Ash shot out his Pokeball."GO! PIKACHU!" The small electric mouse launched out and yelled it's name. "THUNDER!" Pikachu yelled his name loudly. "PIKAAAACHUUUUUAUUUUUUU!" Electricity shot out of it's body. The Corpish it was battling immediately fainted.

Ash had changed. He was now 21, and a black cloak wrapped around his body. He was a loner now. His eyes looked around. No other Pokemon was in the area. "Good job Pikachu. Return." The sky was a swirling black mist, and it was raining. He looked around. They had destroyed his town. Pallet town. That was his only home. Misty had left, Brock said he had to leave. And May... she had started her own adventure. He didn't know where she was now... A tear slipped out of his eye. What were friends now? The good times had passed. He needed to do his duty. He looked down, and then sighed deeply. What happened to his mother? Where was Professor Oak? He started crying hysterically. It was too much.


Misty looked around the torn down building that was once the Cerulean City Gym. How horrible it was. Once they had destroyed it, they had left no-one for her. Pity wasn't in their vocabulary. She started to cry, as the tears glistened and rolled down her cheek. She wanted to see Ash. But where was he? She loved him so much... She would never forget him. Never.