Title: Remember

Resume: The team is on the case of a little boy, why and how did he disappear even if he's father was next to him?

Author note: New story! I hope you will like it! I'm gonna do what I can to make this story longer than ther others. So good reading! °(.)°


Chapter 1:

It was snowing on New York City, this big city that never sleep. A tall man with dark haired and brown eyes was walking in the street, holding the hand of a little boy who was certainly his son. The little boy was about 6 years old and looked like his father, with big cheeks. The little boy was looking at the persons who were walking around him. This world that he didn't understand, those big shadows who were walking everywhere. Then they entered in a covered market, the market was full of persons. They could hear some children crying, persons speaking, even shouting. The father walked towards a fruit seller, still holding his son's hand. Then he stopped in front of the stand and started to talk with the seller and asked him some fruit.

-I'd like a kilo of apple please, the man asked to the seller.

During this time the little boy was still looking at the persons who were around him. Listening to what they were saying even if he didn't understand everything. It was "adults' things" like his father told him. THen he looked at the womans who were talking next to him and slowly disappear...

Covered market

2 hours missing

Jack arrived in front of the covered market, some policemen were walking in front of the entry, and curious people were looking at them and at the entry. Jac kgot out of his car, walked towards a policeman, flashed his badge and entered in the covered market. The rest of the team were already there, like if they Martin was interrogating a seller, Vivian was speaking with the father who was completely a completely freaked out and was shouting: "I'm a so bad father! How could he disappeared, I was just next to him!", and Samantha was asking some questions to witnesses. When Jack entered Danny went to meet him and give him a little briefing on the missing person.

-His name is Christopher Davies, 6, as you heard, he was just next to his father who was buying some fruits and speaking with the seller when he disappeard, Danny started. The father is a historian and the mother is a nurse in Mount Sinai Hospital.

Then Jack nodded and Martin, Vivian and Samantha come to see them. It was very cold so they were all wearing big coats and scarfs, their nose were red and Danny was caughing and wiping his nose. Chrismas was very close and the winter and his snow were already there.

-A witness told me that he saw a tall man with blond hair talking with the kid but he only saw he's back.

-So, Samantha and Vivian you're going to Christopher's school and talk with the teacher, Martin, I want you to go to the office look if there's any pedophiles near there and look the background of the parents, Danny, you come with me, we'll see the mother with the father.

They all nodded, Samantha, Martin and Vivian went towards their cars and Danny and Jack walked towards the father who was crying.

Christopher's school

Samantha and Vivian got out of the car and walked towards the entrance of the school. They could see the children running out the school with big smile and running towards their parents, and among them there was Chistopher. Then a soft voice behind took them out of their thought.

-Can I do something for you?

They turned to look who it was, it was a tall young woman with long dark hair and grey eyes, she got a stern look asking herself why they were there prowling around the school.

-I'm special agent Spade and this is special agent Johnson, we're with the FBI, Samantha said while flashing her badge.

Then a smile apppeared on her face, knowing that she can she trust them.

-And what can I do for the FBI?

-Huh... we'd like to speak with the headmistress of the school, Vivian said with a smile.

-It's me, I'm Eveline Winter. So, will you tell me what's going on?

-Christopher Davies disappeared and--

-What? He disappeared? The headmistress said, cutting Vivian. It was unbelievable for her, and they could see the fears in her eyes.

-Yeah, Samantha said with a little voice.

-Oh my God... Eveline Winter said in horror. How can I help you?

-We'd like to ask you a few questions.

The young woman nodded.

-Who is his teacher?

-It's me.

-How is he in class?

-He's a nice little boy, very gentle and so sweet...

-Did any adult have a strange behavior with Christopher? Vivian asked while taking notes on her notebook.

-No, I didn't notice anything.

-Okay, I think that's all, thank you very much.

-Call us if you remember something, Samantha said while tending a card with a smile.

Then the headmistress took the card and shook Samantha's and Vivian's hand.