Life on Mute


In the cold of Konoha's night a scream of unadulterated fear ripped the air.

An apartment building's east wing was caught up in fierce fire threatening its neighboring complexes. In a small apartment on the end of the row the form of a blonde child could be seen in the heart of the inferno. Writhing in pain the blonde child, who could not be more than five, screamed for help. Of those watching the blaze all but the most stoic could not help the small grin twitching at the corners of their mouths.

On the other end of Konoha a man looked up at the sound of a scream to spot smoke above the city. Curiosity got the better of the tall figure and he made his way towards the blaze. The screams seemed to hit a crescendo before cutting off leaving naught but the roar of the fire as he neared the scene. Thinking the crisis averted the man was shocked to see the look of pleasure and fulfillment upon the visage of the many spectators. Blind rage filled him as he dove headfirst into the inferno from whence the screams had issued.

The sight that welcomed him was enough to make the most battle hardened ANBU weep in shame of humanities cruelty. Tied to the table was the devastated form of what had once been a young child. Now, not but the charred remains of the once optimistic child stood proof to his existence. The soles of the child's shoes had melted, running off in rivulets. The previously florescent orange pants were now burnt a brown and charcoal grey. His shirt which had proudly born the Konoha symbol lay in bloody ruins hanging from the shoulders of the child. His goggles had cracked from the heat. What lay before him was the result of humanities ultimate truth; all have the potential for evil.

Hope fluttered across his features as he saw the small form take a staggering breathe. In the blink of a Hyuga's eye the dark man had the child freed and running out of the collapsing building. Fleeing the cheering mob, he burned the image of their faces into his mind.

The Sandaime sat at his desk in tears. Why did I ever take this job back? He thought. I hate paper work. Why am I in charge of every little thing, the Daimyo's wife crushed her cat to death again and wants us to travel to Rock country to buy her a new one. That's the third this year, and it's only June! I should have forced Jiraiya to take the position by threatening to tell Tsunade about those pictures he has. Yes, yes that's it. I'll trick Jiraiya here by telling him there is a new spa opening in Konoha. Then when he gets here I'll force him… BAMM.

All devious thoughts were scattered to the wind as Morino Ibiki barged into his office with a bloody and charred bundle in his arms and a burn mark on his head.

'What happened?' Saratobe asked while running up to the special jounin.

'He was attacked, bound, and left to die Saratobe-sama.' Ibiki said with as much hate, fear for the child, and disgust at the village's actions.

'Quickly set him on the table then head to the bank. Shizune-san is in town paying off one of Tsunade' many debts. I'll stabilize him till she arrives. Go!' Saratobe said as his hands glowed green while hovering over Naruto's still form.

Ibiki was out the window and flying over rooftops at speeds defying thought, desperation giving aid to his mission.

Saratobe was frantically heeling the major burns to the best of his ability. Tears flowed freely as a winter storm at the wreckage that lay before him. Burns covered 70 of his body, making him barely recognizable. Charred skin rippled as a red glow slowly spread over Naruto's body, striking fear into Saratobe's heart. The Kyubi. Despite his fear of a weakening seal he continued his work.

Several minutes later Shizune showed up and quickly got to work.

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