A Change

The wind howls, as the slight woman walks up the hill; the force is near enough to knock her aside, yet she struggles onward, carrying a package. What lies inside the package; only she knows and that is the way it is, hidden she decides from her friends.

Her friends watch her anxiously waiting at the bottom of the hill as she had asked them …for her sake. They wait, though not without worry; anxiety and dread wind their threads through their souls as they watch her struggle to reach the summit.

This is madness! One of her friends exclaims watching the distant figure nearly fall to the ground. We cannot let her do this!

But we must, another stays the young girl's outburst with a hand to her shoulder. She needs to face her own demons and if we intervene it may only destroy all that she has tried to accomplish.

But… the young girl protests persistently as the others shake their heads.

We agree, besides, she was very determined to be alone and she warned us to wait for her here …if we must. I cannot say I agree with her decision by we must obey her wishes.

Far away up near the summit top, the lone woman looks back once to see her friends waiting for her. She sighs; she is not going to return to them, not like they knew her, never again; she would be different from this day forth as soon as she did what she had to do.

She kneels on the ground and began to discard her clothes, and opened the package she had struggled to carry up the hill early. It was no lightweight with the wind blowing against her and her fatigue had only made it worse.

She pulls on the black robes and boots; she belts her sash around her waist and draws the hood down back over her shoulders. She clips her lightsabers to her belt, one on each side and her double-sided lightsaber near the one on the right, close to the small of her back, hidden in an inside pocket.

Finally she kneels down to remove the red and black mask that lay in the bottom of the package. She looks at it for a moment and thinks back to all the things she has done… The killings, the victories in the wars, both of them and she realizes that what she did, who she was necessary.

As her grandmother had foretold, she was destined for great power, a master to both sides of the balance and she would rise many times and fall… only once…

Well, grandmother – she chuckles as she slips on the mask, I have fallen many times and now I rise more fully than ever. She turns back to the path leading down the summit – the path to her friends. She starts the long walk back. Silently, listening as the wind sings to her and somehow she finds wind and the silence comfortably.

A night and day passes and when she finally reaches her friends, it is nightfall. She walks into the campsite and ignores the gasps and hands flying to their weapons as her friends stare at here with the look of betrayal and fear stamped out on their faces.

I know this may be strange for you, she begins and shrugs, but you all promised to accept me as who I am and what I look like shouldn't matter… She walks to the ship as they follow her and slips the mask on; I'm back and nothing's going to change that.

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