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Chapter 9

"He's unconscious." Cragen said, leaning down on Mark. Cragen was the one who came behind him and knocked him out. He looked up. Elliot had walked over to Olivia and hugged her close. "Olivia, did he tell you where Lisa was?"

"No," Olivia responded, her voice shaky. "No, he just kept saying how he should have my job. He didn't tell me."

"Would she be at his place?" Cameron asked.

"We should check. But perps usually aren't that stupid." Elliot said.

"Mark left his plans on his work computer!"

"That's proof enough for me." Fin said, the first one out the door. Cragen followed. Olivia lightly pushed Elliot off of her and ran after them, followed by Cameron and finally Elliot. The five cops ran as fast as they could out of the apartment. Outside the back up stood. Donald the uniform cop jogged up to them.

"What happened?" he asked.

"The perp's upstairs. Cuff 'em and take him down to the station house. Everybody else!" Cragen called. "Follow us!" And with that he got into his car and drove off followed by Fin and Elliot's car and the back up squad cars. Cragen in the lead drove as fast as he could, his siren's echoing loudly against all the other cars behind him. He made a turn. Swerving into another car in the process. He just barely missed it. But he didn't care.

Right now there was an eight year old little girl who needed his help.

Finally he reached Mark's apartment. The four SVU detectives and their captain ran in, searched every inch of the house.

They found nothing.

"Could she be at that house where he took her?" Olivia asked, as she searched his closet in his bedroom

"There are cops watching that place twenty-four seven he never would have gotten the chance. She has to be here. I'm not paying him enough to keep a place just to do his dirty work." Elliot was standing close by with his hands on his waist, Fin was flashing his flashlight over everything to try and find a cubby hole or something. Cameron was checking Mark's dresser.

"Cam, what the hell are you doing?" Fin asked standing behind her. She didn't look up she just continued to stare at the dresser.

"He has a built in dresser, Fin," she looked up at her partner. "Built in dressers go into the wall."

"Hey, I got something!" Olivia called. Elliot ran and stood beside her.

"What is it?" he asked.

"Fresh dry wall," she said pointing to the dead end of the closet. "Do you notice something?" She asked, flashing the edge with her flashlight. Understanding dawned on Elliot's face.

"It's not nailed down." He looked outside the closet towards Fin and Cameron. The dresser was built into the closet area. The new dry wall cut off the closet before it reached the dresser. Leaving a little bit of space.

Just enough for an eight year old girl perhaps.

Fin ran to help Olivia and Elliot take down the dry wall. Cameron pulled out all the drawers in the dressers. Cragen stood in the closet watching over his three detectives work.

When she finished Cameron peered inside through the openings in the dresser. What she saw scared her. Lisa. Beaten, sore, her clothes, dirty and ripped to shreds. Her face was stained from endless tears.

"Hi Lisa, I'm Cameron." She said. The girl looked hopeful, yet fearful at the same time.

"Please, please help me!" she said. Cameron took her eyes off the girl long enough to see Cragen motioning to her that Fin, Elliot and Olivia managed to pry the dry wall from the wall. Not an easy task. Apparently, Mark never planned on abusing her when he cut the dry wall. It fit snuggly in the space between the walls. It took the three detectives a while to break through without hurting the child. Finally they succeeded. Cameron turned back to Lisa.

"It's ok Lisa, it's ok, my friends are going to help you ok?" Lisa began to cry again, this time, it was tears of joy seeping from her eyes. Olivia ran in and grabbed the girl in a huge bear hug. The girl started to sob.

"It's ok. It's ok sweetheart I got you," she said as she patted the back of Lisa's head to comfort her. Lisa's cries soaked Olivia's shirt, not that she cared. The girl was safe. That was all that mattered.

That night the SVU unit decided they needed a drink after what happened. Everything was just so crazy! Mostly, they felt stupid for spending time with the kidnaper the entire time and not even realizing it. After all that work they had done, it turned out to be fake leads.

Three hours later Elliot and Olivia were the only ones left at the table. Laughing at a story of one of Elliot's earliest cases.

"So the guy's drunk, right. And he sees the girl, and he really likes her. So he starts to get a hard on! And he's so drunk he doesn't even realize he's jacking off on a park bench! He's sitting next to this old lady and you know what her response to this whole thing was?" Olivia shakes her head. Elliot gets very serious for a moment as he says "Oh my," in the way your grandmother would. The two burst into a fit of laughter. Olivia falls out of her chair she's laughing so hard, which just makes them laugh harder.

"Hey, sorry guys, but the bar's closing!" the bartender tells them. He receives angry yells from the two detectives as they stagger out of the bar.

Elliot and Olivia decide to call a cab, since as police officers they know they are in no condition to drive. So when they catch one, Elliot tells the cabbie Olivia's address. The ride is just as loud as the bar was. The cabbie thinks to himself that he should get a new job. He's tired of seeing all these drunks.

Elliot and Olivia got out when they reached her apartment. The cabbie drove off quickly. Apparently he thought they lived together. Elliot and Olivia were confused as they watched the cab drive further away.

"Well, maybe you should stay here tonight. I mean you don't want to go home to an empty house right?" Olivia offered.

"Yeah, sure why not?" So that settled it. Elliot and Olivia walked inside her apartment building. Walking up to her apartment proved difficult however. They kept tripping over each other. Finally they reached Liv's floor.

"Ok," Olivia said as she searched through her key chain. It took her a while but finally found the right key. As she put the key in the lock she tripped over her own feet and fell right into Elliot. They started laughing hysterically again. Olivia's head fell onto Elliot's shoulder. After a moment of standing like this, however, they stopped laughing and just stared at each other. It could have been all the alcohol, or it could have been the sexual tension they always felt for having to work on sex crimes. It could have been the fact that they were both single and needed to feel loved. It didn't matter, at that moment, Elliot thrust his lips onto Olivia. Olivia wrapped her arms around Elliot's neck as she deepened the kiss. She jumped up and wrapped her legs around his waist.

Elliot knocked the door open, as Olivia ripped his shirt off.

The End

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