... … Woody lay in his hospital bed, his mind still foggy as it came down from anesthesia. He couldn't feel any pain right now but he also couldn't feel anything below his waist but he didn't know if this was because they've numbed the pain or if it was the paralysis they threatened he may be left with.

Hesitantly, she stepped into his room. "Hey". Typical Jordan always deflecting by taking the sarcastic approach leads in with "so if you had to lose an organ, spleen's a good choice. Pretty useless anyhow."

"Yeah, I guess" Woody grumbled.

"Dr. Turner said they're gonna wait until the morning to take you back into surgery."

"Good. Give me a few more hours to lie here and think about how much my life is gonna suck when I can't walk anymore."

"You don't know that, Woody. There's a good chance there's no nerve damage."

"50/50. You making that bet?"

"They're flying in a neurologist from New York. He's supposed to be the best. Right now you just need to relax, you need to rest."

She took his hand in hers.

"Jordan, what you whispered to me when they were bringing me in…"

"You heard that?"

"Yeah. Yeah, I heard that. You said it 'cause you felt sorry for me?"

"What? No."

"You think I'm crippled, so..."

"Woody, no, I meant every word." She stepped in closer, sitting down at his beside and stroked his arm re-assuringly. "Look, I know the timing sucked for me to wait until then to say that to you. But give me a break, you scared the hell out of me".

She leaned in and kissed his ear and whispered. "Please Woody, don't push me away. Let me be here for you" She continued kissing his neck softly as she whispered. "I do love you. We have another chance, I don't care what happens, I am not going to let anything stand in our way."

"mmm, god … Jordan, you aren't playing fair"

"Woody. Please" she pulled back to look into his eyes as she gently stroked his face. "Please".

There was no denying what he could see in her eyes. It was what he'd always longed to see. He was annoyed that the moment he'd been waiting for all his life had to happen as he was flat out immobile with an uncertain future. But knowing Jordan, he couldn't risk not taking advantage of the opportunity, he finally had a shot to make her realise just how good it would feel for them to be together.

"Come here" he said as pulled her down to kiss her lips gently. When she responded with little moans of pleasure he could feel the fire inside him building. He deepened the kiss and become more insistent and demanding as he felt the exquisite pleasure of their tongues caressing for the first time.

She pulled away breathless. "Hey we better be careful with you in that condition" she said with a sheepish smile. Jordan sat back down at his bedside, held his hand and rested her head on his shoulder.

Content in knowing he'd kissed her well enough that she wouldn't be able to help but want more, he let himself close his eyes and drift into sleep feeling the warmth of her beside him. … ...

Woody opened his eyes. Untangling himself from the mess of sheets he sat up in bed. The sun was peeking through the shades and sending glary beams of light into his eyes. He sat there for a minute with his head in his hands revisiting his dream. "Jordan, why can't you stay out of my head!"