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One Heart, One Soul.

Chapter 1 - The Goblin Queen...

The Goblin Queen moved through the Castle, gliding from room to room, her mismatched eyes appraising as she tossed comments to her aide over her shoulder. He scribbled notes furiously, nodding approvingly at her orders.

Since Jareth had brought her to the Castle, Sarah had been able to do exactly as she wished with the decor, and she had already made some changes. She had begun in the fourth week after that hasty marriage, which, when they were arguing, Sarah always insisted she had been forced into. She smiled mischievously; Jareth only ever had one answer, and it usually took up the rest of the day, in their chambers.

Was that extraordinary wedding, and the intensely passionate and painful weeks that preceded it only three years ago, she wondered. It seemed like forever. But then forever was not long at all, she thought wryly, as Jareth's voice echoed in her mind.

He had been amused at how quickly his subjects had come to respect her, and how easily she had taken to giving orders. But, he had said, burying his laughter in her hair, Sarah had always been - demanding. She had been unable to deny the truth of this, although that was no reason why she shouldn't have pummeled him, Sarah thought reminiscently.

Realizing how far she had wondered in her thoughts from her task, she turned to her aide, saying, ''That will be all for now. See that you put my orders in motion, and inform me when you are ready to begin. I will supervise the arrangements. Thank you; you may go.'' He bowed and left, but Sarah stayed for a moment, idly looking around the passageway in which she stood.

They could do with some re-vamping as well, she thought, and summoned a crystal. She rolled it over her hand a moment as she planned mentally what she wanted. Nodding finally, she let the crystal drop, and it rolled down the stone flagging. She had commanded it to go through every level in the Castle, so it would be busy for a long time.

Sarah had been surprised at how huge it actually was, and even more impressed with its beauty. The Castle she remembered had merely been what she had assumed it should look like, and nothing could have been farther from the truth. When she saw it properly, she had been ashamed that she had thought that Jareth, who loved all things beautiful, would have been happy in the ugly and untidy place she had imagined.

The Castle was beautiful, with huge, spacious rooms that were filled with the Sun's light at all times during the day. Chandeliers lit them by night, and Sarah had gasped at the diamonds and emeralds that hung from them, reflecting the candles' light. Jareth had had them made especially for her, and the emeralds that were scattered throughout the Castle had been cut in her honour. Her favourite colour.

Crystals, mirrors and candles were themed all through the building too, creating a perfect contrast to the rich velvets and silks of the furniture and carpets. Sarah had been awed at such wealth, and also at her new husband's impeccable taste. She had added things, rearranged rooms etc., but had not taken away a single item. She had merely put her touch next to Jareth's, so that the Castle looked lived in, loved, as well as beautiful and luxurious.

At the moment, she was preparing guest rooms, that were located on the third floor of the Castle. Both she and Jareth wanted to make a good impression, so he had told her to use anything she wanted. The result was spectacular, and even he had been impressed when he inspected them. She had just given the orders for the last one, and was looking forward to relaxing in the library for the hour before dinner.

The past few weeks had been unbelievably hectic, as the whole Underground was abuzz with the expectation of the up-coming Grand Ball, and Sarah was frankly sick of it all. She had worked herself to death over it, supervising guest chambers, preparing the Ballroom, giving orders concerning servants, choosing menus - there was no end to it! she thought wearily, sitting down on one of the library's couches.

She looked round the room, smiling softly as she felt the peace of it sink into her. This was her third favourite room in the Castle, coming after their chambers and the ballroom. It was so quiet and still, full of old memories, whispers of a forgotten past. This was manifested in the books, some of them so ancient that even Jareth could not remember them or their origin.

Sarah felt them reaching out to her, and sensed strongly the invisible presence of all those Kings and Queens that had sat in this room, turning over pages. Perhaps they had valued this room as she did.

Jareth loved the room too, and they often sat in it together, long into the night, quietly reading, discussing literature, the Kingdom, themselves...it seemed to Sarah that they talked of everything and nothing. She turned her head to the chair where Jareth normally lounged.

His haunting beauty and irresistible masculinity hovered before her mind's eye; he sat, as he had last night, one leg over the arm of the chair, head propped on one slender hand, eyes fixed on the page before him. Her heart contracted with a feeling, almost a pain. She loved him more wildly than ever, and she had a sneaky suspicion it was only going to get worse over time.

Did he feel as intensely about her as she did about him? she wondered briefly, as she had countless times over the past three years. Did he ever feel that pain stab at his heart at the thought of losing her?