked down at his fingertips to find them wet with his own blood. Despite his wounds, he pushed himself upwards to a standing position and grabbed his sword that had fallen at his side. "Is that the best you've got!" the blonde shouted before charging towards the fiend.

The fiend roared once again and swung his claw at the blonde. The human expected the attack and leapt to the side. The fiend followed through with his other claw but the human was smart enough to know it was coming and quickly did a back flip over the claw landing with perfect balance on his feet. He knew that this would be the best time to charge so he quickly lunged forward and did a somersault towards the creature. Without so much as a moment of hesitation, he drove the sword into the belly of the fiend and watched as it squealed in pain.

A blue ooze seeped out from the wound as the fiend swung his claws around frantically, knocking down several trees in the process. Before long the fiend collapsed to the ground in pain and moments later it was dead. The second the fiend's remains turned into pyerflies the wolfish fiends stopped flowing from the depths of the bushes.

"Good going, brudda!" Wakka cheered from the tree. He was firing arrows as fast as he could to kill off the remaining fiends. By now Lulu had remained consciousness and was firing off spells as fast as she could say them.

The human stood with his hands and arms covered in the nasty blue ooze that had spewed from the gigantic fiend. His vision had become so blurry to the point where he could barely make out anything but the outlines of the dying fiends. He felt his legs give out beneath him as he fell onto the dirt path.

Kimahri was finally gaining some ground on the massive pack of fiends that surrounded him and would soon be fully rid of them. He spun his staff above his head before he gave a large swoop, instantly killing three fiends.

Yuna had finally made her way over to the blonde and dropped to her knees. The elf held her staff in her hands. She said a spell that the human was too groggy to hear and he felt an instant sense of relaxation. The throbbing in his head had stopped which was definitely a good thing and soon enough his vision went back to normal just in time to see Wakka, Lulu, and Kimahri finish off the last of the wolfish fiends.

Wakka jumped down from the tree and headed towards the blonde sitting on the ground, "You alright, brudda?"

The human nodded, "Yeah. What were all those fiends doing out here! And what was with that huge one?"

"I can't say that I know, ya? But I saw you with that sword! You were amazing, ya?"

"A little too amazing," Lulu said with a glare as she approached them, "I thought you said you had never used a sword before? I've never seen anyone wield a sword as naturally as you, especially not someone who claims to have never used a sword."

The blonde felt an overwhelming sense of confusing, "It was mostly Yuna. She cast a spell on me right before I went to go fight the massive fiend."

Everyone's glance turned towards Yuna, "I cast a strength and protection spell on him. That's the reason you only got a bump on your head when the claw hit you. But the spell took up all the energy to fend off that one blow; it disappeared after you got back up. So all the swordsmanship was entirely you."

The human sat completely puzzled, But how?

"I guess it doesn't matter how he did it, only that he has some really awesome sword skills, ya? And besides, the fiend's dead so we have nothing to worry about now. We might as well keep going to Kilika, ya?"

Everyone agreed and they gathered up their supplies to head to Kilika.

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