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All in One Night: Chapter 3

Luckily for Beast Boy, Raven has had years of training for the mind and soul, and was able to bounce back from the embarrassing predicament. She had just mange to get muscle control over her legs and stop her weight from falling to the floor. They stay like that for a while. Maybe those years of training her mind weren't as effective as she hope for.

"Dude, seriously, you are heavy, please get up." Said Beast Boy, slightly muffed, mainly because Ravens hair was getting into his mouth. This manages to kick Raven back into action. With a heave she righted her self up and tries to compose her self.

"Oh, uhh, sorry about that." She says as she tries to tone down a blush forming on her cheeks. Beast Boy just smiles, understanding crossing his face and nods to her.

"Ah, it's alright Rae." He replies. Truth be told he really didn't mind holding on to Raven, he just wish there had been better circumstances for him to do it. He like the feel of her in his arms for some reason, it was just… nice. But soon with his short attention span he never found out why.

"Dude, I got some of your hair in my mouth." Says Beast Boy trying to spit out a few strands to rid him self from a would be hair ball, being slightly gross out. (Hey it's never nice to find hair in your food, why would you want it straight in your mouth.) Raven rolled her eyes at him, yet thankful he was not being awkward with this whole mess. And also that he had manage to find something to cover him self with.

'Well, at least he's somewhat decent no...' then it clicks that there is something wrong with this picture. "HEY! IS THAT MY TOWEL!" She exclaims point to the towel wrapped around Beast Boy waist.

"Yeah… so?" Says Beast Boy putting his hand on his hips, not fully understanding why she was making a big deal out of this. He thought Raven would want him to be covered up by now. By now Beast boy should know that Raven is a very private person and likes all her belongings to be untouch by other people hands. Unfortunately that fact has not been drilled into his head yet. Also this in turn will lead us to even more embarrassment for the teen Heroes.

"GIVE ME THAT!" With out warning she practically rips the towel from his waist, shocking beast boy with the suddenness of the action. She then shot him with a glare, in the hopes that he would learn a lesson from taking her items. Though through this she remembers why the towel was there in the first place.

"………………" A long awkward pause erupted between the two, the silence roaring in their ears.

'I just did something extremely stupid, and yet…yet I don't regret doing it...why?' Ponder Raven as she stood still as a statue, she blush returning in full force, with a annoyed expression crossing over it. Beast Boy, once again was completely oblivious to what was Raven going through in side her mind.

"Geez, aren't you a tad bit possessive here Raven? It is just a stupid towel. I could have cleaned it for ya." Beast Boy grumbles loudly, arching an eyebrow in annoyance with setting a hand on his hip gesture to go with it.

"Uunnngh..." Was the only response she could bring herself to summon for him at that moment. She really didn't want to deal with this at the moment, nor did she know how to deal with it. All Raven wanted was to have a long hot relaxing bath, retreat back to her room, curl up with a good book and then go to a peaceful sleep. Was that so much to ask? Apparently it was for Raven. "Look Garfield, I'm tired and just want to have my turn in the bath. I'm sorry I came in when you were still in here, but really you should lock the door in future so another event like this one will not happen in future. Do you think we can put this mess behind us and never speak of this again? Please?" she asks, close to begging, although of course she would never admit it.

Despite Titan belief, Raven did not often use Beast Boy's real name. Cyborg was the only one who enjoyed the torment that came from that, but that stop after Beast Boy discovered his name was Victor and now calling Vicky. Raven on the other hand would only use Beast Boy's name if, one she was well and truly furious with him. This, surprisingly, was happening less and less now days. Or two, make him understand she wanted to be serious with him (which if you thought about it the two things weren't that different from each other, just that one had the potential to end the life of the animal shifter).

Beast Boy turned his eyes to peer into Raven's face. He saw the embarrassment of the blush, the weariness in her drooping shoulders and head, the way she try to retreat into the recesses of her cloak. But he witnesses something different in her eyes, a flicker of an unfamiliar emotion that he had never seen in her before. His nose caught strange scents that he had never sample before, and he knew deep in his heart, he was feeling something different in himself and he wondered if Raven herself was feeling the same thing.

"Yeah Rae sure, it's no problem" he assure her with and offer a friendly smile, he too did not want this to be any more awkward then it had to be. Raven visibly relax and return a tiny but thankful smile to Beast Boy. Suddenly a wicked thought entered Beast Boys brain, and usually when this happens it usually means bad things are about to happen around him (or to him it sometimes ends). "Although Rae" he drawl out with a mischievous smirk, "this doesn't seem very fair to me."

A perplexed Raven just stares at him, not trusting herself to reply to his words. A bold (But foolish) Beast Boy continues on thoughtlessly.

"I think there's a saying that fits this" Beast Boy states, "I think it goes "an eyeful for an eyeful". Raven arch an eyebrow to show her ever growing confusion. "Well you manage to have an eyeful, and think it's we should make it equal and let me have my eyeful." It then clicks in Ravens head just what his was trying to say.

'There's no way in the nine levels of hell that he's implying what I think he is implying! She thinks, her eyes widening in shock, with more blushing to contributing to her cheeks. 'Sure he can be crude but even he not serious enough to suggest this!' Though a small part deeply buried down in her soul, is spark into life by this idea. Raven feels this and savagely crushes this thought down before it get any further.

"Beast Boy you better not…" Raven growled warningly. Beast Boy took no notice what so ever. As usual for him.

"Aww but Rae," he give her a cheeky grin, "I thought you be flatter that I take an interest in your body, I've got nothing to complain about it." He finishes up it up with a saucy wink towards Raven. 'Oh dude I can't wait to see the look on Ravens face, it's going to be priceless.'

Next thing Beast Boy knew he was upside down, his back was aching and his head was in need of some strong pain killers. Raven was standing in the doorway, looks of pure rage and embarrassment mixing across her face.

"Next time you want to ask me for an "eyeful" maybe you will put some thought into asking me in the way that I would be inclined to do so!" she spat out, chucking a towel at the greens boy's head. With that she about turn, stalk back into the bathroom and with a whoosh the door seal itself to the outside.

Beast Boy calmly and slowly, raise himself to his feet, arch his back backwards, popping his spine into place, wrap and towel back round his waist and started to trek back towards his room. 'Okay Rae if you say so, next time then it is. I will hold you to that. I promise.' Laughing to himself and imaging the next encounter as he made his way back to his room, he failed to notice the tinkling of breaking glass from exploding light bulbs, or the flickering of dark purple light coming from the bathroom Raven was currently residing in. Strangely enough neither did Raven, but if they did… well that is another story to tell for another night.

The End.

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