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All in one Night

"Aaaaah, nothing like a good soak after a hard day of bad guy butt kicking," said Beast Boy and his let himself relax in the bathtub. The warm water was giving him a peaceful and content feeling. "Maybe I should have baths more often," he thought as he washed the shampoo out of his hair.

"Oh well, my movie is about to start soon, I better wrap it up," he muse out loud, as he arose from the water. Tonight they where replaying a series old slapstick comedies, which were Beast Boy's favourites. "Dude tonight is going to be hilarious!" He chuckle, as he step on to the bathmat. Then he change into a dog, shook the water off of him then return to his human form. He was about to reach to the cupboard with the towels were being kept when he heard the whooshing of the door opening. Next he sees Raven walking in the room, her hood of her cloak down, and a towel in her hands. She then all of a sudden spots Beast Boy standing there, slightly wet and wearing nothing but his birthday suit. They stare at each other, an awkward silence overtakes the room as they try and get over their shock of seeing each other.

"Uuuh… Beast Boy… you really should remember to lock the door after you." Raven monotones turning slightly so she won't see anything that might cause her problems. A faint blush of redness over coming her face.

"Uh yeah… sorry, I wanted to hit the bath before Robin and Cyborg so I guess it kinda slipped my mind," Beast Boy said thick embarrassment. He brings his arm up, sheepishly scratching the back of his head, a red blush also crossing his face but clashing with his green skin. "GAAAH!" He screams in his mind, "How could I forget to lock the door?" Raven a heavy blush stuck on her was still not able to face Beast Boy. As the opening for the short at Beast Boy and a welcome distraction with the embarrassing situation, she took it.

"Locking the door kinda has the highest priority when you are taking a bath Beast Boy," she said, with her usual sarcasm lacing her words. Though her mind thinking "This is embarrassing beyond words".

"Yeah… I guess, so what brings you here Rae?"Beast Boy crosses his arms, trying to look at ease while thinking, "Play it cool BB, pretend it doesn't bother you that you are naked." Raven now feeling very awkward was starting to have an uncomfortable urge to look fully at the green shape shifter.

"Well, it's something called hygiene Beast Boy," she drawls emotionlessly. But in her mind, "Don't stare, don't stare, don't stare" she repeated likeher meditationchant. The urge was getting stronger, she told herself to take a trip into her mirror to see what was causing this disturbance.

"Oh yeah… heh pretty stupid question huh?" He grin sheepishly, still trying to ignore the weird feelings that seem to be involve with the reason that he was still naked, Raven was in the same room with him, and yet he doesn't really mind. While he thinks on this Raven tries to fight the growing urges that are revolving around the less then clothed changeling.

"Well, now that that's over with, may I please get a…!"

"Don't stare, don't stare, don't sta…! DEAR SWEET MOTHER OF!"

A fight which she seems to have lost, her eyes taking the smallest flickering glance at the green Titan. Now she has a full blown ogle at the boy.

"Umm, Rae? Hello? BB to Rae, BB to Rae? Are you okay?" ask Beast Boy, a hand waving at her, the other hand on his hip. Completely oblivious to the fact that the season Raven ceased functioning is because she now staring at him shamelessly. The blush was, if possible, darkening on her face, with a dreamy vacant expression over taking her shock and wide eyed one. Her towel dropped from shock, are hanging limply at her side, her other hand clasping her broach to her cloak in thought. She took in grass green skin, his dark forest eyes, and his wiry formed muscles. She loses herself as drank in this sight.

"He always looks so skinny with his uniform but now…." She thinks as she continues to take him in.

"He…he's… gorgeous." Her mind whisper as she gazes intently upon him.

To be continue.

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