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Chapter 9

The Quad Date

"A quad date? That's a great idea!" Amy stated with glee when Rouge told her the news. "Rouge, you're a genius!"

"Yes, I know." Rouge said in her own superiority.

"Thanks Rouge. This is the perfect oppourtunity to ask Shadow out! Hey Rouge, who are you gonna take out on the date?"

Rouge grinned and said "Sonic. And don't worry. I've got Bruce out to tell the guys about the date so they can ask us."


Sonic and Axel were sitting during the 15-minute break bewteen 5th and 6th period. They were talking about a very important topic. "I'm telling you, everytime you change the channel, that channel you were just on puts on porn." said Axel.

"Wow. Really?"


(Seriously, I know this for a fact.)

Bruce entered the room they were in and joined the conversation. "Hey guys."

"Hey Bruce. What's up?" Sonic asked.

"Actually, since you mentioned it, love is what's up. Rouge has a special message she wanted me to give to you. She's allowing you to take her out." Sonic sprang out of his seat with happiness. "Sweet!"

"On the condition that you bring Knuckles, Tails and Shadow with you." Sonic then sank back into his seat.

"I knew it was too good to be true. Um, why do I need to bring the guys?"

"You guys are going on what's apparently called a Quad Date. A date where 4 different dates go at once." Bruce explained.

"Oh. Well then, I need to go tell the guys!" Sonic was about to speed off but Axel stopped him. "Wait! Let me go too."

"You? Why?"

"Well, I know if Tails goes, this will be his first date, so I'm going to tell him that I'm going to go give him some pointers on his date."

"Oh, all right. Let's go find them!"

Before Sonic and Axel left the room, Bruce yelled out "Don't forget to ask the girls out!"

"Don't worry, we won't!" Sonic yelled out before he and Axel sped away to find the others.


"Wow! Really? A Quad Date?" Tails asked in excitement.

"Yep. You with Alyssa, Knuckles with Tikal, Shadow with Amy, and I'm going with Rouge! What do you think?" Sonic responded.

"I think it's awesome!"

"A Quad Date? That hardly ever happens!" Knuckles said sounding confused. "Are you sure that's what Bruce said?"

"Yes! It's true. So now's the perfect time to ask out Tikal!" Axel said trying to lift up Knuckles' confidence.

"Yeah, you're right. And, Tails can finally ask out Alyssa." Knuckles said turning to Tails and giving him a fiendish chuckle. Tails started to blush.

"Hey! I think it's okay that I like Alyssa." Tails said embarassed. Knuckles gave Tails a friendly hug and said "Of course it's all right! But now is the perfect time to ask her out!"

"You're right. I need to find her!" Tails said as he exited the room with Axel following behind.

"Yes, and I think you should hurry up and find Tikal." Sonic said to Knuckles as though Tikal had some sort of Single-Status time limit. Knuckles then dashed out of the room at light speed. Sonic realized he also had to find Rouge before she would possibly be taken.


Tails and Axel ran down the hallway and found Alyssa at her locker. "Hi Alyssa." Tails said bluntly.

Alyssa turned from her locker and saw Tails And Axel. "Oh, hi Tails. Hi Axel. How's it going?"

"Great. Hey Alyssa, this little buddy here wanted to ask you something important." said Axel.

"Yeah. Uh, say, um, you wouldn't want to um, I dunna know, maybe go out sometime?" Tails asked nervously. Alyssa gasped and blushed at Tails' request.

"Um, gee Tails, I don't know..." Alyssa thought about it for a minute and did take into consideration that she did think Tails was cute. But was she ready for a relationship with him? She pondered and pondered and finally turned to Tails for the answer. "Sure Tails."

"All right! How about tonight at 8:00?" Tails asked.

"All right. 8:00 it is. See you later Tails." Alyssa said as she walked to her next class.

Axel and Tails looked at each other in excitement. Axel grabbed Tails and lifted him into the air. "Tails! You did it!"

"Yes! Man, I feel so alive!" Tails exclaimed with joy and hyperness.

"You should! Now, to see if the others have had as much good luck as we've had." Axel said as he let down Tails. They then both started running to find the others.


Tails and Axel went back to 6th period and met up with Sonic and Knuckles. They went up to their seats and turned to Sonic and Knuckles. "So guys, how did it go?" Axel asked.

"Great! Rouge said yes and so did Tikal!" Sonic said with happiness.

"Alyssa said we should meet there at 8:00 tonight." said Tails.

"8:00? Ok then!" said Sonic.

Axel stepped up from his seat and walked over to the teacher's desk. "Mr. Emerl? May I be excused to the restroom?" he asked kindly.

"Of course." said Emerl. Axel took the hall pass and walked out of the room. He walked to the boys bathroom where he met Tony there mopping the floor. "Is mopping all you ever do?" Axel said finding the mopping amusing.

"Sorta. I'm a real loser. Anyway, what's up Axel?"

"Well, there's something really big happening tonight."

"Oh really? What is it?"

"There's gonna be Quad Date tonight."

"Wow! Really? Who's gonna be in it?"

"Sonic with Rouge, Knuckles with Tikal, Shadow with Amy, and most importantly, Tails with Alyssa."

"Oh my god! Tails got a date?"

"Yep. This is where I need your help. You've been on a date before haven't you?"

"Oh yes! Back when I was your age, I was the pimp of the school! Girls waited in lines just to be in my presence! And now look at me."

Axel stared at Tony disturbed. "Ok...note to self: Never become a pimp. Anyway, since you've been on a date, I was wanting to help Tails out on his date. We'll be hiding in bushes and whatnot, I'll be telling him what to do, and you'll be telling him what not to do. How does that sound?"

"That sounds good. Tails is a good kid. I'll be more than happy to help him out. When is it?"

"Tonight at 8:00."

"Ok then!"


Sonic, Knuckles and Tails were standing in front of a very fancy restaraunt. Apparently, they were waiting on their dates. All three of them wore really fancy tuxedos. Shadow walked up to the guys wearing a black tuxedo just like the others.

"Hey Shadow! I was beginning to think you weren't going to show!" Sonic said relieved to see Shadow.

Shadow looked at the restaraunt and was confused. "You told me at school we were going to a 30 Seconds To Mars concert."


"Boy, I sure hope our dates show up soon." Tails said nervous for this was his first date.

"Yeah, I'm getting sick of waiting. And I'm huuuuuuungry!" Knuckles said as his stomach kicked him.

Shadow turned around and was about to walk away. "There's no reason for me to stay there." Before he walked off, a long white limo pulled up in the driveway. The limo driver got out and opened the back door of the limo. Amy stepped out. She wore a long red dress and red high-heels. She had a red rose placed over her left ear and she had a red purse over her shoulder. She looked at Shadow and smiled suprised to see him.

Shadow looked at her and stepped back to the guys. For some reason, he wanted to stay. "You know, I might just stick around." Amy smiled as Shadow decided to stay. It was quite a challenge to get Shadow to change his mind once it was made.

Then Tikal stepped out. She wore a long white dress and white high-heels. She wore a diamond bracelet on her forehead which resembled her gold one. She walked over to Knuckles as Knuckles held her hands. "Hello Knuckles."

Knuckles' knees were shaking but he tried his best to keep them straight. "Hi. You look really beautiful." Tikal blushed and smiled.

Then Alyssa stepped out. She a dark blue dress and dark blue high-heels. She had a dark blue purse just like Amy's over her shoulder. She wore dark blue eye shadow and had light blue bracelets over her wrists. She walked over to Tails as Tails gulped. "Hi Tails. How's my little man?"

Tails blushed and he couldn't stop shaking. "I'm fine. How are you, my...little...queen?" Tails asked scared for he wasn't really sure what he just said. Alyssa blushed and kissed Tails on the cheek. "I'm awesome. Thank you for asking." Tails started to fall down to the ground before Sonic caught him from falling. "Gotcha buddy." He lifted Tails back up. "Be more careful."

Then last, but certainly not least, Rouge stepped out. She wore a very slimming sparkly red dress with equally shiny red high-heels. She wore dark blue eye shadow and shining red lip gloss on her lips. She walked over to Sonic and put her arm around his. "Hi Sonic."

Sonic was sweating a pool of sweat as he couldn't find the words to say to his lucious date. "Hi." was all Sonic could come up with. The guys led their dates to the front of the restaraunt named 'Le France'

(Sew me. I can't really come up with a good name. Sheesh.)

They walked in the restaraunt and headed towards to stairs to take them to the VIP balcony. Meanwhile, Axel showed in the back of the restaraunt wearing his usual clothes under a black leather jacket. He waited for Tony. Tony showed up about 5 minutes later wearing a camo army suit.

"You ready?" Tony asked as though they were going on a big mission.

Axel stared at Tony with a blank face. "This is Le France. Not Vietnam. Anyway, let's go." Axel got out climbing hooks. He gave two to Tony and put on two of them. They each started to climb the building with the greatest of ease. They reached the balcony and climbed over to land in the bushes. They very stealthy hid there and waited for the guys with their dates.

They all walked to the balcony and each of the dates sat at seperate tables. A hedgehog waiter came up to Tails and Alyssa's table. "Hello, how are we this evening?"

"Great." Tails answered.

"What can I get you?" the waiter asked.

"I don't know...I guess I'll start out with some breadsticks." Tails said.

"Yeah, and I think I'll have a salad with light dressing." said Alyssa.

"Of course, ma'dam." the waiter said as he took Alyssa's hand and kissed it. Alyssa blushed as Tails glared at the waiter with blood red eyes. "Your order should be here in about 20 minutes." As the waiter walked off, Tails gritted his teeth and was about to get out of his seat to claw the waiter's lungs out. Alyssa put her hand on Tails' shoulder. "It's ok, Tails. Calm down." Alyssa smiled at Tails trying to calm him down. "It was just a compliment."

Tails lowered himself. "Ok. I just overreacted, I guess." Then, as the waiter was walking back inside, a banana peel fell from the sky and the waiter slipped on it and fell over. As everyone looked to see if he was alright, a finger tapped Tails' shoulder. Tails turned around and it was Axel and Tony in the bushes.

"Axel? Tony? What are you doing here?"

"We're here to help you! We know this is your first date so we're here to help you out." said Axel.

"Yeah. We're here for ya!" said Tony.

"Um, thanks guys, but no thanks. I think I can handle it from here. But that thing with the banana was pretty funny!" Tails said chuckling.

"Yeah it was." Tony said while eating a banana.

Amy was at her table awkwardly looking down not sure what to say to Shadow. "Um, Shadow?"

"Hmm? What is it, Amy?" Shadow asked kindly.

"Um, why don't you tell me more about yourself? You know, what do you like?"

Shadow smiled at Amy. He held her hand softly and looked at her face. "Amy, I like you. A lot." Amy gazed into Shadow's eyes and just couldn't stop staring at him. She blushed. "Why, thank you Shadow."

"You know Amy, I'm gonna let you in on something. My life itself has been nothing short of a nightmare. I was abandoned when I was a child. I was pushed around by society. And as I got older I had to start thinking for myself. I thought the world is a dark and hopeless place. But looking at you, I know there's hope out there. And you've brought it straight to me. Thank you. You are truly beautiful and I thank you for gracing my presence with it." Shadow said as he took Amy's hand softly and kissed it.

"Oh, Shadow..." Amy said softly as she hugged Shadow. "I knew you were a good person..."


The limo had dropped off Sonic and Rouge, and Knuckles and Tikal. Needless to say, all the dates went off rather nicely. The limo had stopped in front of Amy's house. Shadow and Amy stepped out and said goodbye to Tails and Alyssa. They walked out in front of Amy's front door. "I had an awesome time tonight, Shadow. Thank you."

"You're welcome."

"Well, I guess I better get back inside." Amy stepped to the front door. Before she opened the door, Shadow said "Amy! Wait." Amy stopped and turned around and looked at Shadow. "Yes?"

"Good night. And stay beautiful." Shadow said as he smiled at Amy. Amy stopped and ran to Shadow. She gave Shadow a tight hug and Shadow patted her back. Amy then looked at Shadow and their faces came closer together. Their faces eventually met and their lips came together. They engaged in a lengthly kiss. They then let go of each other and smiled at each other. Amy went back to her front door. "See you tomorrow." said Amy as she went back into her house, as happy as could be.


Tails and Alyssa finally got out as the limo stopped at Alyssa's house. Tails and Alyssa looked at each other as the moonlight reflected off Alyssa's face making her look unbelieveably radiant. "I had a great time tonight, Tails."

"Me too."

"Thank you." said Alyssa. Alyssa's face came closer to Tails' face. They eventually kissed and Tails whole body shaked. Alyssa ended the kiss and walked onto her front porch about to walk into her house. "Good night Tails."

Tails jumped high to the sky and screamed into the abyss of the night sky. Tails was never more happy than he was now. Why? That was his first kiss.


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