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Through the Eyes of a Child

Chapter One: A Face of the Past

The tight pain in Kantarou's chest was even worse than usual. Whatever demon was responsible for this disturbance was possessed by an extremely evil aradama. Even as Haruka and he approached the shrine, Kantarou was already panting and sweating profusely. Haruka was worried. He laid a hand on the pale man's shoulder to halt him for a moment.

"Is it that potent?" Kantarou nodded weakly. This was not going to be an easy job.

The shrine was empty, being abandoned by those who attended it. One such individual had come to the Ichiomiya household seeking Kantarou's services. The shrine was haunted. At first it had been an ominous yet dormant presence, but soon after a person disappeared. The body was not found, but there had been enormous amounts of blood on the shrine courtyard.

Kantarou was alarmed by how serious the situation had already become and agreed to help. Now as the exorcist and his tengu companion entered the shrine the young man was finding it difficult to stand. He couldn't even pinpoint a location. The evil seemed to be interspersed throughout the very air. Looking around, there was nothing visually out of the ordinary. Even the bloodstains had been scrubbed away.

Haruka was abruptly aware of strong concentrated presence behind them. He whipped around swiftly and summoned his staff. Kantarou shuddered and clumsily turned to face their opponent. He was only able to glance at the identity of the oni before being falling to his knees in agony. The demon was humanoid, appearing as a full grown man with a dark appearance and distorted features. That demon was sealed away years ago. It couldn't be… However, Kantarou felt as if he was receiving the wound all over again and that was enough to confirm his assumption. This was the demon who had given him the scar on his chest. All he could think of was getting out of there as quickly as possible.

Haruka had already placed himself in between the demon and his master. He had never seen Kantarou so handicapped before. The young man's knuckles were white where he grasped his hakama, and his wide eyes were fixed on the ground.

"Get…out… can't face him… not now…" Kantarou's voice was raspy and every word was laced with pain. Haruka was more curious as to what was causing his master to want to withdraw. He knew that the human usually trusted in his ability to protect them both.

"Long time no see, Kantarou-chan." Haruka stared at the oni in shock. How did this filth know Kantarou? "I see my parting gift has remained with you all this while." Haruka looked back questioningly at Kantarou just to see him pull his hand away from his chest. His eyes widened. His master's shaky hand was wet with blood.

"Who are you?" Haruka was seriously alarmed. His couldn't get his head around the situation and it was scaring him. What the hell is going on? "Who the hell are you?" Haruka's fist gripped tightly as the demon smirked and bent forward slightly.

"Haruka, we… have to…ah!" Suddenly the demon was gone and when Haruka turned Kantarou was holding the prayer beads up in defense. Without thinking Haruka swung his staff and the demon vanished a second time. He had not even seen him move. He had come between Haruka and Kantarou in the blink of an eye. He now perched upon a stone pillar looking down.

"The infamous oni-eating tengu I presume. So you found your little friend after all Kan-chan. I'm not surprised. However how did you get him to stick around? If I remember correctly you always had trouble holding on to your friends." Kantarou breathing hitched and the demon smirked. Turning to Haruka he gave a mock bow. "It is a pleasure to meet you, I'm sure. However, you are in my way and you will soon find that you are no match for me." Another moment and he was upon Haruka, who would not have had time to block if had not already had his weapon upheld. They fell into an intense mêlée, and the demon, with his quick attacks, soon ripped at Haruka's shoulder.

Kantarou squeezed his eyes shut and shout out a warning, "Haruka, no! Heistoofastgetoutofthere!" He words strung together in effort to get them all out at once. Coherent thought was quickly leaving Kantarou as the pain continued to throb from his chest. Haruka didn't know how this demon fought, and the evil one's rapidity was going to put the tengu at a terrible disadvantage if they did not get out of there quick. Haruka spread his wings and leapt into the air to narrowly avoid another wound. His opponent remained earth bound seemingly unable to follow. Instead he muttered a few dark words met the tengu's glaring eyes. Immediately Haruka's body seized up and he fell to his knees paralyzed. The demon stood for a moment before turning and walking slowly towards Kantarou. Realizing his intent, Haruka struggled fiercely to move but nothing would respond.

"Kantarou, MOVE!" The exorcist reopened his eyes to see a pair of feet in front of him. A long clawed hand hooked under the pale chin and forcefully lifted Kantarou trembling head. The demon was on his haunches beside him, leering at him.

"It's been too long. You thought you had seen the last of me? Well I am finally able to finish what I started so long ago. Good-bye Kan-chan!"

The screams echoed in Haruka's head as darkness encircled him.

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