Sorry!!!!But I'm very busy with my...well...romantic life to say it like that...I've been thru pretty bad moments...And I'm busy too with college and my own book which I'm writting.Sorry again...This is short but I hope soon I'll be able to focus and find miself again...See ya...

Chapter 16: Captive

by Kaiya Sara

Hotaru woke up with a terrible headache.Her eyes tried to adjuste to the room's light as fast they could but it took some time.She rised in her bottom and looked around.It was a nice room,a little dark decorated but she liked it.

'Where…am I?'she asked herself rubbing her head.

Stepping down from the large bed she took a few steps towards the window.Passing a hand thru her long hair she realized that she must have been asleep for a few days.Her hair was a mess and she probably looked like crap.Her violet eyes looked down on the window.She recognized the garden and panic took over.She turned fast and tuned towards the door.Her trembling hand fought to open the door and when she finally succed,she runed out,stepping in the hallway.Her heart began to beat faster when she felt a demonic presence.And she knew exactly who it was.Her steps were fast,as she tried to run from the demonic presence.The last thing she wanted was to meet Sesshoumaru.She reached the stairs and runed down,in a hurry,almost falling.But she stoped on the last stair.Her eyes met his.Violet met amber once again.And from the look in his eyes,he was pissed off.She moved backwards and earned a growl from the youkai.His eyes turned crimson a second,then returned to their amber colour.

'You'll stay here.'he growled.

'No.'she denied immediately.

He growled again and grabed her arm,pulling her into him.

'Do not disobey me….'he purred into her ear.

'Screw you!'she shouted and pushed him away,almost ripping her arm.

Sesshoumaru looked at her,his eyes turning more and more red.Why did she continued to disobey him?

'Don't make me …hurt you….'he growled.

Hotaru laughed,glaring him.

'Try it.'she said,moving closer to him.

Clunching his fists,Sesshoumaru launched at her,surprising her.She never thought he will actually attack her.She took a step backwards but when his arm circled her waist she frozed.He did not hurt her…yet….A little shaking,she turned to look at him.His eyes where again amber.

'You'll stay in your room….Only I will get in it,understood?'he purred into her ear,licking her ear tenderly.

Hotaru began to shake,not knowing how to react.

'St…stop..'she said,trying to move away but he hold her tight against him.

'If you could….let that human hold you… can let me too…'he said almost growling in frustration.

Hotaru turned her head away and felt him take her in his arms,bridely.

'What are you doing?Let me go now!'she yelled surprised.

'I'll make sure you won't go anywhere…'he said and with that he took her directly back into the room she left.He placed her on the bed,and turned to leave.Hotaru's eyes blinked in red,in anger.The room start to shake like hell and Sesshoumaru stoped.He didn't turned.

'If you want me to be violent with with this.You will not leave,I don't care who you are!'

Hotaru woke up to her senses and stoped.She watched him leaving the room,in silence.Bitting her lip she remained in the bed,looking towards the door.This will not stay like this.He will not control her…..She smiled.She will control him….let him see her true nature…