Mortal Desires

Summary: Even with the sudden loss of a friend, there is a light that makes you want to get up everyday. But in light there is always shadow. A new ghost has come and grants the deepest desires of a mortal soul, while destroying other's dreams. DxS

Disclaimer: Danny Phantom belongs to Butch Hartman, not me. Please no sue. Me no have money. All I have is plot in my head and I write like the wind.

Prologue: A Few Years Down The Road

It was a nice night in Amity Park. 'A nice place to live.' At least that's what one of the many city billboards said. That was, until someone was thrown through it.

Danny Phantom landed on his back in a pile of wood splinters and two by fours. He put a hand to the side of his head briefly and shook himself out of the slight daze from the sudden impact into the ground. He brushed his hair back and looked up to see his two friends Sam Manson and Tucker Foley running toward him. Danny looked up at the hole that his body made through the billboard that now read, 'Amity Park: A place to live.'

"Dang, that ghost gorilla gave it to ya, didn't he?" Tucker chuckled as he helped his friend up from the ground.

"I just hope the city doesn't add the broken billboard to another expense for Inviso-Bill to cover," Danny cracked his neck a little and dusted his shoulder off, "You would think I would have accumulated enough damage in the past three years for them to just forget about it. Besides, shouldn't heroes get a reprieve or something?"

"Danny, money is money," Sam spoke up and crossed her arms over her chest, "They don't really care how they get it. But I doubt they'll actually go after you. I would think they would realize that a ghost would have no use for money."

"A ghost might not, but a human teenager does. My human side needs that same stuff for college next year. So they need to back off," Danny mumbled.

"Okay, let's continue this lovely discussion later," Tucker put a hand on each of his friend's shoulders and looked over at the white and light blue primate running through the central park, "Maybe you should use the thermos now."

"Just maybe," Danny smirked, "I'm tired of monkey-ing around."

"Nice try, Danny," Sam rolled her eyes at her friend's lame attempt at a joke and got the thermos from her bag. As he reached out for the thermos he touched her hand and fingertips, trying to linger as long as he could before he grabbed the thermos away. She had noticed many of those accidental touches lately. Mostly when she gave him the thermos or when she was helping him up after the ghost fights. Even passing in the hall to class or even walking next to one another resulted in a brush of their hands or accidental touch of their shoulders. They were just little, small, nearly insignificant touches or glances, but they seemed to be increasing in numbers lately. After her slight zoning she finally got the message to her brain to smile at him.

"Thanks, Sam," he smiled back and nodded, "I'll try to think of something better next time."

"Go kick some ghost butt, Danny," she smirked and watched him fly off toward the huge gorilla.

"You are so sprung…" Tucker chuckled and looked at Sam who was still watching Danny.

"Oh shut up, Tucker," she growled at him, "And where did you hear that anyway?"

"Sorry, picked it up over vacation with distant family in California," he shrugged and watched the primate get sucked into the small, confined space of the Fenton thermos.

"Okay guys," Danny said landing next to them and transformed back into his human self, "Mission accomplished. Now let's get back to zoning in front of the television and totally forgetting about homework."

"So what was a giant ghost gorilla doing outside of the ghost zone anyway? A nice one night vacation?" Tucker asked as he picked the thermos out of Danny's hands and started to examine it as if it would tell him the answer.

Danny sighed, "I have no clue. It kind of looked like he was heading to the zoo though. Maybe a score to settle with a zoo keeper?"

"Maybe in his deceased state he realized that he was under so much oppression and had no rights while he was caged and prodded to provide useless entertainment to the populous of the human race that had him locked up in the first place and wanted some retribution," Sam offered and got weird looks from her friends, "What? Wouldn't you?"

The two boys looked at one another and just shook their heads in their friend's response. Always the animal lover and apparently was never going to stop. They laughed and joked on their way to Fenton Works, the leading authority on ghost hunting in all of Amity Park, a.k.a. Danny's place. Ever since Danny's accident three and a half years ago, the trio never spilt up and held like glue. Other friends came and went, but they were always the team and as far as they knew they were going to stay that way. All of them were even accepted to the same college coming the next fall after senior year.

Danny laughed at another one of Tucker's lists to find the girl of his dreams that he was reading off of his precious PDA. He looked at his techno friend and shook his head in amusement, patting him on the back for support. Sure Tucker was still that huge techno freak he always was, but he had gotten taller, and thanks to Danny's ghost fighting, he got into shape too. With all that running he had to keep in shape, right? His thick glasses were soon replaced by smaller, more stylish ones and, despite Sam and Danny telling him to get rid of it, he still had his red cap.

Sam rolled her eyes from the other side of Danny. She too had gotten taller, but still stood six or seven inches below Danny and Tucker. Average height suited her fine. Besides with her nice, new combat boots, she could always add another couple of inches on. Her hair had grown out over the years, now reaching the middle of her shoulder blades. She usually had it in a low ponytail and let her bangs frame her face. She ditched the skirt a while back and replaced it with some black cargo pants, with a mid-drift top that hung off the shoulders. The pants fit perfectly and she didn't have to worry about them falling since they hugged her hips well.

Danny… well Danny was tall, built and now very handsome. Around middle of sophomore year his voice changed and, thanks again to his ghost fighting, had built himself a nice midsection and arm muscles. He was about the same height as Tucker, rounding at about six foot. He now wore a sweatshirt most of the time, a normal white shirt and blue jeans. Yeah, he was getting a little more noticed by the ladies, but was still the same loser Fenton to the popular crowd. Might as well just go with what was comfortable and not worry about it.

Before the trio had made it to the basement to release the ghost, Danny saw his parents tinkering with another invention on one of the many worktables. Danny, Sam and Tucker watched from a distance as Jack Fenton was playing with another ghost boomerang. Danny squinted and hoped that he didn't want to try it out with them there. Especially with what had happened with the first one. He absentmindedly rubbed the side of his head from the memory where the boomerang had first hit him.

"Hey there, son," Jack smiled and began to wave the boomerang above his head, "Check it out. I made a while new boomerang since the old one was lost mysteriously three years ago."

"Yeah, imagine that," Danny rubbed the back on his neck with one hand.

"I made some major adjustments on it, you wanna see?" Jack raised his hand ready to launch it when an alarm went off from the kitchen screaming something about the ham.

"I'll be back," Jack said before running up the stairs and into the kitchen.

Before Maddie had ran after him she looked at Danny, "Be sure you clean up your room and the living room by this weekend. Your sister is coming to visit."

"Aren't you guys leaving for a ghost conference or something?" Danny asked.

"Not for another week, honey-"

"Maddie! The hotdogs are alive again!" Jack shouted from upstairs and Maddie raced up to help him.

"Well, let's get this guy back in before my mom and dad get back from their meat emergency," Danny sighed and plugged the Fenton thermos in the portal and released the ghost back in.

"So, now that we finally have him home, can we get that English worksheet done?" Sam asked from the side as they headed up toward Danny's room.

"Sam… I thought I said we were going to forget about homework tonight," Danny complained as he opened his door and went in.

"If you want to pass Lancer's advanced class you got to get it done, Danny. And you know it," she smirked and got the worksheet from her bag and laid it out on the bed.

"You all ready have it done, don't you Sam?" Tucker asked as he spotted her handwriting all over the sheet of paper in front of her.

"Got to take care of my guys some how, right?" she smiled and began to go through the numbered problems, "And let me guess, you guys haven't even started."

"I was about to ask…" Danny smiled and looked at his book, "What worksheet?"

Sam sighed and slapped her palm against her forehead in frustration.

The next day at school everyone was running around with excitement as the date of the Casper High Senior Prom had finally been announced by the teacher committee. It was still a couple of months away, but many of the seniors have been thinking about it since the beginning of the year. Danny came into view with Sam and Tucker by his side. All three of them turned to one of the unoccupied posters by a row of lockers and read it over. The theme of the dance was still being discussed, but it would be decided in the next couple of weeks. They were still taking suggestions as well as nominees for Casper High king and queen.

Sam looked uninterested and looked to her side as a multitude of gasps were heard from the other side of the hallway. None other than the queen of the popular group walked in and took a look at one of the posters at the other end of the hall. Her highness, Paulina.

"Oh look! Senior Prom, finally!" she giggled and batted her lashes at no one in particular, "I suddenly have an over riding feeling to accept the first dance invite I get… From anyone."

Without another second seeping by, hundreds of guys were running toward her, all asking the same question. Sam sighed in aggravation and leaned to the side where she thought a row of lockers stood. Instead of hitting metal, she actually fell into someone.

"Sorry," she whispered and noticed it was- "Danny?"

"Hey there, Sam," Danny blushed and waved his hand as if he was seeing her for the first time that morning, "Loose your footing?"

"Wha- Why aren't you running for the opportunity?" Sam pointed to the group with the popular girl in the middle of the tidal wave of students.

"One, she's not going to take any of those guys. Even if I was one of them up there or not," he chuckled as Paulina dismissed all the other guys from around her, saying that she had changed her mind, "And two… I'd rather not go with a girl who likes only a part of who I am."

"How's that?" Sam looked at Danny nodding to Paulina who pulled a Danny Phantom t-shirt over her head and began to strut the halls as usual, "Oh."

"It looks like Tucker is after Valerie again," Danny laughed, changing the subject as Tucker leaned against the lockers, trying to sweet talk Valerie to go the prom with him. And she was actually… smiling and laughing?

"Wow, that's a change," Sam smirked and walked with Danny over to the other two.

"Hey Danny. Hey Sam," Valerie greeted and hugged her books to her chest, "Are you guys going to Senior Prom? I'm going with Tucker."

"You are?" Tucker smiled and punched the air with his fist, "Finally."

"That is if that is what you were going to ask?" Valerie smiled and Tucker enthusiastically nodded his head, "See you at lunch to figure out the colors for my dress. I'll meet up with you guys later."

"See ya then," Tucker smiled and pushed his chest out, "The Tucker has a date for the senior prom."

"The Tucker?" Sam stifled a laugh.

"Let me have my glory," he deadpanned, "I actually got that date faster than Danny had when they were dating one another."

"Yeah, that was an awkward week," Danny looked at the ceiling and thought back. Back at the beginning of sophomore year he and Valerie had decided to try the dating scene. It lasted a week. With both of them trying to keep their secret from one another, it was difficult to actually be intimate. Heck, they didn't even get one kiss out of it. It seems as if it was for the best. Valerie told him when they broke it off that it wouldn't have worked to begin with since he was interested in another girl. At first he thought of Paulina, but she told him it was another. He just didn't know it at the time. Or he did, and just didn't want to admit to it.

"Tell me about it," Sam grumbled and walked into Mr. Lancer's advanced English class for seniors with both friends following her in. He wasn't there yet, so they still had time to talk about different topics.

"Okay, so I have a date, what about you two?" Tucker grinned and looked behind him at his two friends sharing a double desk, "Anyone in mind… Danny?"

"If you're talking about Paulina, guess again. I'd much rather go to the prom as myself and not Phantom."

"I meant your new crush we were discussing the other night over the ph-"

"Tucker!" Danny put a hand over his friend's mouth, stopping him from going on about it.

"New crush, huh?" Sam smiled, deciding to join in the taunting, "Anyone I know?"

"No," Danny said abruptly. She looked at the still muted Tucker and found him nodding his head to answer her question.

"Go on…" Sam smiled. Tucker was about to pull off Danny's hand and go on as Sam had asked, but was interrupted as Lancer came in, set down his briefcase and cleared his throat for attention.

"I hope you all have that sheet I assigned done," Sam smirked at her friends and pulled hers out, telling them silently that she was right in making them do it, "Okay, number one… How about you, Mr. Fenton?"

"Ah man…"

Clockwork silently glided through his lair, every so often glancing through the time portals of the past and future. Being outside of time, he didn't really have a present to tend to. He checked the Fenton thermos that held the evil half of the teen hero, Danny Phantom and found the evil man grumbling to himself and trying to find another way out of the mess his younger self stuck him with. Clockwork nodded to himself in acceptance and continued on. In one of the last rooms to his lair he found a door slightly ajar and cautiously stepped up to it. If the ghost locked in that room had escaped, he had to be careful.

As he reached for the knob of the door a multitude of rays of yellow-green light blasted through the opening and threw the older clockwork against a far wall. The time master lifted his head to find mad laughter coming from with in the room. Before long a leg came from with in and a shadowed figure walked into the hallway.

"I want to know, Clockwork," a masculine voice came from the figure walking toward him, "Did you really think that that confinement would hold me for the rest of eternity?"

"At least until I could find a way to destroy you," Clockwork said calmly standing up, "You caused enough damage in the world all ready."

The figure laughed again, "Old fool, you should know by now. No one has the capability to destroy Desire. Not even the famous Dan Phantom."

"I can try," Clockwork lunged forward and trying to bring a scythe down on the ghost's head. The ghost quickly stepped out of range of the instrument and dove for a portal, which was shut off with a wave of Clockwork's hand.

"Clever man," the entity snorted and began to fly straight at Clockwork.

Again, Clockwork tried to wave his hand to stop the ghost from coming any closer; to make him frozen in time, but found that they ghost kept coming. He soon found himself flying backwards toward the door that once held the maniac. The ghost came over to him slowly and just looked down at him.

"Don't you remember? I'm immortal; time is no matter to me. I can grant the impossible."

"By destroying people and lives in the process," Clockwork hissed and tired to get up, only to be kicked back down.

"So what, it's my fun. Don't try to stop me this time, huh? You'll only land back on your ass."

Clockwork watched as the ghost ran toward the nearest portal he could find.

"Now to have some fun with mortals," he laughed and turned back just on the other side of the portal to close it off, "And that should keep you out of my hair. Ta-ta."

Clockwork looked in at the time the ghost escaped and shook his head, "It looks like Daniel will have to deal with more on his plate. I'm sorry, young ghost lad. You have to do this on your own. I cannot follow."

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