The Replacement

Summary: Munch is injured, he can't work anymore. A replacement is brought in to take his place. No one in the unit can take her. Will she be able to help them catch Munch's attacker? How will everyone react when they find out it might be a cop?

Disclaimer: I don't own anything about Law and Order SVU. I just love the show.

Police cars filled the streets. Onlookers stood back watching. Olivia Benson, Elliot Stabler, Odafin Tutuola and John Munch walked up to a uniform police officer.

"What do we got?" Elliot asked.

"Hostage situation. The bastard's got a Girl Scout in there." the uniform said.

"Let me guess, we go anywhere near the building, he'll blow her brains out." Munch said in his usual sarcastic tone.

"Nah, he'll shoot whoever's approaching. He already fired two shots towards the crowd to make a point."

"He hit anybody?" Olivia asked.

"An old lady and a tree."

"How's the old lady?" Elliot asked.

"They took her to the hospital."

How's the tree?" Munch asked.

The others looked at him confused. "I'm sure it's fine John," Fin started. "Just a little hole."

"What's the plan?" Liv asked.

"We have to get in there. Is there anyway we can distract him?" Elliot asked the uniform.

"We can call him. It won't distract him for long though. Might just be long enough for you guys to get up there."

"I guess we'll have to take it." Elliot waved to the other officers around them to follow his lead. They pulled out their guns. The uniform dialed the perp's number on his cell phone. Everyone else moved in closer.

"It's Donald," the uniform said into the phone. "Please reconsider. No we can't do that." Elliot quietly opened a window in the back of the building. He slipped in first, Olivia followed. "No, no one's coming in. No I'm not lying to you! Why would I lie to you?" Munch climbed in, complaining about being too old as he did it. Fin followed. "Please just let the girl go! No, come out of the house. Through the front! NO! ELLIOT! GET YOUR MEN OUT OF THERE!" It was too late. Gun shots were heard

"JOHN!" Olivia screamed. "NO JOHN!" The perp came barreling out of the front the girl in his arms. He started shooting at everyone he could. When Donald looked back up he was gone.

Fin ran out from the back. Donald put his gun up but lowered it when he saw who it was. "Call an ambulance." Donald didn't move. "Now damn it! An officer's been shot!"