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Chapter One

His life…was a mess.

First, a dark lord came to kill him because of some stupid prophecy made by a fraudulent divination teacher.

Second, his parents sacrificed themselves so he could live, overthrowing aforementioned dark lord in the process.

Third, he was sent to his magic-hating relatives and was forced to serve them as a slave for 10 long years with scant food that somehow miraculously kept him alive, and he didn't look nearly as malnourished as the neglected kids he had seen on the TV news, though he was very thin nonetheless.

Fourth, he was told that he was a fuckin' wizard after being told ever since he could walk that magic didn't exist and then he was sent to Hogwarts forhis supposed magical education with minimal information as to what said education would entail.

Fifth, his adventures, if they could be called adventures, they were much closer to near death experiences! Going against a troll as an eleven-year-old boy with an eleven-inch wand but no spell knowledge to back
it up, was suicide! Then battling, more like running away from actually, the wraith of Voldemort that possessed his stuttering DADA teacher! Of course let's not forget that he went against a bloody giant snake with a measly sword that was only fit for a display case, not to mention impalement with a poisonous fang! His 3rd year, some dementors decided that he would make a delicious meal! Fourth year, the halfblood-turned-muggle-hater-because-of-his-oh-so-neglected-childhood dark lord felt that his blood would be a fine addition to his resurrection ritual! Fifth year, said dark lord thought that possessing him via mind link
was a good idea, leading to his godfather's death!

And now, he was seeing a walking skeleton that was supposed to be his freakin' aunt! God damnit, he was supposed to be short sighted, and now his vision was corrected to the point he could see thorugh his aunt's flesh to her bones and could see straight through walls like Moody!