Title: Orochimaru:Certainties
Rating: PG
Pairing/Character/s: OrochimaruxJiraiya(sorta)
Spoiler/s: Up to 300 in mangaverse (in a roundabout way)
Summary: Orochimaru has always spoken in certainties. He has always known what's going on and he always will.
A/N: Alright so I caved, it's just so much easier for me to do it this way without the hassel of wrangling with Quick Edit... DID YOU HEAR ME? I CAVE! HAPPY NOW?... oh and this is an older piece from March if I remembercorrectly.


I will bring them together again.

And what a sight it will be.

These children.

These prodigies.

These monsters.

They have so much potential, so much hope, so much life; it seems impossible that they could fall so easily, so devastatingly far.

But then again, wasn't it to be expected?

They are the next generation of weapons in a long illustrious history of tools. They have been conditioned from day one, built from a nearly rock-solid set of strength and convictions. No matter how hated, no matter how loved they were the shining future of a powerful village.

But so was I.

So were we.

I know you see yourself in him. But that can't be all; it can't be enough to make you push him so desperately towards his goal. Is it that you see your redemption in him? Your second chance? In the proud brilliant eyes, so similar and yet so far away from your own that you feel he may claw his way to victory?

And here I thought you had given up such fanciful thinking so long ago.

He is a jinchuuriki.

A vessel.

They both are.

Things to be used.

In all our long history I have never been able to understand how you have not been able to see that. You have always been blind. It repulsed and yet equally attracted me to you when we were children. In a way it still does.

You never really gave up hoping did you? After everything, there was always a piece of it that burrowed itself deep within your heart and refused to let go.

To give in.

What a lewd thought, hmm?

But my dear, old friend, you cannot stop the inevitable. If it is one thing you should have learned by now is that time always repeats itself. Seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years. It makes no difference; it's always on replay.

Yes, even you cannot stop it.

My dear one.

And it will always kill you, won't it?

Because you couldn't save them.

You couldn't save us.

And that will never change. Because we never did. Because they never will. And you're still too stupid to see.

That these children are just shadow puppets. Pantomimes of lost stories and distant memories that should have stayed dead and buried. And yet still they persist, and still you doggedly snarl at my fleeting scent. As the past repeats, time goes on and the future begins its last stand.

I cannot ignore the signs, as you seem to determined to do.

I will do my duty.

I will bring them together.

They will break one another.

And what a sight it will be.