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Hotaru Tomoe : 16 years old,student at Mugen High in the last year.She's very shy but knows when to act brave.She's not very tall,slim and very beautifull.The only thing that stopps boys to date her is her all-said boyfriend but its not her boyfriend.Haruka takes care of her daughter like a parent and sometimes is well,to possesive.Hotaru's haire grew longer till her waist(I maked a picture with her with this long haire and she looks so good!) and she weares it free on her shouldeurs or tied into a low ponytail.She is also known as Sailor Senshi of Death and Rebirth,Sailor Saturn.

Haruka Tenoeh: 18 years old,learns in the same class with Hotaru because Hotaru is very smart and could get in that class because of that.She's tall,acts like a boy and charms all the girls,of course when Michiru is not around.She's a very good driver and loves Hotaru very much(that's lol cause she first wanted to kill her!).She's also blonde,wearing a short haire and she weares boy clothes.She is also known as Sailor Senshi of Skye and Wind,Sailor Uranus.

Sesshoumaru: he is a very old youkai.In youkai years he has about 23 years old but in human years he has over 900(he looks pretty good at that age,isn't he?).He is tall,with long silver hair ,a blue moon symbol on his forehead and golden beautifull eyes.On his cheeks we see two red ripes that are also found on his clawd hands.He weares a white with red kimono,with a heavy armour and two swords on his waist.A healing sword Tensseiga and a deadly one Toikjin that only he was able to use it.He is cold,fearfull,cruel and very handsome.Deadly combination,isn't it?He keeps a small girl with him,called Rin that seems two make him kinder.And the green stupid toad Jaken.Sesshoumaru is the Lord of the Western Lands in the Feudal Era.

Kira: Kira seems to have around 19 years old but he is immortal as Sesshoumaru and the other two girls.He is known as Seven Blades and he used to guard the Organic Angel Alexiel.he has black haire,long till his shouldeurs with a few locks on his face,brown eyes and charming features.He is also tall and looks great in dark clothes.His weapon: a samurai sword wich he uses with succes.He is a misterious guy,lonely but a good friend.

Episode 1 : The problem

'Today we'll study The theory of Cold Fusion...'

'Hai...'the bored class answered to the teacher.

On the second desk at the window was Hotaru,looking at the blackboard with attention.The entire class was whispering about her age but she didn't care.Not anymore.

On the 4-th desk on the other side of the class was Haruka,looking very bored.Michiru left for some kind of a painting exposition in Russia and she had only a mission:protect Hotaru.She knew how fragile she was and that soon she will suffer from what we will suffer in the end: love.She couldn't stop that but it could prevent it.Just untill she grews bigger.

Then two alarms ranged madlly.Hotaru looked in the same time at her bracelet.Problems.Hotaru looked at Haruka and Haruka looked back at her.They both nodded.And they stood.

'What's wrong Tomoe-san,Tenoeh-san?'

'Can we may be excused?'Haruka asked.

'Only if you solve the problem...'the teacher smirked and showed the huge problem on the blackboard.'Cuantic Phisic...'

Haruka looked at Hotaru.The smaller girl runed to the blackboard.

'That will be...'he said and then stopped seeing that Hotaru allready finished the problem.'...hard to do even for a old teacher...That's...fine...you...solved it...'

'Can we go now?'

'Yes...go...'he said still surprised.

Haruka grabbed Hotaru's hand and runed,pulling her after her.The entire class looked at them in shock.

'I told you that they are together!'

'I didn't believed it at first!'

'I swear I saw when they did it!'


That was what the entire class whispered after the two girls left the class.

'What's wrong?'Haruka asked to her bracelet.

'They are 2.We are in the mall taking care of one.The other one is in the Central Park.'

'We'll go!'Haruka cried and tooked out her wand.

Hotaru followed her and tooked it off two.In a dark corner they changed and runed in the Park.

'He must be close,Taru...take care!'

'Hai!'she barely said and the youkai appeared from her back.She turned,feelling the black energy and spinned her Glaive.'SILENCE WALL!'.

'WORLD SHAKING!' Uranus attacked and almost hit the monster.

'Uranus!'Hotaru worned when the youkai jumped away from her shield and went over Uranus,pushing her to the ground.

'Damn it!'Uranus said and passed her Space Sword thru the demon's flesh.But no use.

Saturn looked in panic.She didn't had a normal attack.What to do?Then,an ideea came to her.She runed to the youkai and passed her Glaive's blade into his back yelling as loud as she could:


The youkai's body got passed by a thousand of electric shocks and died.Uranus pushed him away and saw the tierd and concerned Saturn.

'We have a problem.'

'Yes.'Saturn said.


'Did I ever had a normal attack?'

'Yes you had.'Haruka said parking the car in front of the house.Hotaru runed to the door,to open.

'Then why I can't just use it?'

'You will,my little kitten,you need patience...'Haruka said smilling and ravished her haire with a quick move.Hotaru laughed and followed her into the house.

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