qiuck summary: after finally declaring they like each other sonic and amy decide to go on vacation along with the whole gang. however little do they realise that there is a new mencae around... a menace far more powerful than sonic or anyone else.. what happens when the gang get embroiled in his dastradly plans? sonamyshad,knuxrouge and tialscream.

Chapter 1 How it all happened


There he was standing in front of he cave at first everything had just seem blurred. But as he had focused his green shimmering emerald eyes he finally pictured the great cave of muktoom. The cave itself was immensely dark paved with dangerous spiky rocks which descended from the rigid ceiling of the cave. Sonic walked into the cave slowly followed by his red friend knuckles and then tails and so forth. As everyone finally got into the great cave tails took out two chaos emeralds and put them together. A surge of great light emerged from the glistening diamonds. Rouge's eyes widened. Her mind filled with feelings of taking the emeralds for herself.

"Right guys it looks like we go forward" said sonic hesitantly. As everyone followed the blue blur who was holding both the chaos emerald cream started to cower behind tails. She stared to shiver because of the darkness embedded around the gang. Shadow held on to Amy's hand so that the pink hedgehog didn't get lost. Meanwhile knuckles and rouge were the last in the line making sure that nothing was following them.

As the gang paced there way forward deep into cave it was only yesterday that they had started there long deserving vacation. After finally declaring that they actually liked each other sonic and Amy decided to go on a vacation. But instead of only two of them going both knuckles, rouge, tails and cream as well as shadow decided to come along too! Of course sonic wasn't too pleased but after reaching mystic paradise island he found that it was not so bad.

It all started of when knuckles sonic and shadow were downstairs in the hotel lobby….

"Wow we're finally on vacation! Who would have thought that you would come knuckles I always did sense you as the lazy one!" laughed sonic towards his red quilled friend.

"Hah very funny sonic it just so happens that I only came because rouge told me too," replied knuckles smiling.

"Awe did poor little knuxypoo not want to stay all at home!" mocked shadow in a girly voice. Knuckles just ignored the black hedgehog just saying how he had a girlfriend while shadow didn't. Shadow just ignored the idea.

"Who needs them anyway" muttered shadow under his breath.

As the three of them got their keys to their rooms, shadow went to fetch the rest of the gang who had gone on a tour around the hotel. As everyone reached floor number four everyone decided who was staying where.

"Okay guys me and tails in one room, amy and rouge and cream in one room and shadow and knuckles in another." Sonic said abrasively.

"Who put you in charge of organizing where we sleep!" exclaimed rouge quite annoyed. "I say that me and knuckles sleep in one room tails cream and shadow in another and you and amy in another," smiled rouge to a blushing sonic.

"Heh heh," laughed sonic hesitantly "Urh rouge I don't think that's a good idea,"

"Nor do I," said knuckles butting in.

"And why's that sonic?" questioned amy to a dumbfounded sonic.

"Well I guess we aren't ready," winked sonic to a giggling amy.

"Awe please sonic keep you hormones to yourself," sniggered shadow. As the gang agreed that everyone would sleep like sonic had said earlier everyone got changed to go to the beach.

Once there it was all fun in the sun. As the girls sat back and relaxed the boys on the other hand were going mental at volleyball. Tails on the other hand, was sitting under a palm tree clicking away at his portable laptop.

"Tails you should take a break from all this gizmo stuff we're on holiday." giggled cream to tails as she placed herself next to him. Tails looked at the little rabbit who was dressed in a cute bikini.

"Your right cream," said tails as he placed his computer in his rucksack he headed to the volleyball court where everyone was enjoying themselves. Meanwhile however not to far from the gang was Robotnik. He was scouring around in his pod looking for something.

"I must find them emeralds before that stupid hedgehog does!" shouted Robotnik to his two stupid robot henchman.

"Sir according to the map we are not to far from the cave," said one of the robots.

" hmm, your right e-3 it seems we are getting close. And when I do get my hands on them emeralds no one can stop me not even sonic!" laughed Robotnik like a crazed witch.

As sonic walked over to the hotel bar he felt something pierce his mind. His mind shrouded with darkness. All he could picture were 7 super size emeralds all locked together in an ornate shape. Behind them he pictured a dark figure dominating the background. Sonic could here the figure cackle. Sonic felt dizzy and fell back only to be caught by knuckles.

"Sonic are you okay," asked knuckles to a dazed sonic.

"Yep buddy I think I am now, I just had a weird vision in my head. I saw 7 emeralds like our 7 chaos emeralds only there were bigger and then there was this guy and well let just say I'm confused," exclaimed sonic as he sat down.

" you know sonic I think you have been in the sun for way to long why don't you head back for a nap maybe that will do you good," sonic smiled at knuckles and decided to do just that. As sonic made his way back to the hotel however he was stopped in his tracks. He heard a mysterious cackle coming from behind him. Sonic turned around only to see a secluded pathway behind him. That felt like the same weird cackle I heard before sonic thought to himself. As sonic paced himself further down he heard the cackle again. Only this time he felt something behind him. A dark chill ran down sonic's spine. He felt the dark breath from the figure behind him. Sonic braced himself and turned around only to fall down on his knees. Sonic looked up at the towering figure.

"So we finally meet sonic the hedgehog," sniggered the dark voice.

Sonic felt himself being lifted of the ground. He looked around only he wasn't where he was before. Sonic couldn't see his hotel or the beach. Where am I he thought to himself. As sonic tried to come to terms with his surroundings he saw the dark figure come towards him. The figure masked himself inside his hooded black robes. His red ruby eyes were all that could be seen. His hands were pitch black and he seemed to be floating of the ground.

"I am way past your imagination sonic," sneered the dark voice of the figure. "I am the dark avenger and I am here to seek out the 7 super chaos emeralds,"

sonic looked up at the avenger. His feet trembling at the mere sight of him. Sonic clenched his fists.

"What are you talking about?" questioned sonic confused.

The avenger looked down at sonic. "The 7 super chaos emeralds. The ultimate source to ultimate power. The holder of these emeralds can unleash power like you can never imagine sonic. I know you hold the 7 chaos emeralds in your possession. They are the key to the super chaos emeralds held in this very island. The emeralds were once used in this world to hold stability and peace. However there were those who wished to use the emeralds against there good uses and so the emeralds were hidden here deep inside the island. Soon the emeralds were forgotten and truth became legend and legend became myth. No one truly knows of there existence but only a few like myself who truly want them. I need you to get them for me."

Sonic looked up at the avenger and smiled. "What a cool story but why should I get them for you I know you want them for some dastardly plot to take over the world or something!" laughed sonic. The avenger clenched his fists and got hold of sonic by the neck. Sonic was drained of all his strength. He couldn't move!

"Do not toy with me hedgehog. You are the only person who can harness the 7 chaos emeralds to unlock the 7 super emeralds. You will do as I say sonic you know that you are no match for me no matter how fast you are. If you do not abide by what I say I shall kill you and slay your friends in the process," sneered the avenger as he let go of sonic who was clutching his sore burnt throat. Sonic knew he was no match for the avenger one grip had left sonic on the floor!

"What should I do," sighed sonic with pain from his voice.

"You shall seek the cave of muktoom which is located south on the island. From there you shall proceed deep into the dark abyss of the island where you shall find the 7 super chaos emeralds. It is from there that I shall meet you again sonic. You may want to bring your friends along as this is a treacherous journey. You may also want to tell them about our encounter as well. Until next time sonic,"

Just then a gust of wind and flashing lights left sonic confined in his thoughts. Sonic woke up in his hotel room.

"Was that a dream " sonic muttered to himself. Sonic walked to the mirror and looked at his neck, the burnt marks on his neck read two simple letters D.A. Sonic froze in his foot steps. It was all true alright. Sonic fell back onto his bed. He felt dreary from his encounter with the avenger. What am I going to do he pleaded to himself.

As sonic took a deep breath he made his way downstairs to the lobby only to find the whole gang there.

"hey sonic we were all coming up to see you," said amy running to him and wrapping herself around him. Sonic felt her warmth all around his body. He held her tighter.

" I'll never loose you amez," said sonic softly to amy who soon felt herself snuggling up to the hedgehog. Sonic then pulled himself away. Sonic then turned to the gang and looked at them with a serious poignant look. His eyes were succumbed on his friends. Sonic took a deep breath

"Guys I have something to tell you,". At first no-one took any interest.

"Hey sonic can it wait because we're really hungry" chuckled shadow rubbing his tummy. Sonic looked up at the black hedgehog.

"This can't wait." Amy felt sonic's hand tighten around hers she felt his body tremble a little as he spoke. What's wrong with him? Thought amy to herself.

"Sonic are you alright," asked amy concerned. Sonic just looked at her and the others and told them to meet him after they had eaten. As sonic turned around he let go of amy's hand and made his way up the stairs.

"Sonic what's up?" asked rouge to the hedgehog.

Knuckles soon intervened rouge and told the gang about what sonic had previously told him about his weird vision near the hotel beach bar.

"I think that we had best go see him now," said knuckles. The gang agreed and went up to sonic's room. Amy was the first to enter there she saw sonic sitting on the bed waiting, waiting for them to come in.

As the gang paced themselves inside sonic told them what happened. The gang were at first laughing at sonic thinking that it was just some joke. But when sonic showed the gang his burns on his neck there laughter soon turned too shock. Amy broke down in tears and placed herself on sonic's shoulder. Cream was scared and she held onto tails's hand tight, while shadow, rouge and knuckles tried to put on a brave face.

"Sonic your not alone in this bud." Said shadow looking out the window. " we'll help you alright and when we do meet this dark avenger we'll show him!" said shadow clenching his fists.

"You don't get it shadow, we can't beat him. There's something about him that still giving me these bad vibes. I don't think no-one can beat him. He had me on the floor in one grip!" exclaimed sonic slamming his fists on the bedside cupboard. His fists left a mark on the cupboard. Amy could sense the anger from sonic.

"Well we best do as he says," said knuckles looking at sonic seriously. "I say we find this cave as soon as it is dark. No one will be around at night"

The gang looked at each other but everyone soon agreed that they would set of at night. Everyone headed back to their rooms as no one was keen on going to eat! Meanwhile amy stayed behind in sonic's room. Amy observed sonic's scar and placed her hand over it. She felt a little tremor in her body. Sonic looked at amy who's eyes were still watery. He held her hand tightly.

"Everything's going to be alright I promise," reassured sonic. Amy moved her hand away from sonic's scar. It had gone.

"Sonic your scar. It's gone," exclaimed amy. Sonic got up and looked at himself in the mirror.

"Your right amez! It has gone maybe you have healing powers." Exclaimed sonic chuckling. Amy looked up at sonic and smiled.

As the sun began to die away and the moon rose up, the gang made their way out of the hotel and southwards to the cave. Tails held onto the 7 emeralds in his rucksack. The island itself was a major tourist attraction. Many parts of the island was mainly jungle whilst the outskirts of the island was surrounded by beaches. There was only one major hotel on the island where sonic and the gang were staying which was near a little town towards the north of the island. As the gang made their way through the uninhabited jungle they soon came to the most southern part of the island.

"So where is the cave exactly," asked rouge exhausted from all the walking

The gang had reached the outermost point of the island. There was a small beach and next to it was a steep cliff. Sonic observed the cliff side.

"Tails pass me the chaos emeralds."

Tails handed the chaos emeralds to the sonic who gave one each to the gang. Sonic then made everyone hold out the chaos emeralds. The emeralds started to glisten sending a beam of energy towards the cliff side. A burst of energy spiraled into the air. The cave of Muktoom emerged from the cliff side.

"Sonic how did you know?" wondered tails to sonic.

"The avenger mentioned how the chaos emeralds were the 'key' to the 7 super chaos emeralds. It made sense that they are also the key to the cave." sonic smiled at tails.

"You sure a clever sonic," smiled tails.

"I only learnt from the best," winked sonic. As the bewildered gang made there way up to the cave, it was the start of a another long and dangerous quest for sonic and the gang. Would they survive the very first task of reaching the emeralds? Meanwhile in the ofrground.

" Nooo! How does sonic know of the cave!" screamed robotnik to his henchman. " very well then if he is going to find the emeralds we shall follow him and when he does lead us to the emeralds I shall take them for myself!" cackled robotnik to his two henchmen robots.

Hey everyone my very first chapter to a whole new fic! i got bored of my other fic and for some reason it got deleted. anyway this was the opening chapter sorry if it was real long. Anyway let's hope that this fic don't get deleted and chapter 2 will be up soon