Heart of Darkness

AN: My muse has been on vacation (and didn't take me with him!) I was getting a little worried and reading everything I could get my eyes on, when this storyline finally came to me.

I don't think I've read anything like this before in Obidala. Yes, it's a little AU, a little dark, and a little different, so please bear with me. : )



Ominous clouds roll in, consuming each and every shaft of light on the planet. Soon, it is so dark, he can barely see his hand in front of his face.

Reaching out to the Force for assistance, Obi-Wan is shocked to discover he cannot touch its power. It is being chased away on the shadows enveloping the landscape before him.

His feet carry him quickly across the rolling hills, stumbling occasionally in the receding light, his hands groping for a trace of the power that is fleeting just beyond his reach.

His feet falter and he falls. Darkness surrounds him, ebbing and flowing like a sea of despair. His eyes widen in terror at the loss piercing his soul and the single word 'No' forms on his mouth, only to be drowned out by the echo of another much louder version. His own voice in the distance, screaming. It is filled with such anguish and pain.

Rolling onto his back, his eyes squint into the blackened skies. The clouds are gathering, rolling, rumbling with power. Flashes of light streak across their dark depths and offer him momentary glimpses of the future. No, not his future. His past.

A flash of a face. A hideous face of red and black. Another flash of a lightsaber glowing red as well.

And then pain. He gasps. It is not his pain but his hand clutches his chest anyway.

Another flash of light, this one red and he sees himself kneeling, mourning, the form of his lifeless Master lying in his arms.

The grief consumes him, followed soon by a bitter emotion he has not known since he was a boy.

Complete and utter loneliness.