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Whom She Found

Chapter 1:

The Fated Meeting

Link groaned and slowly opened his eyes. As his blurry vision focused, he took in his surroundings. He was lying in a bed in some kind of shelter that was unfamiliar to him. There were rugs on the ground, some light furniture, a few crates piled in a corner, a table with a candle, a chest to one side and a few other things he did not immediately recognise. Sensing a presence beside him he turned his head to see a beautiful woman standing next to him with a jug in her hands. She wore a blue tunic with gold trim and a decorated collar and what he thought was a skirt of the same material he noticed two slits up the sides that went up to her waist and revealed her strong, slender legs. Link could also see the collar of a black undershirt that also extended an inch or two past the sleeves of her tunic. She wore brown boots that rose to the top of her calves with a black ribbon wrapped around the top of each and she wore black half-gloves on her hands. A leather band complete with green jewel kept her long green hair in a ponytail and a pair of gold earrings hung from her ears. A sash complete with a green and gold braided rope belt adorned her waist and a sword hung from her hip.

"Oh, you're awake, I see." She said calmly her blue eyes revealing her relief. "I found you unconscious on the plains. How are you feeling?"

Link blinked a few times then groaned again and sat up in his bed. He rubbed his head lightly to try and ease the throbbing headache. He turned to the girl who had taken care of him. He had not understood a word she had said and he didn't think she would be able to understand him either. No harm in trying though.

"Thank-you." He said.

It was the only thing he could think of to say. The only thing that he really knew for sure was that she had helped him. He was not surprised to see a confused expression on the girl's face. He sighed and reached for his item bag on his belt only to realise that it wasn't there. He looked around for it and noticed it hanging on a nearby chair along with his sword, shield and hat. The girl walked over and retrieved his belt for him. He nodded his thanks and then reached into his item bag and pulled out his ocarina. He grinned slightly at the astonishment on her face when he took something out of the pouch that was bigger than the bag itself.

Link placed the ocarina to his lips and began to play a soft and steady melody. It was a song that had helped him immensely in his journeys, but was one he had learned after his adventure in Termina. He played for several minutes as he let the song flow through him and around the shelter. When he finished he slowly lowered his instrument and turned to look at the girl beside him.

"That was beautiful…" She breathed.

Link smiled as he understood her words. "Thanks," he said. "But I believe I should be thanking you for more than that."

A gasp escaped the woman's lips as she stared at him. "What? How did…why didn't you just talk before?"

Link smiled lightly. "Because I couldn't. That song I played was a magical song that allows me to communicate with people whose language I don't know. It's called the Song of Learning."

"You mean that song helped you learn my language? I've never heard of anything like that before."

"I know it seems kind of strange, but where I come from songs can have powerful effects."

The girl just stared at him for a moment before smiling. "That's amazing!"

Link laughed. "Well now that we are on the same track, my name is Link."

"Link? What an odd-sounding name… But pay me no mind!" She said quickly. "It is a good name. I am Lyn of the Lorca Tribe. I'm glad you're feeling better. I found you unconscious on the Plains of Sacae."

"Well, thank you for saving me." Link bowed his head in thanks.

"Don't worry about it. Any honourable person would have done the same."

"Maybe so," Link smiled again. "But it was you who found me so I am grateful."

Lyn just stared at the handsome young man in front of her. His piercing blue eyes captivated her own for a brief moment before she realised she was staring at him. She could tell he was a good man even though she was startled when she first glimpsed his pointed ears through his golden blonde hair. His garb was the likes of which she had never seen before. She wondered where he had come from but decided that that would have to wait until he woke up. While he was asleep she had stared curiously at both him and his weapons. His sword and shield were both finely crafted and of a strange design to her. She could tell that they had seen battle before though the sword did not appear to have any wear on it at all and looked like it had just been forged. Lyn became aware of the silence that had descended between him.

"Uhh… I see by your attire that you are a traveller. What brings you to the Sacae Plains? Would you share your story with me?"

Link blinked and suppressed a blush as he realised he had been staring at her. Though it was kind of hard not to, he told himself. She was very beautiful.

"All right." He said. Before he could begin a loud yell came from outside.

Lyn turned towards the direction of the sound. "Hm? What was that noise?" She turned back to her guest. "I'll go see what's happening. Link, wait here for me."

She dashed outside before Link could protest. He only waited for a minute before Lyn was back, a look of distress on her face.

"Oh, no! Bandits! They must have come down from the Bern Mountains! They must be planning on raiding the local villages. I… I have to stop them! If that's all of them I think I can handle them on my own.'

She turned to Link. "You'll be safe in here, Link."

"Wait, Lyn!" Link yelled, but Lyn had already dashed back outside.

He sighed as he got out of the bed and walked over to where his things were. He put his ocarina back into his item bag and put his belt back on. He strapped his sword and shield to his back and placed his floppy hat back on his head and then ran after Lyn.

Outside he was greeted by a scene that looked similar to his first view of Hyrule Field. He could see mountains in the distance and rolling plains of grass all around. Lyn's shelter was hidden in a small grove of trees next to a large stream that stretched out across the plains. He saw Lyn a ways ahead of him engaged in a duel with a large brute with an axe. Without hesitating Link ran to help her.

Lyn grunted as she stepped backwards to avoid a sweeping axe strike and then raised her sword to parry another attack. Her opponent was far stronger than her, but she was much faster and more skilled. She used her speed to her advantage and quickly lunged forwards under the bandit's next attack and slashed his chest with her sword. The bandit gave a guttural groan as he fell. Lyn had no time to celebrate her victory as another bandit charged to meet her. She dodged his initial attack but was forced to parry the next. While her blade was locked with his axe a third bandit leaped into the air to attack her while she was vulnerable. Lyn's eyes widened in shock as she pulled away from the attack but the bandit's axe caught her leg and opened a gash down the side. She hit the ground on her shoulder as her hand instantly covered the wound. She turned her head to stare with both fear and anger at her two attackers as they stepped forward to where she lay.

"Rotten wench!" one of them spat. "I can't believe Bin lost to a girl!"

"It's a shame." The other leered. "She would have made a great prize to add onto to our raid."

The first bandit raised his axe to finish her. Lyn closed her eyes and cringed as she awaited the blow but a loud clang of metal on metal filled her ears instead. She opened her eyes to see Link standing over her, his sword blocking the bandit's axe.

"What the..!" the bandit exclaimed surprised.

"Link?" Lyn breathed in amazement and surprise.

Link forced the bandit's axe upwards and planted a kick square into his chest. The bandit grunted as he stumbled backwards.

"Who the hell are you!" the bandit who had attacked Lyn yelled.

Link did not answer, his eyes narrowed in anger, and reached behind him for his shield.

"Fine then! We'll kill you both!"

The two bandits lunged at the newcomer in hopes of killing him quickly. Link skilfully deflected one attack with his sword and blocked the other with his shield. Without wasting a moment, Link shoved the bandit whose axe was pressed against his shield backwards while stabbing the other through the chest with his sword. The bandit dropped to his knees, blood pouring from his chest and his back where the tip of the Master Sword protruded. Link unceremoniously placed one foot on his shoulder and shoved the bandit as he drew his sword from his gut. Link turned to the remaining bandit who was watching in shock. His blood boiled with anger and he charged towards his friend's killer only to meet his own demise as Link side-stepped the attack but held his sword out to draw a deep wound to the bandit's side as he passed.

With the two brigands dead Link turned to where Lyn lay, concern spread across his face.

"Are you alright?" He asked as he knelt beside her and examined the wound.

Lyn was speechless. She had just witnessed Link easily defeat the two men while doing it in a way so that she would not be open for an attack. She had watched him in awe, nearly forgetting her injury, until a new jolt of pain awakened her senses.



"Can you…" Lyn gasped. "reach into my satchel."

Link complied and pulled out a small vial out of a pouch on Lyn's waist.

"It's a vulnerary. Pour it on the wound and press down on it."

Link pulled the cork off the vial and poured the liquid onto the gash and then pressed down lightly to keep the liquid from running off. Lyn winced as she felt the sting of the vulnerary taking affect. After a few minutes, Link removed his hand. Lyn's wound was gone, completely healed so that not even a scar was present. The only indication that she had been hurt at all was the blood on her leg. Lyn slowly stood up and stretched her leg before grabbing some grass and wiping the excess blood off.

"Thank-you Link."

"Don't thank me yet." Link pointed to where a lone bandit stood next to a newly erected shelter. "That must be their leader."

Lyn nodded and retrieved her sword. "Alright, let's go." She ran towards the awaiting bandit, Link followed closely behind.

As they approached the blond brigand he called out to them. "Who do you think you are! You think you can stand up to Batta the Beast! You may have defeated my men, but I will crush you!"

Lyn raised a hand to stop Link. "Leave this to me, Link. I will fight him alone."

"Are you sure," Link frowned.

Lyn nodded. "I am.

Link stared at her determined face and knew that he had no choice but to let her.

"If you say so. Be careful."

"I will."

Lyn stepped forward, sword in hand. Batta raised his axe, he roared in fury and charged to attack. He jumped up and swung his axe down. Lyn dodged to the side and countered with a slash of her own. Batta blocked the attack and threw a punch towards her head. Lyn ducked under the blow taking a step backward to regain her stance before springing forward for another attack. The brigand raised his axe to block the blow then pushed Lyn back in order to swing his axe at her. Lyn dodged the attack and spun around to deliver a powerful roundhouse kick to Batta's head. The bandit leader staggered under the blow but recovered quickly enough to clumsily block another attack from Lyn. Batta grunted as he shoved Lyn back again and swung his axe. Lyn managed to recover her footing enough to block the attack though it jarred her arm. The two fighters broke apart panting heavily.

"Whew…"Lyn panted. "He's tough. It all comes down to this next attack."

She closed her eyes for a brief moment as she focused her mind in preparation. Meanwhile, Batta rubbed his chin where Lyn's heel had connected and growled menacingly.

"This ends now girl!" he yelled. He charged again for a final attack and swung his axe with all his might. Lyn leaped back to avoid the axe's wide, sweeping path. She landed firmly on her feet and swung her sword in front of her so that she fell into a stance where her arm was bent behind her with her sword pointing forward, her left leg was stretched out in front of her while her right leg was bent and supported her weight. Her left arm extended in front of her with two fingers pointed up. As she fluidly fell into this new stance, two shadowy images of herself appeared in front and behind her copying her perfectly. Suddenly she vanished. Link blinked in surprise and then saw two flashes slash across Batta's body and then a third brighter flash before Lyn appeared in mid-air behind the brigand. A light cloud of dust flowed behind her as she landed, skidding along the ground before standing calmly her eyes closed. She slid the tip of her sword up it's sheath and then into it. Behind her, Batta staggered and groaned as he fell to his knees

"What? How…how did you…" he fell dead to the ground.

A moment of silence followed before Lyn sighed heavily. "That was close."

"Are you alright, Lyn." Link asked as he approached her.

Lyn nodded. "I sorely underestimated him." She turned to her companion. "I'm sorry if I worried you."

She then looked off towards the setting sun. "I'll need to be stronger if I'm going to survive…Strong enough so that no one can defeat me." She then turned back to Link and smiled. "Good work, Link! Let's go home."

The two of them walked back to Lyn's ger.

"What did you do to that man, Batta?" Link asked as they walked. He had been amazed at the technique Lyn had used and was very curious about it.

"It is called Shadow Dance." Lyn replied. "It is a technique only known and taught to swordsmen of Sacae. It is very difficult to learn and I have by no means mastered it. Shadow Dance involves focusing one's mind and body to greatly enhance speed and skill and create multiple images of one's self that can damage but not be hurt. As you saw it is a powerful technique, but it is not an absolute one. There are as many variations of it as there are people who practice it. Shadow Dance can constantly be improved and can turn out differently depending on the person who uses it."

"I see," Link nodded his head. "I must admit I was impressed. I could tell it was powerful just by seeing it or rather not seeing it." He grinned. "But that is something I doubt I would ever be able to learn."

"Why not?" Lyn looked at him confused. "I saw you fight. You are a great swordsman."

Link shook his head. "I watched you fight and our styles are two different. But that's ok cause I have a few powerful techniques of my own."

"Well, if you say so." Lyn sighed. "But I think you might be able to learn it if you tried."

Link shrugged. "If you say so."

They walked the rest of the way in silence. Link volunteered to make supper for them while Lyn bathed in the stream to wash away the sweat and blood. Link had found a rabbit nearby and had just finished roasting it over a fire by the time Lyn returned dressed in clean clothing and looking refreshed. Her long green hair, no longer in a ponytail, fell around her shoulders and down to her knees still wet. She walked towards the fire taking in the smell of food.

"Mmmm…" she breathed. "That smells good."

"You're just in time." Link greeted cheerfully as he took the rabbit from the spit. He sliced some meat off with a knife and gave her some before taking some for himself.

"It's very good, Link." Lyn said as she bit into a piece of meat and savoured the juices.

"Thanks," Link replied. "But it isn't hard to roast a rabbit."

"Nevertheless, it's still good." Lyn replied simply.

Then Lyn remembered something she had forgot about during the fight with the bandits.


Link looked up at her. "Yeah?"

"We were interrupted in our introduction and I was wondering if you would share your story with me. I can tell by your ears alone that you are not from around here."

"Hmm…" Link leaned back and stretched out his arms. "Well, I hail from the realm of Hyrule."

"Hyrule?" Lyn asked interested.

Link nodded. "It is a great and beautiful land with many people who live together in peace. The largest part of Hyrule is the Hyrule Field, which looks a lot like this area here. Rolling grass as far as the eye can see, trees here and there, hills, and a few rocky places. In the northern part of Hyrule lies a mountain range with an active volcano in the middle. The volcano is known as Death Mountain. To the south lies a great lake with crystal clear water named Lake Hylia. To the west lies the Gerudo Valley and past there is a desert known as the Haunted Wasteland. The Northeast corner of Hyrule is where Zora's Domain is located. The eastern region of Hyrule is covered in a dense forest called the Lost Woods. Hyrule is ruled by King Harkinian who lives in a castle to the Northwest with his daughter, the Princess Zelda."

Link took a deep breath before continuing.

"Hyrule is home too many races. Death Mountain is home to the Gorons, Zora's Domain is the home of the Zora, the Gerudo live in Gerudo Valley, and the Lost Woods is where the Kokiri dwell. Hylians, the most numerous of the races inhabit just about everywhere else. The Gorons are a peaceful, rock people whose food consists of the minerals they dig out of the mountains."

"They eat rocks?" Lyn was astounded.

Link grinned. "Uh-huh. They are half rock themselves. But they treat one another as one huge family and are easy to get along with. The Zora are an aquatic race. They are half fish but they can venture onto land for short periods of time. All the water in Hyrule originates from Zora's Domain and as such the Zoras guard and take care of all the water in Hyrule. The Gerudo are a race of all female thieves. They spend their lives training to hone their skills to perfection and they generally consider men to be inferior. Not much is really known about them. Though it is known by most that every hundred years a male is born and proclaimed their King."

Lyn smiled to herself as she imagined the group of all female warriors. "Sounds like somewhere I'd like to go someday." She thought.

"The Kokiri, who live in the Lost Woods," Link carried on. "Are a race of children who never grow past the age of 12. They live with the guardian spirit of the forest, the Great Deku Tree. Each of them has a guardian fairy who stays with them throughout their lives."

When Link mentioned this she noticed a brief touch of sadness in his eyes, but then it was gone. She wondered why he would be sad about something that did not concern him, after all he obviously wasn't one of these Kokiri Children. She decided not to ask for now and listened to Link talk about his home.

"As you can guess," he finished. "I am a Hylian. But I'm not sure how I got here. I don't even remember what I was doing before I fell unconscious or even why I did."

"I'm sure you'll find a way home," Lyn said sympathetically.

"I hope so," He replied. "But I doubt it will be around here."

"Perhaps you should travel to Etruria. That is where most arcane knowledge is kept. It is on the other side of the continent from here, but maybe you will find your answers there."

"It sounds like as good a plan as any. Thanks." Link smiled at her.

"Think nothing of it." Lyn shook her head before staring at the sky. "It is getting late," she stood up. "Perhaps we should go to bed. Would you like the cot?"

"No, it is your home you sleep on the bed." Link got up as well. "I am no stranger to sleeping on the ground."

"Well good-night then, Link."

"Good-night, Lyn."

He watched Lyn disappear into the ger. He sighed as he put out the fire and then made himself comfortable underneath a tree. He stared up at the clear, starry night sky.

"How did I get here?" he said to himself before closing his eyes and drifting into sleep.

Author's Note

Well what do you think so far? In case you haven't played the game or don't remember, a ger is a nomadic shelter and half gloves are gloves that don't cover the fingers. This fic may be subject to a title change if I can think of a better one. I have a lot of ideas for this fic so please don't shut down my enthusiasm by not reviewing. There are a lot of girls I could pair Link up with in this fic. Who do you think it should be? Review and let me know what you think.