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The Worst

Chapter 11


"Griss, I'm ready, can you come over?"

"I'll be right down."

When Grissom got to the hospital, he found Sara sitting on the edge of her bed wearing track pants and a tank top.

"Are you sure you're ready?"

"Yeah. Are you sure you can handle me?"

"Of course."

Because Sara's house was an active crime scene and she was ready to be discharged from hospital, she had to find somewhere else to stay. Grissom was first to volunteer and he made it crystal clear that he was just being a friend.

He helped her off the bed and picked up her bag for her, which contained a few things to wear and toiletries for her stay at Grissom's.

"You OK?"

"Bit sore, but I think that's from not being able to move for four day more than anything else."

"Alright, we'll just take this slowly then," he said, taking her hand to help her walk, while hoping that she understood his double meanings.

"Slowly sounds good."

Sara refused to have a wheel chair, so they made it to Grissom's car and he helped her climb in. She buckled up and soon enough they were heading out to Grissom's house.

"God, I haven't been out here in ages."

"I know, last time was, what? The Strip Strangler case? Was it that long?"

"Yeah, but that was work, I meant , I haven't been out here just to come visit, like I used to; back when I was still in 'Frisco."

He nodded, "Remember that time you came out here and we were going out to Lake Mead, but it turned out that it was the only day that it rained hard."

"Mmm-hmm, I remember. We just stayed inside the whole day watching scary movies that weren't really scary in the day time."

"We could do that again. I've still got all the movies."

"Sounds like a plan."


"OK, so we narrowed down the search area to this," Catherine started, drawing a circle on the map, "But first check out the Bellagio. I've got a feeling these guys could be holed up together."

"I'll do that."

"OK, Warrick, take Greg."

"Nicky, you and me are doing this interrogation. I think we're the ones who promised to get this guy the most for Sara. Well, apart from Grissom, but he's with her now, and I am not going to be the one to break that up."

Nick looked up surprised, "Wow, they're actually in the same room together and neither one's dead?"

"Yeah, apparently they're working things out…finally."

Nick raised his eyebrows in an unmistakable 'About time' gesture.

They drove together over to the police department to wait for the call that could bring Sara's nightmare to a halt.

Catherine's phone rang first, closely followed by Nick's. They both picked up, Catherine had Warrick, Nick got Greg, both were saying the same thing;

"We got them."


Half way through 'And Then There Were None,' Grissom felt something warm fall against him.

Looking down he saw that Sara had fallen asleep. He smiled at her, she looked so perfect, and calm. It was the first time that week he'd seen her without the tiny glint of fear that had positioned itself in her eyes.

He hit stop on the video player before carefully moving from under Sara so he could pick her up. He carried her easily to his spare bedroom and lay her softly down.

He went to leave the room but was stopped by a hand on his. Turning around, he saw Sara pulling him back down.

"Stay," she squeezed his hand a little, "Please."

Grissom didn't argue, he just climbed under the blanket with her, laying one arm carefully over her waist to let her know he was the protector now.

She moved a little closer to him, bringing one hand up to touch his face lightly, "Thank you," was the last word said by her as she once again nodded off into a peaceful sleep.


"So you didn't know Sara lived here? Huh? Up until when exactly?"

"OK, OK, so I found out she lived here, but I didn't do anything to her, I swear it."

"No, but your mate Peter did. Wanna fill us in?"

"I-I invited him out here. He'd broken up with my ex so I thought if I called a truce, I dunno, maybe she'd like me more and take me back," he looked up at Brass pleadingly, "We saw Sara one night when we were walking The Strip. I told Pete that I used to know her, he thought she was cute, so I got hold of her number and gave it to him. After that, I'm clueless. You have to believe me."


Peter Davis ran his tongue along his teeth and swallowed hard. For a man that was being accused to rape and assault he didn't look too concerned.

When Nick and Catherine entered, he smiled at them and threw his hands up in the air, "You caught me. That's all you're getting. I ain't giving no one the satisfaction of telling you why or how I got that bitch to trust me."

Nick gave Catherine a look, "Sounds fine to me. Arrest him."

Peter was lead from the room without a fuss. It was one of the oddest things either Catherine and Nick had seen. Instead of looking upset or betrayed, like most people did when they were handcuffed and taken from the interrogation rooms, Peter looked smug and proud of himself.

Once he was gone, Catherine turned around to Nick and hit him hard across the arm.

"Hey! What the hell was that for?"

"I'd like a bit more closure on this, and I'm sure Sara would too. At the risk of sounding like Grissom, I need the 'why's' answered, and you just let him go."

"That's 'cause I know the answers," Nick said with a smile.

"How? He didn't even confess properly."

"Sara told me some. I've heard her answering machine messages. I've been able to put two and two together on some of it, but all up I think I have the answers."

"Well, spill then."

"he was Sara's 'secret admirer'. I thinking that after Bo gave him the phone number, Peter didn't want to seem like a weirdo who just calls out of the blue. So he started to call her and from what I've heard, he asks her three questions a day. The ones on the answering machine were things like favourite colour, the CD in her player at the moment and her favourite childhood candy. I'm guessing that out of context, that kind of thing would be 'sweet' to you gals? Right?"

Catherine smiled, "Yeah, kinda."

"OK, well from phone records I found that Sara didn't call back. This obviously cut him deep because he did what he did."

"Just for that?"

"I know. Makes you sick, doesn't it."

"More than you know," she paused, "So, it wasn't premeditated?"

"No. We thought so at first because the voice on the answering machine was distorted, but then Brass saw the motel room. He said the air-con could have done it if he was standing close enough to it. Obviously he's used to the New York and San Fran sea breezes."

"I'm impressed Nicky."

"Didn't think I could do it huh?"

"No, not that. I'm surprised you can work with the mind of a criminal."

Nick smiled, "Let's go call Sara; let her know this guy's off the streets."

"Hmm, maybe we should leave her alone for a while. While her and Gil are 'working things out'. Like I said, I would hate to be on the other end of the phone going off in the middle of…something."

Nick chuckled, "True. You up for a coffee?"

"Yeah, sure, grab Greg and Warrick too."


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