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Chapter 21: Epilouge

-Four Years Later - April 16th -

Morgan and McKenna, now sixteen year olds and starting their junior year of high school, approached me as I paced the floor in the waiting room at Desert Palms.

"How's mom?" Morgan asked me, pocketing his car keys having apparently won the bet on who got to drive here.

I smiled, "Waiting for you two to get here."

McKenna laughed. "Very funny, Dad," she replied, sticking her tongue out at me.

I returned the gesture, leading them to the room Jamie was waiting for us in. "Hey," she said, smiling, her hands resting on her very pregnant stomach.

"Mr. and Mrs. Sanders?" the doctor came in just after we did.

We both nodded, Morgan and McKenna sitting on the edge of the bed, myself sitting in the chair beside the bed.

"Are they ready for the C-Section yet?" I asked. Jamie had been due several days ago, we had finally agreed to the surgery thinking back to the fact that Jamie had been pretty much comatose when the twins were born.

The woman nodded. "I'm Doctor Jordan Thompson, by the way." She said, extending her hand to the both of us. "Your original doctor had a family emergency and had to fly out to California earlier today." Her pager went off and she excused herself momentarily, promising to return in a moment.

"Should we call the team?" Morgan asked.

I nodded, "Nick and Warrick will just be thrilled that they can finally close the pool on whether it's a boy or a girl." We had agreed not to find out just for the benefit of bugging them for a few more months.

Jamie laughed. "I still say it's a girl." Yes, she'd been rather set on that fact.

The twins smiled. "At least neither of us will have to share a room," McKenna said. Originally that had been the plan. But we had recently gotten a house with an extra bedroom.

"We're ready for you now." Dr. Thompson said, returning to the room. "Sir, I'll have some scrubs brought out for you."

A nurse also entered the room, helping Jamie into a wheel chair as she gave each Morgan and McKenna hugs before being wheeled out, I headed towards the door, still facing the twins, walking backwards.

"Go call your Uncle Warrick," I said, tossing McKenna my cell phone.

They nodded. "Good luck," Morgan called as I walked away.

As I pulled on the scrubs (I think he looks absolutely adorable in scrubs) while Jamie was being prepped I thought back on the last four years. A year and a half ago I had proposed and less than a month later we'd been married. Morgan, McKenna, and Lindsey had become near inseparable, I had become a CSI Level 2 on my way to becoming Level 3, just ten cases away from my hundredth, and the team had accepted Jamie and the twins as part of our rather dysfunctional family.

I was pulled from my thoughts by Dr. Thompson calling me in. I pulled on the pale blue surgical mask before following her to where Jamie was in the operating room. "Hey," I said, standing beside her. "How ya holding up?"

She sighed. "They need to warn you before sticking you with that needle…" she joked. "I feel numb. Very, very numb."

I smiled. "That's a good thing. I don't think you'd want to feel them cutting into you." I reasoned, still grinning. I glanced over the surgical drapes; they had just started the incision.

I took her hand, careful not to dislodge the IV that was keeping her medicated. "You're doing great," I whispered as they continued whatever they were presently doing, suctioning off the area.

A moment later, in a sudden flurry of activity, I heard. "It's a girl!" and looked down at Jamie smiling. "You were right." I said, voice still muffled through the surgical mask.

I stepped away from Jamie toward the neo-natal bed a few feet away. "Is she okay?" I asked, noticing she hadn't started crying yet.

The woman who was suctioning her nose and mouth nodded. "It's common for it to take a few moments before they become alert. The medicine she's getting is going through this little one, too."

I was handed a pair of scissors and cut the umbilical cord. Not three seconds later did I hear my daughter crying. They wrapped her in a blanket, pulling on a pink hat as well and placed her in my arms. "Just for a moment." The doctor said, stitching Jamie up.

I walked over to Jamie, so she could see her little girl. "What should we name her?" I asked, somehow none of the names that had been suggested didn't seem fitting now.

"Raileigh." She suggested, reaching up to touch our daughter. MY fathers name had been Riley.

I smiled, "Yeah. Raileigh Erica Sanders."

Jamie nodded. Erica had been at the top of our list for first names. "Raileigh Erica Sanders." She repeated as the nurse from before approached me, retrieving the infant form my arms and wheeling her away to get checked out.

"You'll need to leave now. You can come back once she's in her room." Dr. Thompson said. I nodded, giving Jamie's hand a light squeeze before walking out into the waiting room.

The whole team plus Morgan, McKenna and Lindsey were there. "So?" Warrick asked, being the first to spot me. "Boy or girl?"

"What did you bet?" I replied.

All of the guys, minus Nick and Morgan, who had sided with the women, called out 'boy'. The women and Nick and Warrick simultaneously replied with 'girl'.

I smiled, building up suspense. "Warrick, looks like you'll be paying up."

A chorus of cheers raised the volume in the waiting room by quite a few decibels. "Raileigh Erica Sanders is her name." I added.

"Family?" Dr. Thompson called a few moments later, still in scrubs, as was I. Morgan, McKenna, and I followed her back to Jamie's room, just as Raileigh was brought in.

The twins approached their mother, carefully giving her hugs. "How are you feeling?" McKenna asked, as Raileigh was put in my arms once again.

Jamie smiled. "Sore." Was her reply as she watched me bring Raileigh over.

"Here." I said, carefully transferring the still rather drowsy baby from my arms to hers.

I smiled as I watched Morgan and McKenna take turns holding their sister. True, they were half-siblings but it didn't matter. "Should I go get Nick and Sara?" I asked. We had decided in advance that they would be god-parents, as Sara and Jamie had become close friends and Nick had been the best man at our wedding.

They all nodded and Jamie handed me the now sleeping infant.

I walked carefully down the hall out to where they all still waited.

After a moment of 'Oh's' and 'Aw's' I managed to get Nick and Sara back in the room with me.

They were thrilled when we told them. They took turns holding her before explaining that Ecklie had only given them a few hours off and the others would want a chance to see her before they had to head back.

I smiled as I held my daughter again. I finally had the one thing I had wanted when I was growing up.

A family.

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