For a couple of minutes each, Harry dances with the girls waiting on the staircase. When he decides he has had enough, he signals to Sirius then brings another girl over.

"So many beautiful girls! He'll find the one he's looking for tonight. I'm sure of it!" says Lily.

"And if he doesn't?" asks James

"Then the ball will never end!" replies Lily

"I don't think we've ordered enough food" he tells her. Outside Hermione gets out of the carriage.

"Alright now you're on your own" says the fairy godmother.

"Aren't you coming with me?" asked Hermione

"I got you to the ball. The rest comes from you. Don't be afraid. Just remember you have got to be out of there before the clock strikes twelve." replies the godmother as she disappears.

As Hermione enters the vastly lit ballroom, she notices that there are many other girls competing for the attention of the prince. She descends the grand staircase to find that Harry has stopped dancing with the girl he was just with and that he was walking very fast in her direction. Her heart skips a couple beats when he hold his hand out for her.

"How do you do your highness" she says cautiously. She takes his hand and he twirls her around the dance floor. At the head of the ballroom the King and Queen observe the two dancing.

"Who is that charming girl?" asks James

"I haven't a clue." replies Lily " Though she is stunning isn't she?" she asks

"Like a vision" James agrees "Why if I were a younger man..."

"Yes dear" says Lily raising a eyebrow at her husband "Well then I would be younger, wouldn't I"

"Yes dear" she chuckles as they begin to dance.

"You know I have the funniest feeling that I've met you somewhere before." Harry says to Hermione as they waltz.

"No, I'm sure I would remember" says Hermione hoping he wouldn't recognise her from the market.

"Was it last summer at the lake?" he asks.

"No, I can't swim" she replies.

"Then it must have been last winter, at the lodge." He says

"Up in the mountains?" she asks "You go tothe mountains too?" He asks

"No I just love to look at them, their very beautiful" she replies

"You're very beautiful" he tells her

"Everyone is staring at us" she says

"Really?" asks Harry "I had forgotten anyone else was here."


Ten minutes Ago when I saw you
I looked up when you came through the door
My head started reeling you gave me the feeling
the room had no ceiling or floor

Ten minutes I met you
And we murmured our how-do-you do's

I wanted to ring out the bells, and fling out my arms and

I wanted to sing out the news:

I have found her,

She's an angel with the dust of the stars in her eyes.
We are dancing, we are flying,
and she's taking me back to the skies.

In the arms of my love, I'm flying,
over mountain and meadow and glen.
And I like it so well that for all I can tell,
I may never come down again.


Ten Minutes Ago I saw you
and we murmured our how-do-you do's
I wanted to ring out the bells
and fling out my arms and sing out the news:

I have found her!

I have found him!


In the arms of my love I'm flying
over mountain and meadow and glen
and I like it so well that for all I can tell
I may never come down again

I may never come down again

When the song is finished Harry starts dancing with is mother and Hermione starts dancing with James

"I do hope that son of mine is behaving himself" he tells her

"Oh yes, your majesty" she replies "He's a perfect gentlemen"

"Clearly he's smitten with you. I must say, it is though you've appeared here by magic." He says fondly.

"What's he saying to her?" Harry asks his mother while trying to inconspicuously turn around.

"Never mind Harry. It does not need to be known to you. Although I thought you said you weren't going to dance with the girl of your dreams tonight?"

Hermione and James stop dancing and Lily takes Hermione aside.

"Do we know your mother and father dear?" she asks

"No, I don't think so" Hermione answers nervously

"Well then you must introduce us." she says "Where are they?"

"Well my father he..." She begins.

"Yes dear?" Lily asks

"Well my mother she...I'm sorry will you excuse me" she says then runs out of the ballroom.

"What did you say to her?" Harry demands of his mother as he goes after her

"I think she's a lovely girl, don't you ?" James asks Lily

"A little high strung " she adds

"A little" he agrees.

Outside the ball the fairy godmother appears to Hermione

"It's not midnight yet." she tells her matter-of-factly.

"I want to go now" Hermione says

"So your just giving up?" the godmother asks.

"I'm not what they think I am". Hermione says

"All they think you are is the most beautiful girl at the ball" says the godmother

"And you are". The godmother disappears just as Harry runs out.

"Your still here." Harry says while trying to catch his breath.

"Yes" says Hermione "I was just.." she turns and sees the Godmother is gone.

"Look, I don't know what my parents said to you" he interrupts. "But, I want to apologise."

"No! No, they were wonderful. Compared to my family" she says.

"I want to meet your family" he says

"No, you really don't" she tells him

"and everyone else in your life" he continues.

"No! You really don't" says Hermione

"That bad huh?" he asks

"Well, they didn't want me to come here tonight." she says "But I'm glad you did." he says.

"To tell you the truth I almost didn't come myself" he confesses

"How could the Prince not show up at his own ball?" she asks

"Well, don't you think it's a little medieval?" he asks.

"Everyone circling around like I was some prize bull they were trying to rope in." Hermione laughs.

"Go ahead and laugh." he says "But, this is serious. If I'm going to spend the rest of my life with someone, she's got to be... "

"Well she's got to be exciting" Hermione offers The prince laughs

"I guess" he agrees
"But sweet..." she continues

"Not that sweet" counters Harry

"And your devoted servant forever and ever." she finishes.

"Servants I've got," he says "What I need is someone I can really talk to. You know what I wish? I wish..."

"You know the trouble with most people?" she interjects "It's that they sit at home wishing for something to happen, instead of just doing something about it."
"You're right" he agrees "May I ask you a question?" he asks.

"Of course" she replies

"Do you think it's possible to meet someone and know in an instant that she's the one?" he asks

"It's very possible" she answers "I feel so strange." he says "Like I'm not myself. But maybe with you I really am myself... not the self that people expect me to be but the real self that I..." he laughs "I'm not making any sense am I?" he asks "Actually you're making perfect sense" she admits "That's what's so scary".

"Scary... and confusing... and wonderful, all at the same time!" he says.


Do I love you because you're beautiful?
Or are you beautiful
because I love you?

Am I making believe I see in you
A girl too lovely to

be really true?

Do I want you because you're wonderful?
Or are you wonderful
because I want you?

Are you the sweet invention of a lover's dream,
Or are you really as beautiful as you seem?

"Maybe you're imagining me. And maybe I'm imagining you, too." Says Hermione


Am I making believe I see in you
a man to perfect to
be really true?

Do I want you because you're wonderful,
or are you wonderful
because I want you?


Are you the sweet invention of a lover's dream,
or are you really as wonderful as you seem?

"I've always dreamed it would happen like this way... and now it really has! I don't ever want this night to end." says Harry. "Neither do I" says Hermione.


Are you the sweet invention of a lover's dream,
or are you really as wonderful as you seem?

They kiss, as they pull away Hermione can here the clock strike midnight

"I can't stay!" she says frantically as she starts running. She runs through the ballroom, up the stairs, and outside.

"What do you mean" Harry asks running after her

"I have to go" she says

"Wait! Come back!" he shouts "I don't even know your name!"

"Don't let her get away Harry!" says James as Harry runs past.

Hermione runs down the palace steps and loses a glass slipper. Her ball gown changes back into rags as she runs into the street. Harry walks down the steps and picks the slipper up.

Do I want you because you're wonderful?


Or are you wonderful
because I want you?


Are you the sweet invention of a lover's dream,
Or are you really as wonderful as you seem?

A little while latter back at Hermione's house the stepmother and stepsisters are returning from the ball. They enter the house and give their coats to Hermione while reminiscing about their night.

"Oh! What a night! What a magnificent affair!" says the stepmother.

"Perfect!" adds Lavender

"Like a dream!" says Pavarti.

"Oh, did any of you get to dance with the prince?" asks Hermione

"I danced about an hour with him" says Pavarti

"An hour?" questions Lavender

"Didn't you?" asks Pavarti

"Of course I did...If you did" says Lavender

"I wouldn't be surprised if he asked one of you to be his bride". Says the stepmother.

"Oh that sounds too good to be true. Did you know everyone at the ball?" asks Hermione hoping none of them had recognised her.

"Everyone who's anyone." the stepmother bragged.

"Except some Princess something or other... I never did quite catch her name."

"Ooh a Princess?" asked Hermione

"Did she dance with the Prince?"

"I didn't notice" says the stepmother

"Do you think he liked her?" asked Hermione. Lavender laughs then snorts; Pavarti slaps her on the back.

"And what, pray tell have you been doing all night Hermione?" asks the stepmother. I've been dreaming, mostly. About what it would be like to go to the Ball." Hermione lied.

"She couldn't possibly think what it was like unless she was there." Reassures Pavarti "You simply can't imagine!" agrees Lavender

"Well I imagine there's a Grand Staircase. With candles everywhere. And an orchestra playing." remembers Hermione.

It looks that way!

The way you say!

She talks as if she knows.


I do not know that this is so
I only just suppose...
I suppose that when you come to the ballroom
and the room itself is floating in the air
If you're suddenly confronted by his highness
you are frozen like a statue on the stair
You're afraid he'll hear the way your heart is beating
and you know you mustn't make the first offence
You are seriously thinking of retreating
when you seem to hear him asking you to dance...

"And when you waltz with him, you whirl around so that your feet never touch the floor..."says Hermione dreaming about how it felt dancing with Harry .

"That's right they don't!" Agrees Pavarti

"And it makes you feel like you weigh nothing at all." Hermione adds

"That's right it does!" says Lavender.

"And for a few precious moments, you're the only two people in the entire world." says Hermione.

A Lovely night, a lovely night
A finer night you know you'll never see

You meet your Prince, a charming Prince
As charming as a Prince will ever be.

The stars in a hazy heaven
tremble above you
While he is whispering:
"Darling I Love you"
You say good-bye, away you fly
but on your lips you keep a kiss
All your life you'll dream of this

Lovely, lovely night.

Lavender (sings with shrill voice):
A Lovely night,

How lovely!

Lavender: A lovely night

How lovely!

A finer night you know you'll never see

How lovely.

You meet...

your Prince,

a char-...

...Ming Prince.

As charming as a Prince will ever be.
The stars in a hazy heaven

tremble above you

While he is whispering:

"Darling I Love you"

You say good-bye, away you fly

but on your lips you keep a kiss

All your life you'll dream of this

Hermione: Lovely,



Stepsisters and Hermione:
Lovely night!

"Stop this!" shouts the stepmother ending the song

"Worst nonsense I've ever seen rubbish and dribble!"

"But mother..." begins Pavarti

"And you two, hanging on her every word..." scolds the stepmother.

"But mother..." begins Lavender

"Enough, now go up to your rooms, it's late" The stepmother looks at Hermione. "And the thought of you dancing with the Prince, why It's preposterous!" "Why?" asks Hermione "Why is it so hard for you to imagine?"

"Because! You're common Hermione. " the Stepmother says coldly "Your mother was common, and so are you. Oh, you can wash your face and put on a clean dress but underneath you'll still be common. That a Prince would even consider take you for his bride..." the stepmother forces a laugh "Why it's laughable!"

"My father..." says Hermione

"Your father was weak. He spoiled you rotten. He filled your head with silly thoughts and dreams that will never come true. Never. Now clean this place up. It's a sty." says the stepmother

Hermione sadly walks into the kitchen, then goes outside and prays

"Father" she says "I know I promised I would never leave here, but after tonight I don't see how I can stay If you only knew how she's changed you'd understand. I deserve better, father. I deserve to be loved. And that's what I found out tonight. And that's all that really matters...

My dream came true,
away I flew,

But on my lips he left a kiss,
all my life I'll dream of this,
Lovely, lovely night...

Suddenly the fairy godmother appears

"Hermione, if you really love him, why don't you let him know?" she asks

"How can I?" Hermione asked "Look at me!" she pointed to her rags

"Do you really think he fell in love with you for your pretty dress and fancy hair-do?" asked the fairy godmother

"I don't know anymore" replies Hermione "If you hadn't helped me..."

"You didn't need my help" says the godmother. "You just thought you did, believe in yourself Hermione, and trust him to love you as you really are"

The next morning back at the palace Harry is staring at the glass slipper, as the King and Queen enter.

"Harry" says Lily in a worried tone "You've been up all night, come in and have something to eat."

"I can't." He replies "I can't eat or rest until I have found her again."

"Harry they've been searching everywhere and not a trace of her. You may never find her." says James

"Don't say that. I'll find her. I have to" says Harry.

"Before last night, you didn't know a thing about her. And you still don't know anything about her now." points out James

"Except that she's beautiful." added Lily "And all the girls last night were equally as beautiful."

"I don't want to hear about anyone else, Mother. She's different than all the others. She's different than any girl I've ever met." says Harry "How can you know after one night? Asks Lily


Are you making believe you see in her
a girl to lovely to
be really true?

Do you love you because she's wonderful?
Or is she wonderful
because you love her?

Is she the sweet invention of a lover's dream,
Or is she really as wonderful as she seems?

"All my life I've been searching for something. And I finally found it... in her." realizes Harry
"Well then you must find her." says James "Keep looking, Harry for as long as it takes". Just then Sirius enters

"Your Highness, I afraid I don't have very good news to report. No one seems to know who she is or where she's from." he says

"Sirius she's out there somewhere. And I'm going to search every inch of this Kingdom until I find her" says Harry.

He gives the slipper to Sirius

"We're going to try this shoe on every woman's foot in the Kingdom until we find her. I'm going to marry her," he affirms "Do you understand?"

"Do as he says Sirius" orders Lily "Yes, Your majesty" says Sirius.