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Here's the cast:

Cinderella: Hermione Granger

The Prince: Harry Potter

The Queen: Lily Potter

The King: James Potter

Duke Lionel: Sirius Black

Stepmother: Professor Umbridge

Stepsister: Pavarti Patil

Stepsister: Lavender Brown

Fairy godmother: Mrs Weasley

AN: italics indicates singing

The fairy god mother is hovering high above a village and begins to sing

"Impossible... for a plain yellow pumpkin to become a golden carriage.
Impossible... for a plain country bumpkin and a prince to join in marriage."
A slipper, made of glass, is just a shoe. And dreamers, never make their dream come true.

Far below in the village we see Hermione's stepmother walking along the sidewalk followed

closely behind by her daughters Pavarti and Lavender. All three dressed in the most fashionable

dresses of the day and a little further behind is Hermione dresses in a ratty dress and apron.

struggling to carry many packages. They stop at a cart with hats on it Lavender puts a particularly

ugly one on " What do you think mother?" she asks. "It's certainly not the sort of thing you see

every day." Her mother replies laughing. Pavarti takes the hat

"I saw it first!" She shouts "How do you think it looks on me, Mother?" she asks putting it on her

head. "Awful!" says Lavender "I didn't ask you!" says Pavarti angrily "How can a mother choose between two such extraordinary daughters" Says their mother then proceeds into a store. "Hermione, Hermione!" Shouts Pavarti to Hermione who had stopped to watch a puppet show about a prince and his bride. "Yes?" she replies " "Does this hat look better on me?". Pavarti asks.

Lavender snatches the hat back and puts it on. "Or me?" she says.

"Well I don't know much about hats" Hermione replies meekly "but, I don't think it flatters either one of you"."What did you ask her for?" asks Pavarti "She doesn't know anything about hats, she said so herself." She snatches the hat again. "Give it to me!" she growls "It mine shouts Lavender and the two struggle each other for the hat. "Mother!" they yell in unison, then follow their mother into the store.

Hermione returns her attention to the puppet show:

"Nothing will equal the joy of holding you in my arms again! Be my bride, lady Gwendaline, and I will pledge my love, for all eternity..."

Says the prince puppet. Hermione sighs and begins to sing softly to herself.

The sweetest sounds, I'll ever hear
are still inside my head
The kindest words I'll ever know

are waiting to be said
The most entrancing sight of all
is yet for me to see...
and the dearest love in all the world
is waiting somewhere for me
is waiting somewhere... somewhere for me.

Hermione's stepmother and stepsisters come out of the store. Lavender is wearing the hat from the argument and Pavarti is wearing a different one. "Hermione!" the stepmother shouts.

Then hands her more bags in addition to the packages she's already carrying .

"Have you ever seen a more lazy girl in your life?" Lavender asks Pavarti "Who are you calling lazy?" asks Pavarti defensively. "Not you stupid" Lavender replies "Hermione" "Oh!" Replies Pavarti happily "Who you calling stupid?" she asks ferociously.

On the other side of the market Prince Harry (no not the real Prince Harry, silly!) is out of the palace in disguise for an afternoon of peace. Coincidentally he is singing the same song as Hermione.

The sweetest sounds I'll ever hear
are still inside my head The kindest words I'll ever know
are waiting to be said
The most entrancing sight of all
is yet for me to see...
and the dearest love in all the world
is waiting somewhere for me
is waiting somewhere... somewhere for me.

Hermione and her stepmother and stepsisters have arrived at the other side of the market. Hermione is walking along and a coach sweeps through her path. She jumps back and drops all her packages. Harry sees this and rushes to help her "Are you alright miss?" he asks. "Yes I'm fine, I think" she replies.

"Isn't that just like those royals?" he asks "Not caring if their in anybodies way" "Im sure they were going somewhere very important" she tells him. "I doubt it" he says she looks up from were she is kneeling on the ground to pick up the dropped packages.

Then their eyes meet and they stare for a moment. "Thanks for your help" Hermione says. She gets up and starts to walk away. "Wait!" he calls "What's your name?" "Hermione" she replies with her back still to him. "I beg your pardon?" he asks, then she turns around "Hermione" she says again

"Hermione?" he repeats then thinks for a moment " I like it" he says . " It grows on you, I guess".

She says "Now if you'll excuse me" she says and walks away again , but he follows

"Tell me Hermione, what would a man have to do to find himself in your good graces?"

he asks walking backwards to face her. "Who wants to know?" she asks slyly. "Lets just say a charming stranger" he replies then because he walking backwards and can't see where he's going he runs into a cart. "Im not so sure I want to meet this stranger" she says " He probably has no idea how a girl needs to be treated" "Like a princess I suppose". He replies "No," she counters "Like a person, with kindness and respect". "Your not like other girls are you?" he muses "What do you mean?" she asks "Nothing, I didn't mean to offend you" he replies quickly

"It's alright, it's just that I've led a pretty sheltered life" she confesses "So have I" he admits "really?" she asks "Everyday the same old routine..." he says "...Until you just want to run away..." she adds "...and never come back!" they finish in unison, then laugh. Suddenly Hermione's stepmother appears from behind "I though I told you not to talk to strangers!" she scolds

"Im sorry stepmother" she says "I hope to see you again Hermione" says Harry then he turns and walks away. "

"Well, hurry up with those packages!" shouts the stepmother "What are you doing?" she then turns and starts walking away Hermione starts to sing again

The most entrancing sight of all, is yet for me to see...

And the dearest love in all the world
is waiting somewhere for me.
Is waiting somewhere...

The stepmother comes back "Hermione!".

Somewhere for me...

Harry gets into the royal carriage Hermione sees this and hurries away


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