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"Are you sure?"


"So there's nothing I can do."


Roy sighed as he tried to absorb this information. It had been a few weeks after he had killed the fuehrer, better known as the homunculus named Pride. He was staying at Riza's place since it was more convenient for everyone. She had gracelessly volunteered to take care of him until he was back to perfect health. Currently he was propped up against some pillows talking to Havoc, who had come for a visit. Riza had gone out to get some more apples for Roy to eat.

"I can't believe it," Roy said.

"Sorry, but it's the truth," Havoc replied with an unlit cigarette in his mouth. "When did you find out?"

"A week ago. What about you?"

"A few years ago."

"That long and you didn't tell me!"

"I thought you would have figured it out already, didn't think you were that dense."

"I'm not dense."

"Sure, Chief."

"Anyway, are you absolutely sure that there isn't any type of medicine that I can take for this illness?"

"Positive. You can't get rid of it."

"Isn't there any old wives' remedy or something?"

"No. I checked even though I know that it was a waste of time."

"But why can't there be a cure for this!"

"It not the end of the world."

"It is for mine, at least a part of it."

"Come on. What's so bad about falling in love, especially with Hawkeye?"

"I have to give up my playboy days."

"And that's a bad thing? Think about it, Mustang. You give up these money-grubbing, superficial women for someone you love with all your heart. And I'm positive that she loves you, too. It's a great deal."

"I guess."

Havoc just ran a hand through his hair. Was it really a bad thing to love Riza? Apparently it was to Roy. He acted like being in love was equivalent to having the plague. Maes probably would have had better luck with this if he was still here, at least after he rubbed it in Roy's face. Havoc left about ten minute later after he had given up on trying to convince Roy that he didn't have a disease. A few minutes later, Riza walked into the room with a bag of apples.

"I'm back," Riza said going to the small table next to Roy's bed. "Did you have a nice visit with Havoc?"

"It was okay," Roy grumbled. He kept glancing at Riza from the corner of his eye, taking in all her beauty. It wasn't that he wasn't willing to give up his playboy days. He was afraid that his feelings weren't going to be returned. She hadn't shown any romantic signs to him despite what the others have been telling him. "Did you have a nice walk while you were out?"

"It was good," Riza replied as she pulled out an apple from the bag. Before she could sit on the stool that Havoc had previously occupied, one of Roy's arm shot out and grabbed her around the waist, pulling her down to sit on the bed next to him. Riza looked to his face for an explanation, but it didn't look like she was going to get one. So instead she shifted around to get more comfortable while Roy removed his arm. "Hayate enjoyed it as well."

"That's nice."

"Are you alright? You're less talkative than normal."

"I'm fine."

"You're not feeling sick again, are you?" Riza didn't wait for a reply. She placed the plate along with the apple and knife that was on her lap on the table. She turned her body so that she could look at Roy better. Her warm hand gingerly touched his forehand. It didn't seem hot, but she did notice the color in his cheeks. She trailed her hand down to cup one side of his face. Her thumb brushed across the heated skin only to make it redder. Roy looked into her eyes while she was occupied with his well-being. He saw them full of concern. "Do I need to call the doctor?"

"Well, Havoc did say that I was stricken with an incurable illness. But I don't need a doctor."

"Why is that?"

"Because he said I was lovesick."


"With you."

"I see."

"Umm…how do you feel about this?"

"Well, this is unexpected. And Havoc said that there was no cure. That's too bad."

"Oh." Roy lowered his head so that Riza couldn't see the disappointment in his eye. He was caught off guard when he felt warm lips against his. Involuntarily his eyes fluttered closed and he lips moved against hers. A bit later they separated. Roy opened his eye to deeply stare into her amber ones. He smiled when he caught a glimpse of red on her cheeks. She promptly went back to peeling the apple. "I guess Havoc was right on all counts. And I'm glad there's no cure for being in love. I don't want to give up this feeling."

"Same here. It's too bad Maes isn't here for all of this. I guess Glacier can have all his winnings from the bets that were made between him and the others."

"Damn, that means I have to give her two hundred cenz."

Lean on Me

"Don't put all your weight on me, sir."

"Sorry, I'm tired," Roy said shifting his weight. "That better?"

"Yes. And don't worry, we should be there in about fifteen minutes. Let's hurry before the others get too far ahead of us."


The two of them continued their journey across the area with renewed strength and speed. They needed to get to the end before everyone else did. It was a tiring mission but the fuehrer had ordered it. They had to climb over so many obstacles. It was harder on Riza because she was basically dragging Roy the entire time. He had injured his leg earlier that day but he still insisted that he was well enough to continue.

"We're almost there, sir."

"Is there still anyone ahead of us?"

"No, we passed the last one a few minutes ago."

"Good, let's go." After a while they finally reached their destination. They had made it there before anyone else. The two of them continued to walk until they reached a tree where they promptly sat against it. Both were breathing heavily. "Glad that it's over."

"Yes, sir. How's your leg?"

"It's fine, just a bit numb."

"I'll take you to the medical tent later."

"I'm sure it's just a small sprain. Next year's military picnic, let's leave out the three-legged obstacle course."

"Or at least one not so long."

"Yeah. Who's in charge of the picnic this year anyway?"


"I should have known. Next year, we'll plan it."

"Actually, Hughes already volunteered."

"I'll schedule a mission for us that day."

"Way ahead of you, sir."

Over time the other participants arrived at the finished line. Some had emerged from the forest looking and feeling exactly like Roy and Riza. A small majority had actually given up and was driven to the finish line or unfortunately had been carried there by Armstrong. When everyone had finally arrived, they all crowded around the small stage there with their families. Nearly all of them were still tied at the leg to their partners, leaning on each other for support. For the most part they had been boy/girl pairs. Fuhrer Bradley stood on the stage looking over the group.

"That was certainly a good race," he voice boomed over the area. "You have all done well but there can only be one winning pair. This year it is Colonel Mustang and First Lieutenant Hawkeye. Please come up and receive your prize."

The crowd watched and waited for the pair to go up the stage. A few minutes passed and neither had arrived. Fuhrer Bradley called for them again but there wasn't any sign of them. People were beginning to get worried. Their heads were moving from side to side looking for them. Some had kept their eyes on the medical tent since they knew of the colonel's injury from a previous event.

"Isn't that cute?" Maes yelled above the group. Everyone turned his or her heads to look at him. They found him with a grin and camera plastered across his face. He was clicking away at the camera. Glacier was at his side with Elicia in her arms. A similar smile was on her face, and Elicia was pointing at something. Everyone turned to look at what they were staring at. "This one is definitely going on the bulletin board."

Roy and Riza were sitting next to each other against a tree asleep. Riza was leaning heavily on Roy. Her head rested on his shoulder and his head was top of hers. Roy had one arm around her waist as the two of them slept. Their legs were still tied together. It was a picture of peacefulness.

"Should we wake them?" Fuery asked.

"No, let them rest," the fuehrer's voice carried to them. "It looks like they need it. I'll give them their prize later. Let's continue with the rest of the games. And Lieutenant Colonel?"

"Yes, sir," Maes answered.

"Be sure to give me a copy."

Pain and Wounds

"Is he alright?"

"He'll live. There were only a few deep gashes, which should completely heal in a few weeks. The rest will heal a bit quicker since they weren't as deep. As for his eye, I'm sorry but we couldn't save it."

"As long as he lives, I don't care. Can I see him now?"

"The nurses are cleaning his wounds right now and then they need to bandage them up. Let's take care of your own injury until they are done."

"It's only a scratch."

"It still needs to be taken care of."


Riza and the doctor walked into an empty room where it was cleaned and wrapped up. It had been deeper than what the two had originally thought. In the end, it needed stitches. During this whole thing, Riza didn't flinch. She was too busy concentrating on something or rather someone else. When they had finished and left the room, they were greeted with some surprise. Upon entering the hallway, they could hear the loud yells of a particular man.

"Are you trying to kill me?" a male voice sounded the halls. "Haven't you heard of being gentle?"

"Sir, stay still or you'll tear you stitches," a female voice accompanied his, no doubt a nurse. "If you don't stop we'll have to tie you down."

"Now is not the time to be kinky. I'm injured."


"If his mouth and mind are working like that then he'll definitely be fine," Riza dryly commented.

"Even injured, he's exactly like the stories I've heard about the famed playboy," the doctor added. "I'm actually surprised that he's awake already."

"Sir, stay in bed! You'll only make things worse."

"But I need to make sure that Riza is okay. I'm certain that I heard her call out to me before I loss consciousness."

"The woman that brought you in is being tended to by the doctor right now."

"She was hurt! That's it. I'm getting out of here."

"Colonel, get back in bed!" Riza voice sounded through Roy's hospital room. Roy and his nurses turned to the door to find Riza and the doctor standing there. She had a stern glare pointed at Roy because he was halfway out of bed despite his injures and the nurses. "And I mean now!"

Roy quickly obliged and pulled the covers up to his chin. He then plastered an innocent look on his face in hope of some sympathy. The nurses were dumbly blinking at the speed in which Roy had gotten back into bed. The doctor looked on in amusement on how someone of the colonel's rank was so quick to follow the orders of someone lower than him and a woman at that. Riza walked up to one of the nurses and took their bandage roll.

"Wait, what are you doing?" the nurse asked.

"Dressing his wounds," Riza simply replied.

"But I should be doing that."

"Let her be," the doctor said. "I doubt that you can do a better job with the colonel. He'll probably start yelling again if you try to bandage him."

"Yes, please leave," Roy piped up. "She's done this before. And she a lot gentler than the nurses here."

"Come, let's go. I'll check on you later, Colonel."

After the doctor and his nurses left, Riza went to work. She removed his blanket so that only waist down was covered. Her first job was his arms. The nurses had managed to do his torso so there wasn't much she had to do. Roy tried his best to not show any pains in front of her but he wasn't doing very well.

"Are you in pain?" Riza asked him as she wrapped his left arm. "I won't think you're weak if you admit it."

"It does a little, but at least it's not as bad as with the nurses. Your hands have always been gentle with me. And how are you doing? I heard you were hurt, too."

"It was nothing but a scratch. Archer's bullet only managed to graze me, only a couple of stitches. And I'm sorry."

"For what?"

"For not getting there in time."

"Archer was an unexpected factor. It couldn't be helped. You're not perfect. I'm not perfect. The world isn't perfect. That's how things are for us. It makes things more beautiful. So don't blame yourself."

"Thank you." Roy hissed in pain when Riza began to clean the cuts on his face. The rubbing alcohol sent a tingling and stinging sensation across his face; it scrunched up in pain. Riza quickly leant down and gently held his head. She slowly blew across the wound. Afterwards, she moved her head back so that she could look at him. "Better?"

Roy was a bit stunned at what happened. Normally, their faces had never been that close. And that simple act made him want to blush. He could tell in her eyes that she was extremely concerned about him right now. That was expected. He shouldn't be awake at this point. But at the moment, he felt a bit embarrassed because his eye kept zoning in on her lips. Deciding to stay on this course, he weakly brought his hand to the back her neck and pushed her lips down to his. Both were breathing heavily, Roy more than Riza, when they parted.

"I am now."

"You're definitely back to normal. Already trying to get with your nurse."

"What can I say? She has very talented hands."

Riza simply rolled her eyes and went back to bandaging him. She made sure to put plenty of rubbing alcohol on the next wound. Roy hissed again as more pain shot through his body. He glared her, but she returned it with a smug smile. In return to that, he pouted.

"Just making sure that you're really in pain, sir. With the way you're acting, it doesn't look like these wounds are life-threatening."

"You're mean."

"Go to sleep. You need your rest."

Roy didn't hesitate to follow that order. It was a miracle that he was even awake, let alone alive. He was tired, and he clearly showed it. His eyelids drooped down and his shallow breathing had evened out. Riza smiled at the peaceful look on his face. She quickly finished dressing his wounds, making sure not to hurt him. After giving his forehead a quick kiss, she held his hand and sat back in her chair. She would spend the night and many other nights with him.


Sometimes Roy doubted his existence. He couldn't tell if his life was a dream, more like a nightmare, or not. He had done things that made him wonder. Could he really be here? The things that happened in his life seem too farfetched to actually be real. How is it possible that he could control flames? This was one of the basic elements. Yet, he could easily make it come from his fingers with the help of his protex gloves. Then there was the fact that with this power, he used it to take many lives. Wasn't he supposed to be there to help the people?

The Ishbal War seemed to be the greatest nightmare of his life. One second he was killing thousand of innocent people, the next he was standing on a stage receiving medals for this action. Is life really like this? Then there were all the times that he positively believed that he was dreaming, mainly when he had paperwork to do or with the amount of women that he had gone through. And then the homunculus made their appearance. Their existence was like a child's fairytale. They had all these different types of abilities that would make one think that it was nothing but a story. Was he just a part of some writer's story, too?

But if this life he was supposedly living was really a dream, did it mean that she wasn't real either? Riza had been with him every step of the way. She had helped him, saved him, supported him, and loved him. Through the hard times, she had always been by his side without question. Could there be someone like her that truly existed? At least to him, she did. After all, the emotions he felt for her had to be real. A person can't love something that isn't there.

Conversation /Dialogue

"Was that really necessary, sir?"

"He needs to learn that he can't go against the military, especially if he's in it."

"But wasn't his punishment a bit harsh? Even you would rather do paperwork than take that punishment."

"Well, he did blow up half the office building and my apartment. A little time helping Maes organize his photo albums seem like the right course of action."

"You're just doing it for your own pleasure. You like to see him distraught."

"Not at all. My kids should learn to listen to their elders when they tell them it's dangerous."

"I know you refer Havoc and the others as your kids, but I don't think Edward would like to be called your son."

"Hey, I don't say anything when you do that."

"That's because they don't mind when I do. Everyone considers me their second mother."

"But I'm considered their second father. I do more for them than their actual one does."

"Alphonse actually calls me 'Mom' and Edward does that when you aren't around. What do they call you?"

"Alphonse calls me by rank, and I'd rather not say what Fullmetal calls me."

"My point exactly. If you're nicer to Edward, meaning you don't make fun of his height, then maybe one day he can really call you his father. Alphonse will follow suit."

"Since you're their mother that would make us like a married couple if I'm their father."

"We already act like one."

"Not completely. I haven't woken up with you in my bed yet."

"That won't happen unless we're really married."

"Ugh…and that won't be until after I become fuehrer and get rid of the fraternization law."

"I know, only a while longer."

"It may take years."

"I'm willing to wait. But as some incentive, I already have what I'm going to wear on the honeymoon. Something very short, lacy, and possibly see-through."

"Riza, where is my pen? I need to get this paperwork done!"

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