My Brooding, Sadistic, Egoistical Guardian Angel.

When I was a little kid, I always pray. I always tell God I love Him. And I always say goodnight to my guardian angel. But now that I'm a fifteen-year-old girl, I can't exactly do that anymore. Now, I got a new guardian angel. But the thing is, he isn't really cooperating with me, and he's seems to be here to make my life a living hell.

Thank God?



" Heaven knows."

" SASUKE-KUN BROUGHT A HUMAN GIRL HERE!" a female voice broke through her semi-conscious mind.

Haruno Sakura frowned in her sleep. She never knew she had such loud-mouthed neighbors.

" SHHH! SHUT UP, INO!" an agitated whisper tried to calm the woman down. It was a voice of a man. " You're not even supposed to be here."

And she never knew she had a neighbor named Ino. Was this Ino-girl Hikari-chan's friend or something?

Sakura's eyes shot open at the thought. " Hikari-chan!" she muttered urgently.

I'm supposed to be back at school! I'm supposed to be awake and listening to my overweighed teacher! I'm supposed to scribble down my notes! I'M SUPPOSED TO WAIT FOR HIKARI-CHAN AT MY CLASSROOM! B-but.. where am I!

That was the best question to be asked in a situation like hers. Where was she? The first thing her eyes saw upon waking up was the sight of a clear blue sky with stretches of clouds streaking from side to side. The second things she saw was two brilliant pairs of cerulean orbs, both staring at her with amazement.

She then sat up. She realized she was lying on the soft green grass beneath her. Her eyes bolted everywhere, but all she saw was the endless green that stretched everywhere. Aside from the two pair of eyes and the shade of a tall tree behind her, that was all she saw.

As she was reminded of the pair of eyes, she quickly searched for it's owners. And that was when she saw two blondes. As a matter of fact, they have been gazing at her for the longest time now. She eyed them back nervously, not quite knowing what to do.

But soon enough, her instincts jumped in. " Who are you guys?" she asked almost breathlessly.

The female blond unexpectedly crossed her arms across her chest, glowered at her, then snapped, " Excuse me, but I think I should be asking that question. You're the one in foreign grounds here, girly."

" Girly..?" Sakura repeated, irritably surprised at the woman's lack of respect and politeness. " Look, I don't know where I am, and I don't know you as well. But judging by the way you just snap at other people, I don't think I'd want to get to know you AT ALL." Sakura said, very irritated.

Ino's nostrils flared with madness. " If a fight's what your looking for then I'm up to it you demon—"

Sakura raised a brow, heaving herself up. " Demon? Come on, find words that a modern-aged person like me could comprehend."

" Just as I thought, you humans are the most worthless, disgusting and foul creatures that God had ever created!" the woman suddenly shrieked, lunging for the pink-haired girl.

" WHAT THE—INO, LET GO OF THE HUMAN!" the boy roared, running over Ino who tackled down Sakura with no hesitation. He firmly grasped the woman's waist heaved her off, and continued to hold her back.

As Sakura's confusion of many things ensued, she heard a calm 'frush' from behind her. Hearing the familiar sound of flapping wings, she hoped to see Hikari—but saw none other than her supposed to be 'new guardian angel'.

Not that she believed him. He may have proved his identity as an angel to her, but never the idea that he had came to replace Hikari permanently. She still had little bit of fight inside her to defy the male fully, wings or no wings.

" You." Sakura said, " Where the heck did you take me!"

Sasuke rolled his eyes out of irritation. " Heaven."

It was then she found enough bravado to speak. " Where are you t-taking me?"

In a moment, all she could here is the rhythmic flapping of wings and the wind soaring against her back.

" Heaven." He simply supplied.

Sakura had gone to shrieking mode again, just like back at her classroom. " Do you really think I believe you!" she yelled, " You're supposed to be my classmate! You're Uchiha Sasuke, an exchange student from Korea! None of your cock-and-bull stories is gonna work, okay? So lay off!"

Sasuke turned to the blond male, who was still struggling against Ino's brute strength. Sasuke was pissed. " Naruto, I told you to keep her detained." He hissed.

Naruto scowled. " She was happily detained a while ago, bastard, but everything changed when you're girlfriend here followed you like a dog on a mad hunt!"

Sasuke scoffed. " I don't even know her."

" That's what you say EVERYTIME you see her!" Naruto raged, narrowly missing a hit from the head, courtesy the female blond.

" Let go of her then, we're going to the head court." He answered, " I don't want to explain everything she has to know." Sasuke said, jabbing a thumb towards the pink haired girl who obviously still doubted his clear intentions.

Naruto shrugged. " Okay." He finally obliged to Ino's shrieks of 'LET GO OF ME!'. She tumbled to the ground, her golden tresses spilling all over her face.


" Let's go." Sasuke ordered, once again slinging a protesting Sakura on his shoulder. She yelled and pounded on his back, but he didn't seem to mind at all. His wings, yet again, bursted from his upper back as they glided down, where the majestic view of a small township could be seen.

Damn, again with the wings! If this continues then I have to believe that he's really an angel then..

She saw Naruto gliding down as well, his own set of wings aiding him gracefully. " HELLO! I'M UZUMAKI NARUTO, BY THE WAY!" he cheered, waving at her stunned face with glee. " I'M ALSO AN ANGEL! NICE TO MEET YOU!"

He's also.. like Sasuke?

Sakura paled because of the height that they were flying at. But amidst all of the paling, she smiled weakly and waved back. " I'm Haruno Sakura. Nice to meet you too."

Amidst the darkness and the steady dripping of water to ground, Hikari sat still on the floor. The ground was cold, the walls were cold. Everything was cold. But she never did hope that she would feel the same coldness in her chest.

This was her biggest mistake. She never should have let herself be transformed into an angel. She should have declined Orochimaru's offers of gaining a higher ranking in the Underground society. And she cursed herself, too, for letting a human girl transform her from being a heartless pseudo to something that felt emotions and feelings. Just like Itachi said, she had gone soft.

Hikari glared at the cold chains that bound her wrists, and then at the thick bars of metal in front of her.

Now, she sat in the dungeon without a single hope of escaping. Her whole body ached. And up to now she spat at the way soldiers treat demons—still extremely harsh, no matter what gender.

Hikari's eyes grew sharp at the sound of rattling metal. A soldier just passed by her dungeon, and he was smiling at her wickedly, as if teasing her of her condition.

" So, how did it feel having your very own wings and a crown of light?" he asked jeeringly. " Tasted a bit of nice living I see. Well, I can't blame you if you wanted to be an angel, since we're much more civilized creatures than you demons. No wonder you all live in a stinking, barren land."

" I would not hurt you if you keep your mouth shut." Hikari snarled. " And if you answer my one question."

The soldier snorted at her threat. " And what would you do? You're a prisoner and we detained all your powers—"

Hikari stood up, approached the railings with speed, then pulled something invisible in her two hands. The soldier that stood in front of her behind the railings was automatically dragged closer. His head collided with the hard metal bars, and he soon found himself staring at the ferocious eyes of his convict.

" Again, I will not hurt you if you either keep your mouth shut." The angel-demon growled, pulling the something in her hands closer towards her body. The soldier drew even more closer towards the railings, gagging in pain. " And if you answer my one question."

" What happened to Sakura?" she asked.

The soldier gasped in pain. Coughing, he mumbled out his own question. " H-how did you slip invisible strings around my neck..? What kind of demon are you to be that stealthy..?"

Hikari wrenched the strings tighter. " Answer me!" she yelled.

" A-a new guardian.." he managed to squeeze out his answer. " Named.. Uchiha Sa-sasuke.."

Hikari released her hold of the soldier and pushed him away from the railings. Sitting down once again, she drew her knees closer to her chest and rested her hands upon them. " Itachi's younger brother is her new protector. I wonder what Itachi would think of that."

Haruno Sakura's double-chinned professor was by now packing away his teaching materials. Students were in a steady pace of exiting the classroom, since it's already time for recess. He spotted a mimeographed test paper lying solely on the surface of his desk.

" Haruno Sakura." He read the name out loud, highly amused at her perfect score of forty-five. He looked up to expect the girl to be standing in front of him, waiting for her paper. Well, he made sure every student that passed by the classroom doors received their quizzes. But there was no sight of the pink-haired female.

" Now where is she..?" the professor mused.

Where was she?

Well, she's still airborne to say the least. But unlike a while ago that she kept her silence, Sakura was roaring at Sasuke's ear, pounding on Sasuke's back, hoping to get a pained reaction upon her tortures.

But why?

I once mentioned that Sasuke was very fond of dives when he's flying. But I also mentioned that Sakura hated surprising drops of any kind, especially when you're niftily suspended on thin air, without any kind of harness aiding you or whatsoever. They liked and hated different things. But since Sasuke was feeling a bit bored with their casual gliding, he decided to suddenly drop themselves down a couple of meters. And expectedly, Sakura reacted violently upon the gesture.

" He knows I hate drops and dives." Sakura complained to Naruto. " And he still does it. He's an idiot!"

Naruto agreed, positively energized having Sakura a comrade against Sasuke's rottenness. " I know! He should be shoved in stupid bag and be sold to cherubs!"

" What's a cherub?" Sakura asked, as she paid little attention during religion classes. She was used to Hikari telling her everything about God.

" And she says I'm an idiot." Sasuke rolled his eyes.

" Shut it, Mister Fluffy." Sakura growled, grabbing on Sasuke's hair ferociously and pulling them quite painfully in odd angles.

" Mister Fluffy!" Naruto guffawed. " That's hilarious! And you look like a chicken, Sasuke-bastard!"

Sakura stared at the view below. I can't believe I'm in heaven right now..

" God, that was bleak." Sasuke muttered at his new nickname.

But then he thought, I can only wonder how much pressure she can take when she discovers that Hikari's in prison. How much more when she finds out that she's a demon?

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