The Search for Donnie

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The adventure begins in the far northern end of Alaska with the Thornberry Family. They have all just sat down for dinner. Donnie as usual is running around getting into stuff and Debbie griping about how miserable she is Marianne and Nigel are talking about their adventure and Eliza is cautiously talking with Darwin about their next move. Little do they know their lives are about to change…

Just after they got Donnie settled down for dinner their was a knock at the door. Nigel decided to get it since he was the closest possible and they only one that seemed to care. "Hello?" he said as he started to open the door. "Who is this?" The man outside said his name and what he was doing at their door in 0 degree weather. "Hello sir this is James Madison and this is a package mailed to the Thornberry family. Is this the Thornberry's residence?" he asked. Nigel was clearly shocked that they were getting a package this late. Since he was speechless he just nodded and took the package. "What is it honey?" Marianne asked curiously from the table.

He just set the package down on the guest bed and went back to the table. "What is it honey?" she repeated. "It is a package from grandmumzy." He stated. Eliza and Debbie perked up from there spots. "A package?" Debbie asked curiously. They started from their seats and tried for the gift. " Hold on you two." Marianne said, "Wait till after dinner then we will all take a look at it." Both of them paused as she spoke then they wound up sitting down sighing. "Oh all right" Debbie sighed but Eliza did nothing but clearly upset. Donnie tried for it but Nigel grabbed him by his shorts. "No you don't Donnie just wait." He said. Donnie just sat down with the rest of them.

Later that night after the kids dug into it they found a book called "The night before Christmas" After they had read it Donnie was wondering who this Santa was. He wanted to ask so badly but he still couldn't talk. Anyways he was now in bed hrs. Later wondering and everyone else was in bed. He finally went to sleep about midnight and thought he heard something. He woke up and crawled out of his hut where he was sharing with his parents. His mom was making breakfast and his dad was making the Christmas tree look perfect with three tiny gifts under it. "Hey sleepy head" his mother had said to him. "Look what Santa brought you." His dad was saying handing the gift to him.

Donnie ran up to his dad and took the gift and unwrapped it really quick. "Daddy" he had said just as he unwrapped it and looked in. It was a stuffed bug animal just like he wanted. "We worked really hard to get, Santa to get that for you."

The other two gifts were for his parents. His mom get a bracelet and his dad got a watch, Donnie just hugged them and they told old stories of Santa and the First Christmas. He woke up with a jump like something had scared him. He jumped out of bed and it was about 3:00 A.M. on the digital clock, he wanted to find this Santa that everyone keeps talking about. It is even more important because his parents knew of him before they died and he wants to know this guy. He whispered a good-bye to his family and stetted out to the North Pole. Little did they know they were about to meet someone they never knew existed?

A bit before Dawn he got a ride with some wolves and wandered further and further into the cold. By now Donnie was so cold he didn't know what to do so he jumped off the wolf and went by foot. By now the Thornberrys had just gotten up figuring Donnie was still sleeping. Next Eliza was up and off looking for an animal and of course she thought he was with the rest. "Darwin what do you want to do?" Eliza briefly told Darwin. "Well I would love to go back home and be warm."

He told her. "How about we go and help my parents with whatever it is they are doing today?" "Um No!" Darwin said sarcastically. "Alrighty then I'm leaving." Darwin was just about to leave as he turned around and they felt a small earthquake "Oh my that doesn't happen everyday." Eliza said, just as she said that Darwin fell through some ice but their wasn't any water it just seemed to keep going and going. "DARWIN!" Eliza screamed as she saw her best friend slowly fade away and his cries for help slowly faded.

She got up slipping and crying and ran as fast as she possibly could on ice and even it being slippery didn't stop her and she got home so fast. "Mom! Dad!" she kept yelling as she quickly but carefully made her way to camp. They came rushing out just knowing something had happened and since the earthquake it would have put more worry on them. "Eliza dear" Nigel said startled. "Thank goodness your ok. Where is Darwin?"

Eliza just sobbed all the more as she fell to her knees not knowing how to put to words that Darwin is dead. " Dad Darwin is gone." She spat out those horrible words and continued with what she saw. When she finished everyone looked sad and she started crying all over again. "Do you think he could still be alive?" Nigel said trying to comfort his daughter. "No I doubt it but Eliza try to remember all the good times you had with him." Marianne said.

"What good things?" Eliza said angrily. "If only he stayed with me and hadn't fallen he would be here now." Her parents had tried to comfort her and tell her she couldn't have done a thing but she wasn't listening and she stormed inside after yelling at them and threw herself in the bed and sobbed in her pillow.

To be continued…

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