Amelia Coombes.

Rating: G

Summary: Max is found wanting

A/N: First try at Dark Angel poetry I hope you like it.

I watch silently.

Hating the closeness.

I can only dream of having.

In which you drown.

I could only dream of.

Being close to a real family.

I want to belong.

I wish to belong.

To be something.

More the an addition

To the once.

Powerful and mighty group.

To have something real.

To be something in their eyes.

Other then their human connection.

The unknown factor.

I want to be someone.

Not a label.

Someone wanted and needed.

Someone loved.

I want to laugh with you.

And cry with you.

I want to hold you in the dark

And I want to be held.

I just want to be with you.

But all I can do.

Is look in at the world that you have .

And envy you.