"All I need is you."
-- by Mike and The Mechanics

Naruto's hands slid across her skin and down to her hips, resting in the soft grove there. Hanabi's flesh was shapely, a beautiful thing to hold. His fingers clenched around the fabric seperating them, bunching it in clusters, and pulled her body to his.

The scent of her hair was full in his mind, her face hidden somewhere in the warm softness of his shoulder. Their steps were feeble imitations of dancing; being too absorbed in the feel of another's warmth to care much more. Her arms felt comfortable holding his back, the muscles beneath his shirt an enchanting thing.

The scars on his face were thick and strong, and she thought they looked like something alive; so fierce and red. How could they not bleed..? She stared at his lips as they moved; the air he breathed was hot and heavy, nearly a thing she could touch.

Like a heavy heartbeat, the drums throbbed around them, hundreds of feet making the sound seem uneven and throaty. Voices swayed, melodies half-lost in the aftermath rumble of loudspeakers and summer love.

Her skin sweated with something foreign. His nails scratched the surface there as they burried their way underneath the fabric. The warmth was soothing and intoxicating. She nestled her cheek under his jaw, preoccupied with the act of breathing.

t i t l e - s u m m a r y

tranquil and free from disturbance or care

I'm sick of my author's notes, so I'll make this short. This story will have atleast, if not over, one hundred chapters, because the challenge has that many prompts. But I'm doing them without order. Because that's the way I think.

You will find little notes beneath the chapter summary connecting the chapters if any are connected. Think of it as a "Find Your Own Adventure" book.