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Chapter 12: The Ballad of the Samurai

"The one true Muramasa shall belong to me." Nobunaga declared, floating behind Migeira. "I will create the true history myself."

"Nobunaga, face the original course of history as well." Migeira turned.

The revived general shattered Migeira's barrier with a single strike.

"Just as I feared, four true Muramasas aren't enough to defeat Nobunaga." Benitora realized.

"Not only that," Yukimura added. "But Nobunaga isn't the core of the history's distortion, that's why."

"Then, just as Mibu Kyoshiro said..." Sasuke turned to his master.

"To restore things to the proper course of history Migeira spoke of," Yukimura confirmed. "There is only one way."

"No..." Yuya whispered.

"It seems that things could get troublesome if all five Muramasas are combined." Nobunaga remarked. "I shall destroy them."

"Akira..." Sōjirō blinked, the ice wielder having trapped Nobunaga into a solid block of ice. "You..."

"Hotaru couldn't deliver the finishing blow." Akira voiced. "So he confined me in the Mibu castle dungeon while I was injured."

"But you can't keep him frozen forever." Migeira reminded.

"Right." Akira agreed. "Unfortunately."

"Migeira, now is your chance." Kyoshiro urged. "Please shoot me and my Tenro with the Hajyao. What are you hesitating for? Hurry. Please shoot it."

"I'd rather not." Migeira relented. "I don't think I can erase the two of you."

"Demon Eyes Kyo is an odious man," Sasuke added. "I'd get bored if he was gone, you know?"

"That's right." Benitora agreed. "To us, Kyo is not Mibu Kyoshiro's shadow or anything like that."

"Kyo is Kyo." Akira concurred.

"Why?" Kyoshiro was stunned.

Benitora jumped, pulling Akira out of harm's way when Nobunaga broke free of his ice prison.

"Akira..." Nobunaga growled. "You traitor."

"You're bitching again." Kyo muttered, Kyoshiro having allowed him to resurface.

"This is your final decision isn't it, Kyo, Kyoshiro." Minerva mused. "Now, show us the power when two become one."

"Tenro Kaigan!" Kyo powered up.

"Hajao Kaigan." Migeira's Muramasa reacted.

"Now, the one true Muramasa is complete." Minerva declared. "The correct course of history... the Civil War ends in Sekigahara and everyone begins to seek peace. After a few World Wars, a period of peace and tranquility finally arrives." the Murasama's light shone, showing everyone else present the future.

"The true Muramasa is drawing open an new era." Migeira warned. "We're getting sucked in."

"Mumyou Jinpuryu secret technique," Kyo chanted. "Suzaku!"

"It won't work!" Nobunaga hissed. "Suzaku!"

"Nobunaga, you felt it too, didn't you?" Kyo asked. "The breath of the Phoenix."

"Demon Eyes!" Nobunaga roared, stabbed by the falling debris.

Everyone else fled the scene as the explosion obliterated the castle.

"Two eras are colliding with each other." Migeira cautioned. "I can't tell which will prevail."

"Shindara!" Sasuke and Saizo readied their weapons as Shindara appeared before them.

"This is the gate to the demon world that Shatora summoned forth using Sakuya's spiritual power." Shindara remarked, the meteor shot across the sky. "But Sakuya's spiritual power is no more than a catalyst for that gate's arrival. The gate is truly being summoned by the hearts of those people who strongly wish for it."

"Who would wish for something like that?" Benitora demanded.

"People like us." Yukimura replied. "Back then, all us samurai had a frightening feeling that the Era of Warring States would end in Sekigahara. And that an age without wars will come. Could it be possible that somewhere in our minds we were trying to deny peace? We felt that the war shouldn't end there. We wanted to fight more and more."

"Just like Demon Eyes Kyo?" Migeira echoed.

"Isn't that right, Sakuya?" Yukimura confirmed.

"Anyway, we'd better just escape for now." Benitora suggested.

"But Kyo is still inside the castle." Yuya protested.

"Let's go!" Benitora pulled her off.

"What are you planning to do?" Yukimura looked at Shindara. "I'm curious, Shindara."

"I was born to a certain family in the capitol, like Migeira." Shindara revealed. "And I have the ability to foresee the future. I saw it."

"Stop telling lies off the top of your head." Saizo snapped.

"I thought I'd be able to change the future." Shindara admitted. "That's why I tried to resurrect Nobunaga and distort history. But now that I've seen the light of the Silver Moon, I've betrayed my master, my punishment is unavoidable. I, Immortal Shindara, shall show you my last technique. My body is connected to an extra-dimensional space. The demon world gate shall be drawn into this space. Makora, I envy you. You've got yourself a good friend. Observe, the Sanada Ninpo!" he roared, leaping into the air. "Shinazu no Jutsu!" his body exploded into a deep purple light, absorbing the incoming demonic gate.

"Mibu castle is disappearing." Yuya gaped as the building vanished.

"What is that?" Okuni wondered as the two fire phoenixes emerged from the rubble and landed on the steps, revealing Kyo and Kyoshiro.

"'I'll kill that bastard and get my body back.'" Kyo recited. "That's what I said, right?"

"Everyone," Elenaithil started. "It's been an interesting journey. But now, we have to bid our farewell."

"Where are you heading off to, Elenaithil?" Yuya asked.

"Wherever the treasure of the Silver Moon directs us." Elenaithil replied. "The path of the future has once again been laid out. We will henceforth fade back into the shadows and await the arrival of the heiress of the Silver Moon."

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