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It was a cold, stormy night in Transylvania. In a small, quiet tavern tucked away in the village, people told dark stories. The vampires, who assumedly plagued the village, were feared by all, although no one actually saw them. Those who had usually didn't make it to tell the tale. Tonight was Friday the 13th, the night when the vampires came out to feed. Many stayed in there homes where they were safe, although they assured themselves that these monsters didn't actually exist. After all, how could someone actually believe in such nonsense?

Sophia, a woman of 17 years, was just coming back from a Masquerade she had attended. It was a fine party, but now that it was all over she was back on her carriage. The man who was to escort her, Mr. Peters, was a very kind, gentle old man. Once he had made sure Sophia was settled into the carriage the horse began to gallop away into the forest which led to the village. It was a very dark, quiet night, Sophia thought to herself. She wondered how the horse could even see where it was going in this fog. The forest was growing even denser as the horse began to pick up speed. To break the eerie silence surrounding her she began to make small talk with Mr. Peters.

"How long have you lived in Transylvania?" asked Sophia.

"Exactly 57 years." Mr. Peters smiled at the shocked look on Sophia's face.

"You do not look a day past 30!" Sophia exclaimed. Mr. Peters laughed at her kind but obvious lie.

Sophia heard a movement in the bushes beside her. She wrapped her cloak tighter around her shoulders as the night grew darker still and the air colder.

"How was the party?" asked Mr. Peters.

"Oh, it was wonderful! I've never been to a Masquerade before. I would love to attend one again very soon." All the sudden, the horse that was pulling the carriage shrieked in horror.

"What's wrong?" Sophia questioned as Mr. Peters pulled the reins tight to keep the horse from running away.

"I don't know" he answered, squinting in the darkness, hoping to discover the thing that caused the horses' cry. As the horse began to calm down a little Mr. Peters started to rub his back groaning.

"Now what's wrong?" asked Sophia, watching the old man struggle with his arthritis.

"Nothing, child. It's nothing. Just my back acting up again. Pulling these reins and riding carriages all day isn't good for it, you know? I'm planning to retire later on in the year."

"Then here, let me help." She jumped into the front seat of the carriage and snatched the reins out of the old man's hands. "I'll drive while you rest in the back."

"I could not do that, ma'am. This is my job and if they find out I had the passenger drive while I rested on the job -"

"They will not find out. Please, I want you to rest your back. Once we get to the village you can take over from there."

"Ah, you are truly an angel!" Mr. Peters climbed slowly into the back seat and laid down with a soft sigh. Sophia could not see a thing but luckily the horses' vision was better then hers for it was guiding the carriage through the forest all by itself. Sophia watched the trees go by and peered into their depths. Sophia sucked in a lot of air. For a split second she thought she saw two yellow eyes up ahead watching her as she drawn closer. She almost had the urge to pull the reins to stop the horse but shook her head in protest. No, she thought, it was just her imagination. She really wished the Masquerade wasn't held so far away from home. Forest was beautiful during the day but at night it was haunting and chilling. A loud crack and the abrupt stop of the horse almost made Sophia jump out of the carriage in alarm.

"What happened?" grunted Mr. Peters. Sophia groaned when she saw what happened.

"One of the back wheels broke in the mud" explained Sophia. "Let me go check it out. You stay lying down" she added when she saw the man begin to rise out of his seat.

"If you insist." Sophia climbed out of the carriage and walked near the back where the wheel had split. She was never going to be able to fix that, she thought to herself. Now what are they going to do? Sophia began desperately looking around for some kind of sign to help her. Your in a middle of a forest, she reminded herself. There's nothing in here that's going to repair a broken, wooden wheel.

"Is everything alright?" called Mr. Peters.

"No, the wheel split but don't worry. Someone coming back from the Masquerade will help us when they find that we are stuck." Of course, these were only words of comfort for Sophia knew almost everyone who attended the party lived in the city west from it, not the eastern town where they were headed. But when she turned away from Mr. Peters to examine the wheel again she heard a rustle in the bushes and a cloak swifting across the ground. A chill ran up her spine when she heard someone or something clamber onto the carriage. Sophia was so frightened she didn't even have enough courage to turn around to see who the predator was. Next thing she heard were the flapping of very large wings. A dragon? she thought wildly. But before Sophia could even decipher this, what happened next was something Sophia had only known in her nightmares. A scream, the scream of mortal terror. She turned around just in time to see a dark figure flying away in the night sky with Mr. Peters dangling below it.

"Mr. Peters!" Sophia screamed, waving her arms. "Mr. Peters!" She fell to her knees, sobbing silent tears for the loss of a man she barely knew. Whatever that thing that took Mr. Peters was likely coming back to take her away too. She knew she was going to end up dead either way, there was no denying that. And in the middle of all the mayhem, Sophia noticed for the first time that the horse had ran away with the carriage trailing behind it. She was all alone...

Minutes crept by and when Sophia started to think that maybe the creature wasn't coming back for her after all was when she heard a crack of a twig behind her. She turned her head slowly, dreading what she was going to see on the other side. A dark figure standing in the middle of the pebble road was staring back at her. Although Sophia couldn't make out the features upon it's face, she knew that it was a woman standing there by the way it was shaped. It started to gracefully walk towards her. Yes, Sophia thought, it was definitely a woman. But before she had even taken no less then three steps a voice hissed "Trista, don't go snatching the prey until the master has told you so."

"I'm not going to touch her, Gwen, only intimidate her for a while." Both women laughed. Laughter that sent chills to run up and down Sophia's spine.

"What do you want with me?" Sophia blurted out.

"Us? Dear child, don't you know what day it is?" asked Gwen mockingly. Sophia thought for a moment, wondering why she would ask such a question.

"November the 13th."

"The 13th! Friday the 13th!" yelled Trista. "Don't you know why we are here bothering you, on Friday the 13th in a barren forest? Or are you one of the ignorant fools who do not listen to the dark stories told in your precious, little town?"

"I..." But Sophia did not have to finish her sentence. The truth had already settled in her.

"What's going on here?" a third woman spat.

"Oh, here comes Alhandra ruining all the fun!" Gwen said in disappointment.

"Are you terrorizing another human?" Alhandra asked.

"Yes..." Trista said slowly, looking down.

"Excellent" replied Alhandra. "The master will be proud for your findings."

"We see you've already snatched the old man."
"Yes, but I must say, his blood tasted awful! I see you two have discovered a young girl however. Wonderful. The younger the better, I always say." Alhandra smirked, revealing her long fangs.

"Speaking of the master, where is he?" Gwen asked curiously.

"I'm here" came a quiet but powerful voice from the shadows. Sophia noticed right away that this was a man easily above six feet, with pale skin and jet black hair. He saw Sophia staring at him in astonishment and smiled.

"Many others have gave me the look you give me now. Yes, Sophia, I am a vampire and these" he pointed to the three now silent women "are my servants. They catch my food for me and I dine on their blood." Sophia gulped. She didn't know where this was going but she knew it wasn't going to end well. He came up to her and touched her cheek gently. Although what he had told her so far was pure evil she couldn't help but notice how handsome he was.

"What are you going to do to me?" Sophia asked rather pathetically. Dracula sighed.

"Flattering child, I am sorry but I haven't fed in so long." Sophia saw his eyes burned with hunger. "You'll understand. But for right now, you are to stand right where you are and not move." Sophia obeyed. The last thing she wanted to do was to get a vampire angry. Meanwhile, the three women snickered while he lowered his head to her neck.

Back inside the tavern, the villagers were just finishing up their drinks when they heard a young victim's cry. They looked out the window towards the forest and saw four figures rise from the treetops with a body dangling below them.

Well, I hope you enjoyed that! Should I make this a story? I have a few ideas on how to extend it several chapters more. Please let me know your thoughts!