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The Worst

Chapter One


"Cath, I need your help"

"You're not wrong"


"Where's Sara? What'd you do? Is she crying?" Catherine drawled, as though it was a familiar occurrence.

"She's at her apartment, I sent her another gift, flowers because she said she was really leaving this time, and I don't know if she's crying, she could be."

"Why is send her flowers such a bad thing?"

"Because of the message," he said, exasperated, as though it was the most obvious thing in the world, "I was in a hurry and I told them to write 'I love you' on the card"

"But you do, don't you?"

"Yes, but…"

"Wait, wait, wait, the great Bugman himself just admitted to loving Sara Sidle? Where's a camera when you need it?"

"Cath! This is serious"

"Why?" she laughed, thoroughly enjoying the hopeless expression on Grissom's face

"Because those three words are BIG. And I didn't want to tell her like this, I wanted to take her out, spoil her rotten and dance and…why am I telling you this? I just wanted to tell her to her face"

"Well then get over to her place then."

"Good idea" he nodded defiantly, still not moving

"Yes Grissom, I'm an absolute genius" she stated sarcastically, "Go" she added, giving Grissom a slight push on his back.

Taking the hint, Grissom walked out of the room, only to return seconds later,

"Could you give me a lift, my car's in the shop"

Catherine blinked a few times before answering, "Sure"


"Now, are you going to be a good boy, or do you need my help?" Catherine teased, addressing Grissom as she would a two year old.

Her reply was a car door slamming as Grissom strode up the gravel driveway that led to Sara's apartment building, leaving Catherine to drive away.

He noticed the door was slightly ajar, but knocked anyway out of politeness; if she was already angry he didn't want her any more so.

When the door wasn't answered, he gently prodded it open a fraction more, poking just his nose and mouth through, he called to Sara.

When he heard nothing, he pushed the door further open and called louder to her. He stepped into the apartment and immediately knew something was off

The first thing that he saw was that the flowers he had sent were in the process of being put from the shop paper into a glass vase that was sitting near-by. Grissom couldn't work out the point of this, seeing as it already seemed Sara had started packing and would be gone by the end of the weekend. But still, he felt flattered that she had like the flowers.

The fact that she had been interrupted unnerved him, he stepped further into the apartment, calling out to Sara, again with no reply.

He felt a flutter of panic in his stomach. He knew Sara would never leave her apartment without locking her door, which meant she had to be in the apartment, but the only reason she wouldn't answer him would be if she were asleep, and Sara Sidle did not stop and sleep in the middle of something.

Venturing cautiously past the half packed boxes and down the hall off her kitchen, he called again.

This time he was answered by a string of incoherent muttering from the next room to his right. He paused at the door for a brief moment, wondering whether or not he should look; what if she really was just asleep?

His choice was made, however, when the muttering turned into screams of "Griss! Help me! Please, he won't get off. Griss, please"

He broke through the door to see Sara wrapping herself tightly in her sheets under the influence of her obvious night mare.

Then he saw it. His eyes immediately began to water as he took in the full sight before him.

Sara's fists were bruising, as was her cheek and several marks on her wrists and legs. The fact that he could see her legs was almost too much for him to bear. Her pants had been pulled down, just past her knees

After recovering partially from shock, Grissom walked forward and up Sara's pants to save her some dignity. Then, tears still refusing to fall, he moved his hands to her shoulders and began talking to her, trying to reach her through her slumber.

"Sara, I'm here Honey. He won't hurt you now."

"Griss? My Grissom?"

"Yes Honey, I'm here"

"Is he gone?" she inquired, still fast asleep

"Yes. He's gone now, he can't hurt you"

A pause, "He already has" if it were possible to die from a broken heart, Grissom would have been drawing a flat line, "I'm glad you're here" were her last words before the talking ceased.

"Oh my God, Sara. What happened?" Grissom sighed, getting off the bed, now worried about contaminating the crime scene.

He pulled out his mobile and called an ambulance, the Catherine. He figured Sara would prefer someone she knew did the examination of her.

Catherine arrived first, admitting that she had just driven around the block, thinking that Grissom would be chucked out by the time she came back around. Grissom wouldn't let her in the room, not wanting the scene to be contaminated any more than it already was from him. He wanted to catch this guy with as few obstacles as possible.

Once the paramedics had taken Sara's limp body, along with Catherine, Grissom called Greg.

He knew that the younger CSI had never been to Sara's home; therefore had no shot of knowing the victim was one of his best friends. He would be best to do the processing. Grissom would tell him once all the samples had been collected.


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