Chapter 5

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The family saw on the horizon Santa's magical place filled with every child's dream. Each building they saw had a unique look to it. The walls around the North Pole were made of Candy Canes. The little elves ran around and got a large platform for Santa to land on. Once he landed he let the family out first, each of them got out one at a time. Santa took them and showed them around for a while. "Wow this place is beautiful." Eliza exclaimed and the rest agreed. Santa led them all into his office. They all sat around in his office just glad to be alive. Santa plopped down in his big comfy lazy boy chair and began…

"Now I've noticed that you are looking for someone, someone very special. "Yes how did you know?" Marianne spoke out real quick. Well you have that look in your eyes like someone's missing. Marianne started in tears again so Nigel took over comforting her. "Well his name is Donnie and he took off about 2 weeks ago and never returned so we had no choice but to go after him and we wound up here and we still don't have our little Donnie." Just as he was finishing a sentence Donnie came rushing into Santa's office jabbering his little jabbers. "Donnie!" Marianne Squealed in delight, she ran up to him and scooped him up and held him tightly in her arms. "Donnie I thought you were dead." She said getting teary eyed again. Everyone else got to hold him tightly, after everyone had a chance Marianne just held him in her lap she wasn't about to let anything bad happen to him. "What happened? How did he end up here?" Nigel wondered. Well that's the hard part to tell.

Santa began, " about a week and a half ago I was taking my reindeer out for a spin as I do every year, you know to get them ready for the big night. Well about 50 miles from the pole I saw a small boy passed out in the blizzard. I had no idea how long he had been out there or if he was even alive so as I got the reindeer to the ground I scooped him up and he was so cold I assumed he was dead. He was so blue in the face and on his fingers and legs his fingers and toes had severe frostbite and he was barley breathing so I knew he was alive then but I also knew he only had maybe an hour to live if that. I grabbed him because I couldn't leave him out there alone so I wrapped him up as tightly as I could in my suit and try to warm him up.

I rushed him back to the North pole as fast as I could. As soon as I got back I rushed him into the medical facility and they had done all they could to warm him up and take care of the frostbite but nothing was working and they pronounced him dead later that same evening. We had done all we could to save him but it was no use so we just took turns and prayed for him all night long. The very next morning we went in to his room to do what we had to do to bury him but you know what he was breathing and alive and well. All signs of his frostbite and freezing to death was gone he looked like a normal healthy kid. You wouldn't have known that anything was ever wrong with him. He was still unconscious but we knew he would be ok. It was a miracle he survived no other way it was a miracle because he had came back. At that moment I looked at him Donnie awoke and ran around jabbering." Santa finished. They were all crying at this point and Marianne still had a good hold on Donnie and she held him close. "I can't believe he was in that much of danger." Nigel said. "Well thank you so much for saving him and protecting him here. Marianne said through tears. "Can you get us home?

Our motor home broke down a ways away and we have no way back." Nigel said. "Oh of course I can" Santa said "Just let me get my reindeer ready and we will be good to go." 20 minutes later Santa was all ready. "Is everyone ready?" Santa said, " "YES!" they all shouted at once. "Okay then its time for takeoff" Santa read off the names of the reindeer and after that they were heading down the runway at 100 M.P.H. and they got altitude. "There is something I need to ask you." Marianne said. "Go ahead" Santa, said "Well I thought you didn't exist, what about the time that I saw your name with my parents handwriting on it?" she wondered. "Well that's an easy one you see parents all over the world write out my name on a box so all I have to do is put in the gifts in the box." He explained.

She just sat back relieved to finally have the true answer. 1 hr. later the Commvee came into sight and they all cheered. Santa fixed it all up to where it could run again. Awhile later they all headed off to bed and Eliza heard a noise and she turned around and went outside. She ran out to see what the noise was and immediately she knew what it was. She saw a figure in the dark headed her way kind of chubby: "DARWIN!" Eliza screamed as she ran towards him, she gave him a long hug and just stood out there and kept a grip on him and she just cried and Darwin did the same. They rest of the family came around her and just welcomed him home.


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