The Lusts of Broken Minds

AN: Okay, this is the last chapter. After this I'll probably do some one shots and a song fic or two, before starting another long one. I hope you enjoyed this story.

Chapter 16: The Finale

Seras tossed the gun to the side and looked away from the brain matter splattered over the floor. She may be a vampire, and the damage may have been done by her, but it was still sickening to look at. With Integra dead, she only had one more thing to do, and that was to deal with her master. She turned to the bedroom door and began walking. Seras honestly didn't know what she planned on doing. She wasn't strong enough to defeat him. He could probably kill her with a thought.

Her stomach turned as she made her way to the sub-levels. She took a glance at her bedroom door, but continued walking down the hall. She could feel Alucard's presence, but she couldn't read as to what he was feeling. He had to know Integra was dead. She wondered why he hadn't killed her the moment the seals were gone. She paused as her hand reached up to the door. She was actually going to knock. She closed her eyes and took a breath before phasing through the door.

Her eyes immediately found Alucard. He sat on the table in the middle of the room, feet propped on a chair, arms folded over his legs, and his Casull in his hand. He wasn't dressed in his usual attire. A white shirt adorned his upper body, and black pants covered his legs. But what stood out most to her was his gloves, the red seal no longer there. His hat and glasses were missing as well.

He acted as if she wasn't there, ignoring her presence. She took a step forward and still he did not look up. His head was focused forward, staring straight ahead. Anger welled up inside of her. Quick steps cared her to his front, her hand lifting to smack Alucard across the face. But before her hand could connect, the gun was raised to her face, stopping her movement.

A few moments passed, the position still held. But as Seras dropped her hand Alucard dropped his weapon. Silence still passed between them.

"You nearly let her kill me."

"But I didn't."

"I could have died!"

Alucard stood and set his gun on the tabletop. "That's the point Police Girl. If you hadn't nearly died, you would have never realized your powers."

"So that was the plan all along?" Seras was not exactly happy with that. "So, you nearly let me die to get my powers, and now I've killed Integra. And I bet you're going to kill me now because of it." This is just great, I've fucked myself over again.

"You haven't fucked yourself over Seras. Killing Integra was the point." Alucard held his hand in front of Seras, pulling the glove off. No mark on the glove, no mark burned into his skin. "You had to kill her, for I could not. Being bound by her blood was the only think that kept me from killing her along time ago."

Seras had her chance now. With vampiric speed she raised her hand and slapped him hard across the face. "YOU USED ME! You used me to kill her."

Alucard was not happy with being slapped. He glared at his fledgling, fangs extended. "Yes, I did. Now I'm free from her. And this place."

Tears threatened to spill from her eyes, he had used her. She wondered if that was the plan from the start. She thought about running from the room, away from him, and away from all the memories of Hellsing. But she couldn't move.

"But Seras, there is another point that you have looked over." She looked toward him and watched as he folded up the sleeve of his shirt. "You now have your powers, you are now ready to be a No-Life Queen, my Queen. I may have used you for my own plans, but you are my fledgling, and I do care for you."

Seras took a step closer, hoping he was saying what she thought he was saying. "Drink from me now, before the sun rises. And then tomorrow, the house will be ours and what a feast it will be." Seras smiled and took Alucard's wrist, bringing it to her mouth. "Yes Master."

AN: Sucky ending I know...I wish I could end it better but, I'm out of ideas. But it was good while it lasted.