Chapter 4: Railroad Rampage & The First Super Chaos Emerald

As Eggman looked on at Sonic and the gang, they were struggling to hold on to the enclosing walls.

"Sir, what are you going to do are you going to help them?" asked e-35 to a smug Robotnik. Robotnik looked at e-35 and punched it on the head.

"Hah Sonic! Give me one good reason why I should help you! All these years and all you have ever done is beat me up and slay my inventions one after the other." Shouted Eggman quite angry.

Sonic looked up at Eggman, his eyes showing a defiant glare.

"Please… if you help us I'll show you something that not even you can resist Eggman," sighed Sonic.

The gang looked at Sonic with shock.

"Sonic what are you doing!" shouted Knuckles angrily. Sonic looked at Knuckles and expressed just how much they needed Eggman's help no matter how desperate they were. Robotnik looked at Sonic and sniggered.

"Ah you fool. I guess you mean the super chaos emeralds hey. Very well I will help you then." Replied Robotnik to the gawping hedgehog.

"How does he know!" said Sonic. Eggman pushed a huge red button. Out from his pod spawned two huge robot arms. Both arms clasped their palms against the enclosing walls of the cave which were now less than a meter away from Sonic and the gang.

"Sonic I cannot hold the walls I need a chaos emerald to give it more power!" Sonic had no choice but to throw Eggman a chaos emerald. Robtotnik placed the emerald right in the middle of his pod. The robot arms surpassed energy and Eggman was able to hold the enclosing walls. As Sonic and everyone quickly made their way ahead of the walls Robotnik also quickly sped between the walls in amazing lighting speed just in time to see them close without crushing him!

As the gang was left reeling and panting from their drastic encounter Sonic caught his breath and looked at Robotnik defiantly.

"Alright Eggman so you helped us but that does not mean that I'm exactly going to give you the super chaos emeralds," said Sonic too a quite angry Robotnik.

"Why Sonic! That's not fair play we had a deal! You said you would lead me to the super chaos emeralds!" sighed Robotnik. Knuckles and Shadow clenched their fists together. Robotnik could feel himself sweat a little.

"Give us one good reason why we should give you those emeralds Robotnik," said Shadow grinning.

"And just how do you know of them anyway?" asked Tails. Robotnik looked at the little fox and descended from his pod. E-3 and e-35 followed him.

"I might as well tell you of how I did come to know of the emeralds silly fools," said Robotnik as the gang eagerly listened.

"It was after our drastic renovation of the egg carrier 2 that I found that I would need more power than the chaos emeralds to power my new elite egg carrier 2, and so I went to do some research. After six long months of digging up information I came across information about some sacred emeralds. At first they seemed to sound like a myth. However after reading about how these emeralds were once actually used to keep peace and stability on this planet I also found out how a person could amass great power from these very emeralds."

"And so you thought you would use them to fight against us," said Sonic smiling. "To bad Robotnik because we're looking for the emeralds,"

"And your not getting your hands on them Eggman," said Amy butting in.

"But if you did know of their presence how did you know of their location anyway Eggman? I mean you didn't exactly mention as to where you thought the super chaos emeralds were," asked Knuckles puzzled.

"Simple knuckles I am a genius. It did not take me very long to work out the exact place of resting for these emeralds," laughed Robotnik. "And besides how do you fools know of their existence anyway?" enquired Robotnik.

The gang looked at Sonic.

"do you think we should tell him Sonic?" asked Rouge. Sonic looked at Robotnik sternly.

"I think so anyway," said Sonic

As Sonic started to unfold his dark encounter with the Avenger to Robotnik, and how the gang was embroiled in his plans not even robotnik believed Sonic.

"Do you expect me to believe that a dark mysterious force more powerful than me has actually sent you to do his dirty work!" laughed Robotnik along with his two hench robots.

"Idiot if you don't believe us fine but don't say we didn't warn you!" shouted Amy angrily. As the gang decided to press forward through the sinister tunnel it was agreed that Robotnik could follow after making a truce that he didn't play up to his old tricks, nor did he go back on his word. Of course eggman agreed as he was outnumbered by at least 7 to 1!

"I'm watching you Eggman!" glared Shadow to a gulping Robotnik as they made their way through the tunnel. The tunnel itself was getting far darker than before. The cooing of bats which lay above the tunnels ceiling could be heard etching their sounds for miles away. The tunnel started to get it's rigid spikiness back from the top of it's monstrous head, whilst the surroundings started to become sub zero temperatures. Even the likes of Cream were breathing out the cool hot vapor of smoke from their mouths.

"Jeez it's really could in hear," sighed Amy shivering.

"You-you co-ul-d say th-at a-gain –Amy," shivered Rouge who's face had turned blue.

"wh-wh-why-why is it so-o-o-o coled egg-ma-n" said asked tails shivering.

"I don't know do I stupid fox!" replied eggman

As the gang finally came to a halt right before them was a rail cart.

"Huh check it out guys a rail cart? What's it doing here?" asked Tails confused. As Sonic and everyone else observed what they saw Sonic let out a burst of light to make things more clear using the chaos emeralds. Right before them lay several rail carts each attached to a railroad which led of onto the other side of the tunnel. Sonic looked at Robotnik.

"Why'd you think this is here Eggman? I mean wasn't the cave hidden?" asked Sonic puzzled.

"Hmm Sonic good point. I myself am confused as to what this place is. By the look of the rail carts I have never seen one of them. With our advanced technology nowadays who needs them. People from the ancient world used these rail carts to move around the underground of mines."

"So what are you saying Eggman that this cave was actually a mine?" asked Tails to Eggman confused.

"im not sure but who knows stupid fox,". As Tails and Sonic observed the mine cart, Knuckles and Shadow kept a close eye on Eggman whilst Amy, Rouge and Cream were still talking about their near to death experience and also tried to keep themselves warm.

"Tails do you think we should take this mine cart and travel down the tunnel?" asked Sonic

"I think it's the only way to go Sonic and besides it's freezing in here and I'm not sure we can walk anymore too."

As Sonic rallied everyone around about whether or not to take the mine cart, everyone was more than eager to go seeing as though they had walked so much! Amy and Sonic sat in one cart, whilst Rouge and Knuckles sat together. Tails and Cream sat in another whilst Robotnik, his henchman and Shadow sat in another.

"Remember Robotnik I'm watching you!" warned Shadow. Robotnik looked at Shadow and gave an uneven grin. As Sonic let go of the brakes his cart sped of into the tunnel.

"Remember guys try to keep up no matter what!" shouted Sonic to the gang, who were all following from behind. As the mine carts raced of into the tunnel their surroundings suddenly started to get warmer.

"Wow Tails it's suddenly gone warm don't you think," said Cream delighted. Tails felt a weird vibe.

"It's weird. How come it's all of a sudden gotten warm?" replied Tails. As the rail carts were racing the gang had to endure several strong bends which nearly left Knuckles and Rouge falling of one of them. As the gang approached what seemed to be an illuminated entrance to the next part of the cave a sudden rumble started to shake the carts from underneath.

"What was that?" asked a scared Robotnik clinging to his two robots.

"How do I know Eggman," replied Shadow annoyed.

As the rumbles started to get heavier so did its presence. Soon all of the gang could feel it.

"Sonic what's happening!" asked Amy clinging to the side of the cart.

"Yikes! I'll tell you what's happening amez! Were being chased by a boulder!" shouted Sonic looking back. As the gang turned around the huge boulder was making its way fast towards the gang.

"Where the heck did that come from!" shouted Knuckles confused.

"I wish I knew but we better speed things up guys!" shouted Sonic letting go of the brakes. Sonic told everyone else to do the same but the boulder was coming down faster and faster.

"Eek! Were doomed!" cried Robotnik clinging to his pod.

"Oh shut up doc you got any bright idea's" asked Shadow impatiently. Seeing as though Shadows and Eggmans cart was the last in line, the boulder seem to be getting closer and closer to their cart. As Tails was reaching for the brake Cream accidentally tripped because of the speed in which their cart was traveling. She fell over on top of Tails who fell on top of the wooden handled brake lever which snapped in half! Tails got up and saw the damage which had been caused.

"Shadow our brake lever! It'sbroken!" cried Cream looking back at the distraught hedgehog. As Shadow tried to figure out how to help the two, their cart was already racing of ahead. It soon collided with Knuckles and Rouges which nearly sent their cart careering of the rails.

"Tails what's the big deal!" slammed Rouge trying to get up. As Tails quickly explained what had happened Knuckles quickly pulled Cream into his and Rouges cart.

"Tails I need you to throw me your rucksack then I want you to jump into our cart!" shouted Knuckles. As Tails threw his rucksack to Knuckles the gang was approaching a bend.

Amy turned around only to notice the chaos which was unfolding behind her and Sonic.

"Sonic look Tails is in trouble!" shouted the pink hedgehog. As Sonic turned around he realized that a bend was coming up. Not only that the boulder was getting closer too. Shadow had already let go off the brakes only to let his cart collide with Tails's cart. Tails had already scrambled onto Knuckles and Rouges cart. Shadow needed to get rid of the unmanned cart in front of him and Eggman so that they could stay as close as possible to Knuckles and company.

"Eggman I need you to control the brakes whilst I try and derail that cart to make way for us," said Shadow. As Robotnik got hold of the brakes Shadow moved to the front of the cart and focused his energy on the moving cart in front. He took the chaos emerald from Robtonik's pod and harnessed a little bit of energy in order to derail the cart in front. As shadow focused the energy on the cart it finally derailed.

Hmm now's my time to rid me of this ignoramus thought Robotnik. As Shadow was turning around Eggman let of a huge blast of light from his stationed pod leaving Shadow delusional.

"hah now you meet your doom Shadow!" sniggered Robotnik who pushed Shadow out of the cart without any oneseeing! As the gang reached the bend they swiftly devoured it and pressed forward. Eggman also successfully completed the bend which soon left the enclosing boulder stuck at the entrance of the bend. As the gang turned around they realized that the boulder was stuck at the bend, but did not realize that Shadow was missing in the process.

"Phew we finally made it!" sighed Tails giving a hug to Cream. "Jeez Cream you should be more careful," said the little kitsune as he held Creams hand.

"awh you guys are so cute together." Smiled Rouge

Meanwhile Sonic and Amy turned around only to breathe a huge sigh of relief.

"Wow Sonic we made it. Where on earth did that boulder come from," sighed the pink hedgehog.

"who knows Amy. At least we made it though and at least everyone is okay including you," smiled the hedgehog as he held on to the brakes of the cart with one hand whilst holding on to Amy's hand with another.

However, Cream soon realized that Shadow was not in the cart behind with Eggman.

"Knuckles, where's Shadow" whispered Cream to the echidna who only turned around to see that Shadow was not in the cart. Knuckles felt a bad vibe within him.

"Where is Shadow Robotnik?" shouted Knuckles clenching his fists whilst Tails took over with maneuvering the cart.

"Well let's just say he took a little tumble!" cackled Robotnik. Tails, Cream, Rouge and Knuckles as well as Sonic and Amy turned around in shock.

"Eggman you idiot! I'll have you!" shouted Knuckles as he beat his fists together. As Robotnik started to laugh infamously right behind him clinging for his very life was Shadow trying to keep hold of the edge of the cart. Even Eggman was too thick too realize that Shadow could not be defeated by one mere push! As Shadows anger raged within him he heaved himself up into the cart and landed straight on top of Robotnik knocking him on conscious.

"Shadow your alright!" shouted Cream waving at the smiling hedgehog.

"Don't think that Shadow can be gotten rid of that easily Cream" laughed Shadow. As Knuckles, Rouge and Tails gave a little wave to Shadow, the black bewildered hedgehog set his eyes on Robotnik and his mesely minions.

"Shadow leave them alone, e-3 and e-35 are no match for you and they know it. Besides we need Robotnik and he's out cold anyway!" shouted Knuckles.

"But he tried to kill me!" whined Shadow.

"Whatever macho hog! You heard Knuckles!" said Rouge giggling.

As the gang made their way through the final part of the rail road they finally came to a new part of the cave. The whole of the caves surroundings were paved in bright flamboyant mineral rocks. The ceiling smoothed itself out into an arch way. Right before the gang's very eyes was an unimaginable scene. Above them floating in mid air was an emerald. Not any kind of emerald, but an emerald that seized the eyes of everyone staring at it.

"Look at that thing Sonic!" shouted Amy excitedly.

"Yep Amy it's a super chaos emerald!" replied Sonic smiling.

The emerald was situated high above the gang whom had now got out of their carts and onto a platform which was situated near a waterfall. Shadow dragged Robotnik out of the cart and onto the platform and soon woke him up. The emerald was way out of reach, too high for even Tails or Rouge to fly and get easily. The emerald was descended on a platform, just above the transcending waterfall. The waterfall seized to plunge right down in to a small ravine which shimmered under the emeralds strong radiant light. As Robotnik got onto his feet seeing the emerald made him fall to the ground.

"What a sight!" he exclaimed.

"hah Eggman don't even think that we've forgotten about your little stunt you pulled on me!" sneered Shadow. Robotnik knew he had pushed his luck and so he and his minions got down on two knees to say sorry to Shadow! Of course Shadow wouldn't have any of it however Cream and Amy took pity on the scheming Eggman and so persuaded Shadow to leave Robotnik alone.

'hah as long as I am in their good books is all that matters. But once I get my hand on all seven of the emeralds I shall rid myself of all of them!' smiled Robotnik to himself.

"Wow Sonic just looked at its size! How are we going to get there?" Asked Rouge staring at the emerald with awe.

"I don't know Rouge but it isn't going to be easy," smiled Sonic.

"so you have finally reached the first super chaos emerald Sonic. Well let's see how you succeed in retrieving the others for me" cackled the Avenger from deep inside the abyss of the waterfall……